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    “Oh, is this a dungeon ……”

    Looking at the hole that was open in front of me, my mouth loosens involuntarily.

    Various kinds of monsters, and treasures such as magic tools …… I don’t really understand why a dungeon itself is born, but since the insides are dangerous, it has not been investigated thoroughly.

    That’s why I wanted to enter once.

    When I was excited, Tao caught up with me.

    “Hah, hah …… Ro,Robert, you’re very fast ……!”

    While breathing out, Tao adjusts her breathing.

    Ah, I’m sorry I forgot.

    “Fuh ……, ……, Suu ……”

    Tao steadies her breathing in the blink of an eye.

    To follow my 『Dash』 without using magic, I wonder if this is the power of 『Ki』.

    Of course, I’m also interested in Tao’s 『Ki』.

    Well, I was able to see so many things at the beginning, so I’m really glad I went out.

    “Wait, is this a dungeon!?”

    “Yeah, I just glanced at the goblins running away to this place a while ago. I’m going in, but what about Tao?”

    Tao is thinking about my question.

    “Dungeons …… honestly, are dangerous …… But the higher the risk, the easier it should be to increase Robert’s favorability to me. Looks like Robert is quite a dullard. If I don’t help him a hundred times, it will be difficult to make him like me ……”

    After a while of muttering, Tao nodded.

    “Understood. If Roberto’s going, then I’ll go too.”

    “Alright, that’s settled.”

    With that said, we step into the dungeon.

    Inside is a cave surrounded by rocks. There is no light, but it does not mean that I cannot completely see.

    Glowing stones are buried in various places, and it seems that they are the light source.

    “…… These are light stones huh. It’s magnificent to give off this much light without any technique.”

    It looks like it could be used for magic experiments, so let’s bring some back.

    Tao looks at such state of mine in a stunned manner.

    “What are you going to do with that thing? Light stone will become just a stone when you take it out of the dungeon.”

    “It’s okay. Since I just want to know the theory.”

    “Fuun, that’s unusual.”

    I pack the light stones I picked up in my bag.

    The magic of the space system magic 『Area expansion』 is applied to this bag.

    It can only be applied on sealed items such as bags and satchels, but I can freely expand the space inside.

    Thanks to that, this bag has dozens of times more capacity than it should have.

    However, I can only use space system magic one or two other than this.

    Space system magic is very difficult, and there are few documents of it since there are no users.

    “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Let’s proceed quickly.”

    Light stone is interesting, but I don’t have time to spare for it.

    I go through the dungeon.

    “Stop, Robert, a monster!”

    Tao suddenly stops me.

    When she turns to the wall, with a soft movement like a cat, she closes the distance in one go.

    And she slammed the bottom of her palm into the wall.

    What the hell …… the moment I thought so.


    A groaning voice rose, and the wall collapsed.

    Looking at it, the wall dissolved and became like mud.

    “What is this……”

    “Stone slime. They hide in the rocks and catch you off guard. It would have been dangerous if we had proceeded like that.”

    “Hee. Interesting “

    A monster that mimics hah. Moreover, it was considerably good.

    I didn’t grasp it at all even at the moment when Tao’s attack hit it.

    Let’s bring this guy’s body home just a little. Perhaps it be used for something.

    I secretly put a piece of shattered stone slime into my bag.

    “Nevertheless, Tao is amazing. It looked like nothing but a rock to me. It was said that a user of 『Ki』 has a mysterious power, but is that what it is now?”

    “Hou, Robert knows 『Ki』 huh. There aren’t many people on the continent who know that, you’re a studious person hee.”

    “I like to read books. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen it.”

    “That’s, a very good thing. Knowledge is as powerful as martial arts.”

    Tao smiles and begins walking into the dungeon again.

    After that, goblins came out with orcs and various monsters, but they were not able to be Tao’s enemies.

    Even with such a thin arm, she has ridiculous power.

    ……『Ki』, is it. I think I might be able to use it in magic.

    Tao’s breathing method…… is it like this.

    “Suh, ha……”

    As I walk, I breathe deeply and exhale for a long time.

    Somehow, it’s similar to the training performed by a magician newbie who can’t perceive magic power yet.

    Unifying my mind, I concentrate all my nerves on breathing, and become aware of the flow of magic power that’s circulating in my body ……

    Even in the training of a magician, the basics of the basics, it’s a training that does not even require a talented magician.

    …… I who didn’t have the talent for magic in my previous life, was doing this all the time at the beginning.

    Yup, I’m imitating by watching her, but it feels like power is somehow overflowing in my body.

    I can understand it because I am completely perceiving magic power.

    The power I feel in the depths of my body …… I wonder if this is the one they called 『Ki』.

    I can feel the slight signs of breathing not only from myself, but also from Tao’s breathing and from various parts of the dungeon.

    “Mu, there is something ahead ……?”

    I felt a strong sign from the other side of the corner.

    Tao’s eyes rounded as if surprised by my words.

    “…… I’m surprised. Robert can use 『Ki』 hah.”

    “I’ve done a similar training, I guess. I tried to imitate you a little. It looked interesting.”

    “Interesting…… I mean, you can’t normally acquire it without training for five years just by sensing the signs. To be able to use it just by looking at me…… you have an outrageous talent.”

    Tao sighs as she looks amazed.

    “But just because it looks interesting, it’s very pleasant. I’m good at what I like, you know. If that’s the way it is, I’ll show you something good. You should take a closer look. “

    Saying that, Tao moves her body in a circular motion.

    The 『Ki』 produced from Tao’s navel, circulates throughout her body while revolving, and gathers on Tao’s arms.


    She released the mass of 『Ki』 that has gathered enough with a rushing voice.

    It flies forward, towards the sign of the enemy.

    Immediately after――Zun! The sound of impact sounded, and the sign of the monster disappeared.

    “Fufun, this is 『Stigma Bullet』. I shot it slowly on purpose to show it to you now, but of course, it is possible to shoot at high speed. “

    “Oh, that’s amazing Tao”

    “Well, right”

    Tao snorted with fufun, and turned her back on me.

    “To be able to use 『Ki』 like that, this guy is an unimaginable find. And Robert is curious about 『Ki』…… I can expect a lovely romance between a master and a disciple under the pretext of teaching. Moreover, if I raise him to become a splendid martial artist, the noisy jii-chan is sure to recognize him as my fiancé…… Fuhi, this guy is really an unimaginable find……”

    Tao while muttering something, was laughing eerily.

    …… It’s somewhat scary, I wonder if I should leave her alone and go forward.

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