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    “Alright, your inner channeling is good!”

    Tao happily claps her hand, as she watches me circling the 『Ki』, and gathering it at my hand.

    Perhaps Tao was so happy that I was interested in 『Ki』, since she kindly teaches me various things.

    Her teaching method is also good, and since I myself had the foundation for it, thanks to that, I was able to operate 『Ki』 to some extent.

    “It’s a great thing. I’m surprised that you were able to get 『Ki』 in such a short period of time. “

    “Tao’s teaching method is good, you know. While actually watching you using 『Ki』, it’s easy to understand.”

    “Mhm well, even if you praise me for such a thing, nothing will come out, you know ♪”

    Tao happily sways her hips back and forth, and strikes my back. …… I’m grateful for her teaching me, but it’ll be a little unpleasant for the circle to crack.

    “But Robert, to breathe 『Ki』, isn’t it painful? Before you get used to it, it will put a lot of strain on your lungs, you know.”

    “Not really”

    “It shouldn’t be. The breathing of 『Ki』 is painful like your lungs are burning. I can’t do it for an extended period of time because it’s burning……”

    “Yeah, it certainly hurts, but it’s fun. It’s not painful at all.”

    It’s probably because I was used to the meditation that I did in my previous life.

    I’m completely calm.

    “I,is that so ……”

    Tao is amazed at my words.

    Did I say something strange?

    “Even so, a treasure hasn’t dropped at all.”

    We should have dived quite deep, but we never came across a treasure.

    I heard that treasures are sleeping in dungeons, but…… I wonder if this is defective product.

    “In a dungeon where only this level of monsters come out, the treasure is sleeping only in the farthest part. Maybe this dungeon was just made.”

    “Ah, is that so”

    Dungeon grows like a living thing.

    Only weak monsters appear at a dungeon that has just been born, so the layer is shallow, and the boss is weak, but it seems that there are few actual profits of it.

    The opposite is true for high-level dungeons, the enemy is steadily getting stronger, the deeper you go.

    There’s a dungeon that hasn’t been captured for hundreds of years, which has a city built on top of it, and it was said that it has even become the livelihood of the people.

    “And thus, it looks like this is the innermost part.”

    When Tao stopped at the end of the stairs, there was a gaping hole in front.

    Inside, there is a strong sign that I have never felt before.

    “You feel it, right, Roberto. Yes, there is a boss at deep inside the dungeon. If we defeat it, we’ll get treasure.”

    “Ooh, finally ……!”

    “This is like a dungeon right after birth, so I don’t think you can expect much treasure.”

    Tao laughs as she said that, but somehow, I sense a strangely large magic power.

    Isn’t its magic power great even though it’s weak?

    I wonder if it’s a magic type monster.

    “At any rate, It won’t help if we just dawdle around here, right. Let’s go inside.”

    Tao enters inside steadily after saying so.

    I follow her with a little vigilance.

    The inside was dim, and spacious.

    A strange barrier seems to be stretched out. I wonder if this the true nature of the magic power that I felt.

    The moment I entered inside, the entrance was closed by the barrier.

    What is this. We won’t be able to go out.

    When I touch it, I was repelled. This feel …… it’s magic, isn’t it.

    That what it feels, but it appears that it is due to the magic power of the dungeon, the same as the light stone.

    “It’s useless. It won’t open it until we defeat the boss.”

    Come to think of it, there are some strange rooms in the dungeon.

    Warping rooms, rooms with abnormal monsters, rooms where you can recover, etc.

    Especially the boss’s room, once you enter it, you can’t leave until you defeat it, like that.

    Fuh mu, this might be a barrier other than magic. It’s absolutely interesting.

    “Gururururu ……!”

    With a growl, a huge four-legged beast comes out from the back of the room.

    It’s a monster with gray hair, blue eyes, and sharp fangs.

    “Gray wolf. Lloyd step back because it’s dangerous.”


    At the same time as Tao set up, the Gray wolf jumps.

    She stepped back slightly to dodge the scratches that will be caused by its sharp claws, and fired a 『Stigma bullet』.

    Upon hitting, the Gray Wolf reorganize its posture and lands while flipping

    Tao dominates the battle.

    The Gray Wolf, who can only fight in close quarters, seems to have no way of dealing with Tao’s body and 『Stigma bullet』.

    There seems to be no problem even if I leave it for the time being.

    I’ll let myself examine this barrier.

    It seems that if the boss is defeated, it will disappear.

    “I’ll show Robert, my cool side ……! And then…… he’ll confess, and…… I’ll obtain my long-wished boyfriend ……! For that reason, I’ll have you, become my stepping stone ……!”


    Tao is fighting while saying something by herself, but I can’t hear well with the bark of the Gray Wolf.

    …… I see, so the magic power source of this barrier is the dungeon huh.

    That means that the barrier is the ability of the dungeon ……? It is an automatic control to activate as soon as you enter.

    This seems to be common in every dungeon, but why don’t it want the intruders to escape from the boss so much? Why invite intruders in the first place? It maybe killing people and use them as nourishment……

    “Wait, you’re not looking over here ————!?”

    Ah, it’s noisy. I can’t concentrate.

    Wind system magic 『Voice Blockade』, alright, there’ll be no noise with this.

    It’s possible to now concentrate and think.

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