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    When I got back to my room, I lied down on the bed.

    My head is full of the double-chant magic I tried earlier.

    “Indeed indeed, if I activate magic with two different chants, it isn’t simply going to be 1 + 1 becoming 2, but a completely different thing ……”

    Neither the 『Flame Conflagration Ball』 nor 『Rapids Vehement Water Polo』 has the elements which cause a flash explosion.

    Perhaps the overlapping spells, have created a new phenomenon.

    I have read such a story in the book at the castle. I thought that double chanting is used by two people instead of one, though.

    Nevertheless, I wonder what kind of reaction will occur with the other magic. I want to try various things.

    “Hey Grimo, is it possible for you to create a room in another dimension with space distortion magic?”

    “I can’t do that! Something like that, I’ve never heard of it!”

    As expected, it’s difficult huh.

    Space system magic is also quite difficult for me, and I can only use one or two.

    It’s impossible to control a huge space where I can experiment with magic.

    “Hmm, I want a place to experiment ……”

    I can’t use the shooting range, and security on the rooftop, however, has become stricter in this case as well.

    “Wouldn’t it be good to do it outside the castle?”

    “Outside the castle huh …… Certainly, there is a vast land outside the castle. It would be just right for a test shot. However, when it was known that I went out of the castle without permission, they’ll get pretty angry.”

    Although I am the seventh, I am a prince tentatively.

    It was said that I’m free to do what I like, but such selfish behavior is not allowed.

    “Hehehe, you’ll just have to get out secretly. You won’t be discovered anyway.”

    “Generally speaking, if I slip out, it’s impossible not to get caught for such a long time.”

    The particular concern would be Sylfa, my guard-cum-caretaker.

    She invites me to play swordsmanship every day, but no matter where I hide and read a book, she can easily find me.

    …… No, wait. Thinking about it, I have Grimo now, and if I use him, I may be able to deceive her for a short time.

    “……There’s something I’d like to try for a little bit. Can you go out with me? Grimo.”

    “Of course!”

    The thing I want to try is substitution by magic.

    When I spread my hand, while looking at myself in front of the mirror, I gather magic power in front of myself.

    A small seed is born at the center, and it rapidly sprouts and grows its roots in the air.

    The roots gradually began to form a human.

    “Ooh…… what the hell is that……?”

    “It’s the Tree system magic, 『Tree Form Change』”

    『Form Change』, which exists in a specific system, is a magic that creates various things by shaping trees, stones etc. using magic power.

    In particular, since the 『Form Change』 by the Tree system magic grows trees and shapes them, it’s rich in elasticity and hardness, and it enables delicate modeling.

    In no time, the doll that has the exact same appearance as me was completed.

    “I’ve never seen such an elaborate 『Form Change』. I’m completely astonished. It’s the spitting image of Lloyd-sama.”

    “That’s how I made it.”

    It’s not just the appearance that is similar.

    By adding the soil system in it, the bones are made up of stones, the flesh is mud, the skin is resin, and the roots shall crawl all over the body to be its nerves, and it uses magic power as its motion power like blood, so of course, it can also move.

    It is quite fragile because it is made of soil and wood, but depending on the magic power I pour in, it can be active for a few days.

    “Certainly, there’s no problem if it’s just its looks, but it will take a lot of work to move it……”

    Moving the created object like a human being, you need to be very careful.

    In any case, going out while moving my substitute, and experimenting with magic is impossible.

    “That’s like controlling two bodies of yours. It’s not a human skill.”

    “Yup, therefore, I’m going to rely on Grimo to control this guy.”

    “Wha ――!?”

    I continue to say to Grimo, who has an astonished expression.

    “Grimo has a structure that is like between an entity and spirit body. Then, couldn’t it be possible to leave your body part in my right hand, and let your spiritual body dwell in this doll?”

    “That’s right well, I don’t think it’s a difficult thing, but ……”

    “I’ll answer in your conversations, so it’ll be fine. Grimo should move the body according to the situation.”

    Grimo is fidgeting with my question for some reason.

    “……Such, but is that will be okay? I can’t always behave the way Lloyd-sama wants, right?”

    “? I’m asking you to, so I don’t mind, you know? Please go inside it promptly.”

    “Hee…… then……”

    When I hurried him, Grimo entered the doll’s body in a doubtful manner.

    Grimo opens the eyes of the doll, and moves his limbs in order to check its movement.

    Yup, there doesn’t seem to be any problem.

    After Grimo stood up and moved his neck around, he turned his back on me and made his mouth smirk.

    “…… Guhihi, I can’t believe it. I didn’t think that I’ll have this kind of freedom anymore …… am I trusted too much? If I make good use of the people around him while he’s outside by himself……”



    When I called him out, Grimo was surprised with his shoulders trembled.

    For some reason, Grimo who timidly turns around, gives a sweet smile.

    “I’m relying on you.”

    When I said that, Grimo stares at me with a dumbfounded face.

    “? What’s wrong?”

    “N,no, it’s nothing!”

    While waving his hand, he takes his eyes off of me.

    “……that face, is he planning something……? Hah!? I see, he’s going to try me! He’ll pretend to let me swim freely, and if I show signs of betrayal, he’s going to kill me! Kuku, I’m glad I noticed. I don’t know how good his magic is. It wouldn’t be strange if he conjured such a technique with plenty of room ……! Then, it’s not a good idea to move badly now. Firstly, I should focus on gaining his trust, hah……”

    And, he began to mutter something again.

    What the heck happened.

    “What’s wrong, Grimo, are you all right?”

    “N,nono, it’s nothing! Anyway, this Grimo, will de his utmost for Lloyd-sama, to undertake this! Hehe, hehehehe ……”

    I tilt my head when I see Grimo laughing stiffly.

    Somehow, he has numerous monologues.

    Perhaps, he was mentally tired, from living in an unfamiliar human world.

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