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First Love Choose Me, I’m Super Sweet

Chapter 6

The Little Prince of Northeast Mines

Translated by Springlila
Edited by Springlila


Ding Xuerun seemed to think it was fun to let Lou Hui have such a misunderstanding, so as long as Lou Hui was in class, he answered questions based on his mood.

Lou Hui often said: “You are so lucky, how come you got all the answers correctly?”

Ding Xuerun said: “Copied it.”

Lou Hui said “Oh”, touched his chin, and said: “The case has been solved.”

The wound on Ding Xuerun’s face is almost completely healed now, only the neck and the back of the hand still have a trace, but he pulled the zipper to the highest point in the school uniform, and it was completely covered.

Lou Hui looked at him after he had returned to his original appearance and thought he was a pretty young guy, fresh and clean, with white skin, but he was a little thin. Xiao Ding is not tall, and his eyes are large and dark, but it’s a shame he’s short-sighted, wearing glasses, and hiding such lovely eyes.

Ding Xuerun appeared to be very gentle with others, but he was actually quite indifferent. After getting to know him, Lou Hui thought he was very funny, so interesting that he was very amused except for smoking.

Lou Hui thought of his friends, almost all of his friends would smoke, and they smoked a lot more than Xiao Ding. When he thought about that, he felt relieved. At least Ding Xuerun would not be covered with the smell of smoke, as he would wipe away the evidence after smoking. He sprays a strawberry-flavored breath freshener, and it smells good afterward.

But he would persuade Ding Xuerun: “You should smoke less, it’s really bad for your health.”

Ding Xuerun nodded his head every time, but he didn’t listen and went his own way.

And he doesn’t know where Ding Xuerun got so many stationery. He always gave stationery, such as an eraser for this and pen for that. They are all styles that you won’t find in school stationery stores. They are very beautiful stationery and girls like them very much.

Lou Hui didn’t use this thing, but he still collected a few.

However, there is still some news in the class, since no one knows the transfer student’s backstory, there is evidence that he can answer in class, it is because he has the answer. He is copying the answer every day.

As for his test paper, no one knows how he got the correct answer for the test paper issued by the school teacher.

Lou Hui never came during exams. He doesn’t go to self-study in the evening, so it’s even more impossible to know.

He also stayed at school for one night every thursday, but every week he brought a new three-piece bed cover to change. Ding Xuerun helped him change it. Every time Lou Hui asked him to go out to eat, Ding Xuerun always refused. Lou Hui asked: “You are not happy when I ask you out to eat, do you like eating in the cafeteria?”

Ding Xuerun nodded: “I like cafeterias.”

He is too self-disciplined, and once his life track is determined, he will not easily break it. He wakes up at the same time every morning, sleeps at the same time, and eats in the same way. He always finishes things today, and he never accumulates things from today to tomorrow.

Lou Hui finds the cafeteria’s food tastes bad, but he knows that there is a “small canteen” in the cafeteria, which is similar to the mid-range restaurant outside. The ordering style and the environment are better. On the top floor of the canteen, there is an open-air balcony for students to celebrate their birthdays or class dinner, it will be held there.

He hadn’t been to the cafeteria for a long time, and he couldn’t find the meal card. Lou Hui made up his mind to invite him to dinner but was too lazy to squeeze with people to reapply for the meal card, so he went to the second floor after class and casually dragged a friend: “Dongdong, give your meal card to Brother! No, you give me directly, how much money do you have in it? I will give you a red envelope.”

Li Dong stunned, Lou Hui never eats in the cafeteria, and now asked him for a meal card?

“No, brother Hui, what should I do if I give you the meal card? How do I eat?”

“You swipe your girlfriend’s. I’m going to invite someone to lunch. I don’t want to squeeze in line to reapply for the meal card. You go squeeze.”

Lou Hui didn’t like “squeezing” very much, because all kinds of people squeezed into him, and they had all kinds of smells. There were people who take advantage of the mess to touch his ass more than once. Once he caught someone, and as soon as he saw that she was a weak little girl, he could only sigh and let the others go.

His false cleanliness addiction is similar to true cleanliness addiction, and he is too particular about it.

Li Dong immediately gave him the card, and asked curiously: “Brother Hui has a new girlfriend? Is this time more beautiful than school flowers? Is it a high school girl? Which class?”

Lou Hui said no: “Just my deskmate.” He put the meal card in the pocket of his school uniform and disliked it. “There’s something wrong with that guy. He only eats in the cafeteria. What’s so delicious in the cafeteria.”

Many of his friends knew that Lou Hui has a deskmate. Because they saw him when they came to look for him at the door of Class 4.

Li Dong was surprised: “Brother Hui, isn’t your deskmate a man? Is it a new one?”

“It’s him, I just invited him to lunch.”

It’s not that Lou Hui has never talked about a girlfriend. He talked about it once, she is very beautiful, can play the piano, studies well, talented girl, looks like a very good pair.

But soon after the date, the girl was more active, and she held hands with Lou Hui while watching a movie. She felt the sweat on his hand and thought he was nervous, and then secretly wanted to kiss him.

Before she touched him, he pushed her away.

The girl was shocked: “You, you…”

Lou Hui was a little helpless and said, “Girl, it’s not your fault, I have a cleanliness addiction, I really really…can’t eat other people’s saliva…” And your lipstick looks poisonous.

Just thinking about that makes him felt sick, even if the other party became immortal, it would be difficult for him to accept it.

The girl said at first that it was okay, but she couldn’t stand it any longer. Lou Hui was a gentleman, and waited for the other party to say the break up: “Don’t worry, it was you who left me.”

He didn’t want to make the little girl sad, after all, he was a big man of 1,88 meters.

After that, he won’t talk about it. It doesn’t make any difference whether to talk about it or not. It feels like going out with a female friend and went out to play with her alone. It’s dull and indifferent, there was no feeling of emotion.

Lou Hui still likes riding motorcycles and playing basketball. To him, these are far more vivid and interesting than women.

Li Dong was very curious: “Why did Brother Hui invite your deskmate to eat? Did he do your homework for you?”

“What writing homework, that idiot is a scumbag! He is illiterate! I tell you the truth, it’s worse than me, I can at least recite the multiplication table.” Lou Hui was embarrassed to say that someone put a quilt for him, even more embarrassed to say that deskmate buys steamed buns for him every morning.

“Really?” Li Dong sighed, “What’s his background? Isn’t it the same as you? There is a mine at home? Why do you have a mine? Your mother donated a building to the school to let you enter the fourth class, right!”

“You are the little prince of the Northeast Mine Factory.” Li Dong said, “Where is his mine? Have you inquired about it?”

“It shouldn’t be,” Lou Hui’s face turned dark when he talked about this nickname. “I don’t know. It may be our old Dou’s relative. Old Dou really likes him.” He frowned. “It’s so strange, didn’t Lao Dou only like good students?”

He swiped his meal card and asked Ding Xuerun to eat in the small canteen on the top floor of the cafeteria. Ding Xuerun caught a glimpse of a sticker on his card. There was a woman on the card sticker, not an actress, like a peer.

He thought it was Lou Hui’s girlfriend.

Ding Xuerun flipped through the menu. He only ordered one dish and one soup: “You order another dish. We will eat it for the two of us. That’s enough.”

“You order two more. Why did you order a green vegetable and a vegetable soup? How is it enough to eat so little?” Lou Hui said, “You are so thin for a reason, you know Xiao Ding?”

“If you order too much, you can’t finish it, it’s a waste.”

“Come here, Xiao Ding.” Lou Hui hooked his finger.

Ding Xuerun propped his elbows on the table and leaned over to listen to what he was going to say.

“Xiao Ding,” Lou Hui exhaled hot air blowing in his ears as he spoke. “Eating more can not only make you taller, but you can also grow your little ding. You can eat more meat and supplements. Become like me, understand?” He laughed twice.

Lou Hui has a lot of dirty jokes, but they don’t make people feel creepy, which may be because of his appearance, and Ding Xuerun doesn’t know what to say. He didn’t deliberately eat so little, but he was used to eating only seven or eighty percent full, and his living expenses were limited. He didn’t want to ask Ding Zhaowen for pocket money, so he could only save money.

He didn’t need to be so miserable, but he got sick just after school started and he still needs to buy school uniforms, two sets per season. He hasn’t bought summer school uniforms for the time being, so he wants to wait for it to get hot next year.

Lou Hui probably has the young master’s stomach. He ordered a lot of dishes and couldn’t stop him. It was steamed fish and braised lamb in brown sauce. He usually exercises a lot and needs to eat a lot of meat to maintain his physical fitness.

Ding Xuerun compared to Lou Hui and ate very little. Lou Hui asked him to eat more meat: “You are so pitifully thin. I saw you take a bath that day. It was so white and thin. It’s too miserable. did your family abuse you?” He used the chopsticks to give Ding Xuerun a big and fat stewed lamb in brown sauce.

He also had this weird problem when he went out to eat with friends. He refuses to eat without using public chopsticks. He would rather sit and eat by himself, saying that he has a young master’s disease.

Ding Xuerun faced this problem and chose to remain silent, bowing his head and ate the meat in one bite.

Lou Hui looked at him and commented: “Good boy.”

Lou Hui is very picky about what he eats. He thinks the small stir-fry in the cafeteria tastes mediocre, but he has a big appetite and says that the taste is not good. This one is salty and this one is weak, but in the end, he finished eating.

The sun was shining today, the terrace was hot, and he was sweating profusely.

Lou Hui took off his school uniform.

He is not used to living in a dormitory, and the biggest problem is that he is not used to sharing a room with others. And the two seniors who lived in the same room with him all had problems that Lou Hui couldn’t stand. One threw the paper on the ground and didn’t tidy up; the other didn’t wash the socks and underwear after wearing them and instead took them home to wash them on weekends.

Lou Hui doesn’t know how to wash clothes. He didn’t want to wash it, so he threw it away.

Nowadays, the biggest problem for him in the dormitory is the small bed, followed by the small shower. He likes bathing and waterfall-type showers, so he can’t help it. If he wants to take a bath, he has to wait until he gets home to wash comfortably.

When the two went out of the cafeteria, Ding Xuerun asked him: “Do you live in the neighborhood next door?”

“Yes, I couldn’t get used to living in a dormitory. So when I was an adult, I bought a house near. In fact, it is next to the wall behind the boy’s dormitory. I get over the wall and arrived.”

“How can you get over the wall, doesn’t the school have barbed wire? And there is surveillance…”

Lou Hui didn’t care: “I cut the barbed wire and the monitoring by myself. I made a blind spot and no one would go there. You know there is an old dormitory behind the stadium, right? It has been very haunted for a few years. Every year, one person jumped off the building to die. It is said that it is so shady, haunted, and unlucky that even the security guards would not go there.”

He was still a little proud, his sword eyebrows raised: “But I don’t need to climb over the wall at ordinary times, I come in with integrity.”

“You don’t go to evening study at night, why?”

“Because I went to TOEFL class.”

“TOEFL?” Ding Xuerun looked at him unexpectedly.

“Yes, I did report my name, but I have never been there once. I ran out to play with this reason, and the teacher thought I was going to study abroad, so you see, they don’t care about me now, and they won’t be angry with me. As long as I don’t cause trouble for them or affect other students in class, they will treat me as if I don’t exist.”

Ding Xuerun smiled: “You are my deskmate, you only talk to me, of course, you don’t affect others, you only affect me.”

“You don’t count,” Lou Hui shrugged. “In the eyes of the teacher, you and me are the same kind of person. The difference is that I sleep in class and you dream in class.”

Lou Hui doesn’t get along well with the students in the class, because they were all good students. He doesn’t play with the kind of top students, and the top students played different things from him.

Ding Xuerun is okay. Although this Ding Xuerun loves to pretend to be a good student, he seems to like to study very much, but in essence, he is the same as him, Lou Hui is very fond of him.

Walking from the cafeteria to the boy’s dormitory, you have to cross the playground. Lou Hui passed the basketball court. Someone happened to greet him. He rushed to grab the basketball and it was a three-pointer, which caused a series of screams from some nearby girls.

Lou Hui threw a ball and ran away, refusing to stay: “I’m in a hurry to go home to  take a shower and take a nap.”

He ran to Ding Xuerun and asked him sweatily: “Xiao Ding, is it the first time you’ve seen me play? I’m handsome, right?”

Ding Xuerun nodded and said handsome: “I am in the dormitory. I can see your basketball court from the balcony. I have seen it several times.”

The school gate and the boy’s dormitory were in two directions, and the two parted ways. Instead of returning to the dormitory, Ding Xuerun went to the sparsely populated old dormitory.

It was the one that Lou Hui said, the dormitory building where one student died every year. After walking like this, he discovered that the Liu Zhong High School covers such a large area.

He chose this place before, not only because of the classmate’s relationship between Ding Zhaowen and Principal Zhou, who had not been in touch for many years but also because this high school was really awesome.

The greening and environment of Liu Zhong High School are ranked first among the high schools in the province. Besides, the admission rate is top-notch. Every year, many talents are sent to Tsinghua and Peking University.

So parents are desperate to send their children in.

The classmates were serious about the one by one competition. In Lou Hui’s view, Ding Xuerun was alone in the class to take advantage of others.

He was the only one who didn’t take notes when everyone else did, and he said confidently that he didn’t take notes because he knew how to do it. That’s how he boasted…

Lou Hui didn’t believe it. Ding Xuerun had a good temper or was easy-going, and no explanation.

Ding Xuerun walked along to the wall that Lou Hui said. There are indeed a few monitors here. There is a thick layer of dust on them, which looks very dirty, but it is true that no one is walking here. It seems that the student in Liu Zhong High school have heard more or less that people have died here.

Ding Xuerun was bold. He searched all the way along the wall, and quickly found the blind spot Lou Hui said.

He looked up and saw the cut green barbed wire with some messy sports equipment boxes piled up next to it, which could be used to facilitate jumping over the wall.

Moreover, the glass on the wall was replaced with plastic, and even the plastic corners were rounded. Ding Xuerun raised his head and glanced at the monitor hanging on the tree trunk, and calculated the angle and size of the blind spot—it was quite large.

At least if Lou Hui jumps over the wall, he wouldn’t be caught by the surveillance.

He thinks Lou Hui is very smart in some aspects, because the monitoring angle is shifted just right, and ordinary people can’t figure out such delicate things. Moreover, how do ordinary bad students know that they need to move the surveillance to jump over the wall? Maybe they will even point their middle finger at the surveillance.

Ding Xuerun stood at the blind spot and smoked some cigarettes.

When he thinks too much, he needs to smoke to sober up. Nicotine can help him think and help him refresh. He is not addicted to it. He buys the cheapest cigarettes and doesn’t smoke much, so his throat won’t hurt.

The next day was Thursday, Lou Hui went back to the dormitory at night and bought a box of chocolate strawberries. The strawberries were big, red, and they looked sweet.

Lou Hui called him to eat: “This is sweet.”

Ding Xuerun went over and saw the price on the strawberry box, which looked like a small box of 100 yuan. He didn’t know what strawberries could be sold at such an expensive price.

“You eat it, I’m not going to eat it. Is there any salt here? Soak the strawberry with salt before you eat them.”

Lou Hui was stunned: “Aren’t you going to eat it?”


“Don’t you like it?”

“How can you tell that I like strawberries?”

“A few of you… you don’t like it then why did you buy the strawberry flavored breath freshener, spray it all day long, and smells good,” Lou Hui was so angry, “I saw this outside the fresh supermarket today. It smells great, so I bought a box. I bought it especially for you, especially!” He emphasized.

He thinks Xiao Ding is a good person and treats him as a friend.

Ding Xuerun suddenly laughed when he heard him burst into anger: “I bought the strawberry flavor only because the strawberry flavor was on sale at the time, and it was half cheaper than the mint flavor.”

Lou Hui was a little angry and lost his temper. Finally, he stared at him angrily and said, “You made me angry.”

Ding Xuerun said: “I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it. I’ll take it and wash it.” Speaking of which, he doesn’t have any favorites. He really doesn’t like anything in particular. When it comes to hobbies, he likes to analyze all kinds of things.

From the first time he went to Teacher Dou’s office, he could see that the math teacher sitting opposite his office was a smoker, the kind who smoked all the time, at least three packs of cigarettes a day.

It was not accidental that he saw these. He can remember everything he sees, every person, every detail of information, and those information would be strung together in his mind.

It is just as fun to analyze an event or a person thoroughly.

Ding Xuerun went to the other dormitory room to borrow some salt and soaked the strawberries.

Lou Hui reached out and pulled out a green strawberry pedicle and threw it away: “How long will it take to soak?”

“Let’s soak for ten minutes,” Ding Xuerun said, first took off his glasses, and then took off his school uniform jacket. He turned his back to Lou Hui and took off the clothes inside. Lou Hui stared at his back and lamented again that he was too thin and white.

Ding Xuerun put a thin middle-sleeved pajama on his body. He only brought a relatively thick set of pajamas, and now that he has washed them, he can only wear the thin ones.

He sat on the chair and took off his pants, Lou Hui leaned on the side and stared at him, “Xiao Ding, I don’t seem to have seen you take off your pants in the men’s toilet.”

Ding Xuerun put on his pants and turned to look at him: “What?”

Lou Hui’s slender fingers picked out the biggest strawberry from the glass bowl, blinked his eyes, and said, “Are you as big as this?”

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Springlila's notes:

The author has something to say: Xiao Ding: Huh? The little prince of the Northeast Mine? Brother Hui: Dare you say it again ? Can you say that again? See that corner? Remember it, brother will kiss you there, say it again, press you on the wall to kiss, do you hear me?


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