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First Love Choose Me, I’m Super Sweet

Chapter 5

Little Brother

Translated by Springlila
Edited by Springlila


After washing, Ding Xuerun climbed onto the bed and lay down. Because he was afraid that Lou Hui would make a fuss and laugh after seeing it, Ding Xuerun avoided him, applied a layer of ointment, and then added a layer of hand cream after absorbing it.

He is prone to frostbite in winter. The north is colder than the south, and he has a lot of injuries on his hands, so he started applying hand cream to prevent it at this time.

Lou Hui is on the bed next to him, changing the bed cover. He doesn’t seem to have a talent for this. The nearly 1.9-meter big man clumsily put a quilt on the bed and got in. Ding Xuerun felt that the bed could hardly fit him. 

Lou Hui managed to tuck all the quilt in, but he couldn’t find the exit when he got under the quilt. He shouted: “Xiao Ding, Xiao Ding, you get up, can you pack the quilt? I tucked in the quilt, but it was crumpled up into a ball. What am I going to do?”

Ding Xuerun had already laid down and didn’t want to pay attention to him. He just lay and told him: “Tuck the four corners of the cotton wool into the four corners of the cover, and it will be fine if you shake it again.”

Lou Hui said “Oh”, and after less than ten seconds, he said, “I can’t do it. Get up.”

He struggled to get out.

Ding Xuerun is the kind of person who will not move when lying down.

Because he has done all the things he has to do in one day, he will have a good rest when it comes to his break time. Lou Hui is so noisy that he can’t listen to the song well. Although Lou Hui’s voice is also good, but so talkative he couldn’t stand the babbling: “Why do you have to change the quilt now?”

“Because I changed the quilt last Thursday, it’s been a week, there must be a lot of dust and mites, of course I have to change it…otherwise it will be too dirty.”

Ding Xuerun believed it, and Lou Hui seemed to be… really a bit addicted to cleanliness.

He didn’t move, so Lou Hui walked over, he was too tall, and he needed to bow deeply to walk on the upper bunk, otherwise, his head would touch the ceiling.

Instead of stepping on Ding Xuerun’s bed, he stood at the junction: “Get up, don’t sleep like this, my head is facing your foot, you change direction, we are head to head, foot to foot. I don’t want to smell your feet when I sleep.”

Ding Xuerun was too lazy to explain that he had no foot odor at all, and he paid much attention to this aspect.

Lou Hui shook Ding Xuerun’s feet across the quilt: “Hey, hello, Xiao Ding, please change it for me, I’ll treat you to lunch tomorrow.”

“Ah, all right?” He chattered, “If you don’t talk, I’ll keep bothering you and bothering you.”

Ding Xuerun had never seen someone with Lou Hui’s character.

He originally thought Lou Hui was a school bully boy, but he was actually acting like a baby. Ding Xuerun was soon annoyed by him and had to get up: “You are so stupid.”

He sat up, but did not go to his bed, and asked him: “You have a cleanliness addiction, don’t you hate it when I go to your bed?”

Lou Hui really hesitated.

His cleanliness addiction is fake, but he also really loves cleanliness. The smell he hates most is the smell of smoke. He is a physique prone to sweating. He sweats a lot when playing basketball. He also sweats when he is not playing. The palms of his hands get wet when he sleeps-he has a sweaty hand.

He doesn’t have the smell of sportsmanship when he sweats, which has a lot to do with his caring about his image.

So Lou Hui takes a bath three times a day.

He hesitated for a moment, weighing the pros and cons in his mind. Ding Xuerun had taken a shower just now, but Lou Hui knew that he smoked. To be honest, he really hated the smell of smoke. His brothers knew about his problem, so they rarely smoked in front of him.

So Lou Hui made an unexpected move to Ding Xuerun.

He knelt on the bed, leaned his head over, grabbed Ding Xuerun’s pajamas, and sniffed.

Ding Xuerun felt unable to move when he saw the big head on his chest, but within a few seconds, he calmed down, pushed Lou Hui head away, and stared at him calmly: “What are you doing?”

“You don’t seem to smell like cigarettes. You didn’t smoke in your pajamas?” Lou Hui looked at him.

Ding Xuerun’s face remained unchanged: “What if I smoke in it, do you still want to change the quilt?”

“Change, change.” Lou Hui confirmed that there was really no smell of smoke, so he got out of bed and let him go over and put the quilt for himself.

Ding Xuerun took care of himself at a very young age. He was very quick in doing these movements, and he soon got it done for Luo Hui.

Lou Hui solved the big trouble and said below: “Thank you, please change the direction of the pillow.”

The other person was very tall, and his head exceeded the height of the bed when he was standing. Ding Xuerun knelt on the bed, beside Lou Hui who probed his head.

Ding Xuerun changed the pillows, Lou Hui turned off the lights and climbed onto the bed. He rustled and lay down, politely and thoughtfully boasting: “Xiao Ding, your quilt is really nice.” He asked Ding Xuerun: “Are you sleepwalking?”


“That’s good. There was a fool on this floor who sleepwalks. He once knocked on our dormitory door in the middle of the night and scared me to death.” Lou Hui slept on this small bed, feeling very uncomfortable, and kept moving. “As a result, the two idiots senior in the dormitory who slept like pigs… I thought they were dead.”

The other person is too tall, and he always sleeps unsteadily. He likes to roll over in bed. Once he really fell off the bed in his sleep. Fortunately, he has good physical fitness and nothing serious happened because of his thick skin.

But Lou Hui really didn’t sleep well in the dormitory, so he moved out.

However, according to school rules, only senior high school students are allowed to move out, so Lou Hui will go back to the dormitory every Thursday to avoid the absence of the bedtime inspector and receive a phone call from the headteacher in the middle of the night-which eventually leads to a scandal reported to the whole school.

He was too talkative and kept talking, that Ding Xuerun responded to him at first, but slowly ignored him and pretended to sleep.

At this time, the inspector came in to check the bed. He turned on the light and confirmed that there were two people and their faces matched before closing the door and leaving.

Lou Hui exercises during the day, so he sleeps well at night and falls asleep shortly after lying down.

Ding Xuerun heard that he didn’t speak anymore, so he took off his headphones, stopped the English broadcast, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

Lou Hui went to the classroom with him the next day. Ding Xuerun was going to the cafeteria for breakfast, but Lou Hui would not let him go: “Don’t go yet, wait for me to go to the classroom.”

Ding Xuerun saw that he hadn’t gotten up yet, and said that he was going to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Lou Hui was awake, but he lay in bed and refused to get up: “I don’t, I have to sleep, I am sleepy.” His male voice was buried in the quilt and complained with a little anger, “What are you going to do in the cafeteria? Let’s go to the classroom, I have a lot of breakfast.”

Ding Xuerun was silent, he knew that it was given by Lou Hui’s suitor, Lou Hui would eat it, and if he couldn’t finish it, he would give it to the people around him. But Ding Xuerun didn’t dare to eat things of unknown origin, he was afraid.

Lou Hui was in the quilt and asked him the time in a daze, “What time is it?”

“Seven o ‘clock.”

“Seven o’clock? Damn it!” Lou Hui wrote him down again in his heart. It seems that this roommate is no less stupid than those two seniors. Which normal person is to get up so early? Those two seniors only got up at seven.

“Damn it! What time did you set the alarm?”

Ding Xue Run: “Six o’clock.”

Lou Hui died of anger: “What are you doing so early…?”

Ding Xuerun answered the irrespective question: “I went to the cafeteria.”

Lou Hui was still babbling, “What are you doing with setting the alarm so early? You don’t even study. You wake up so early, why don’t you go to heaven? Ah!”

No one paid any attention to him.

Lou Hui half-opened his eyes and glanced down. Facing the empty dormitory with no sound, he realized later that Ding Xuerun really just left–

He thinks Xiao Ding is a bit cold.

He went back to sleep and got up late. He was already halfway through the first class in the classroom.

Just before he went in, he saw Ding Xuerun as if answering a question, and the teacher told him to sit down. Lou Hui walked in casually and sat down as if nothing had happened. The teacher glanced at him, but said nothing, and continued to teach the other students.

There are many breakfasts on Lou Hui’s table. The girls give him breakfasts, always very delicate and lovely, such as small bottles of yogurt, small bottles of milk, small biscuits, clean strawberries, and so on.

When he saw the buns on the table, he was still a little stunned.

Which girl sent such a real steamed stuffed bun.

Lou Hui looked a little awake. He plugged in the yogurt straw and asked Ding Xuerun: “Did you get appointed by Miss Di to answer the question?”


“Did you get the answer?”

Ding Xuerun hummed again. 

He was playing with a pen, and the others were taking notes. He was playing and didn’t write anything. It looked like he was attending a class, but it didn’t look like it.

“Did you get the multiple-choice question right?”

Ding Xuerun pursed his lips, and there was a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, saying: “Mm-hmm.”

Lou Hui bared his teeth and smiled: “Have you had breakfast?”

Ding Xuerun said that he had eaten it, and Lou Hui pushed him a bottle of milk: “Would you like more? I have a lot of them here, and there are also a lot of steamed buns. Who bought these…?”

“I bought it.”

“Then why do you put it on my desk?” Lou Hui reacted, “Did you buy it for me?”

Ding Xuerun turned his face to the blackboard, and while listening to the lecture, he answered him without changing his face: “I can’t finish it, so I give it to you.”

“You…” Lou Hui thought that Xiao Ding was too nice. Mainly Xiao Ding was a scumbag, and he could talk to himself in class, but other people couldn’t not. They never took part in class because they couldn’t keep up when they started.

So he paused and asked, “What stuffing did you buy?”


“I like meat buns, but I can also eat vegetarian ones.” He tried to take a bite with his head down. The steamed stuffed bun was not cold, but Lou Hui was probably hungry and ate it up in a few mouthfuls.

Ding Xuerun looked at him sideways. Lou Hui ate quickly and ate a lot of food, but the appearance of eating was the most handsome.

After he finished the steamed buns, he ate other things and shared the fruit with Ding Xuerun, but Ding Xuerun didn’t eat it.

“Why don’t you eat it? I think you still have to bring fruit to the classroom to eat?”

Ding Xuerun shook his head: “I don’t eat things of unknown origin.” Since he had suffered a loss in this area once, he would never eat anything that he didn’t know the origin of. For example, buying in a supermarket is random, so you can eat it, and ordering food in a cafeteria is also random, and the risk of poisoning is very small.

Of course, he is not an important person, no one wants to harm him, but Lou Hui is different. Who can guarantee that he will not become enemies? If his enemies know that he will eat the food of unknown origin on the table, it is very dangerous. It has nothing to do with him if someone else is poisoned, but Ding Xuerun will be nervous after suffering a loss once, so he never wants to suffer twice in the same thing.

“…You’re fucking delusional!” Lou Hui felt that he was not generally ill. “Why would they poison me if they like me so much? I’m the school grass, the school grass!”

Lou Hui asked: “Do you know what school grass means?”

Ding Xuerun did not answer, and Lou Hui continued to force him: “The school grass is the most handsome man in the school.”

He doesn’t know if he’s too loud. The English teacher heard him and said loudly while showing her vein. “Lou Hui, we know you are handsome, don’t compare it to each other, and disturb your deskmate studies.”

The whole class laughed out loud.

Although Lou Hui’s grades are not very good, he has a lot of minor problems and keeps making small mistakes all day long, but he is very popular with the teacher, and he is popular in the class.

As soon as the English teacher spoke, he immediately sat upright, looking innocent.

To be honest, Lou Hui wanted to laugh too.

So after the English teacher resumed the lecture, he lowered his voice again. This time he approached Ding Xuerun’s ear to speak: “She said I disturb your study. Is she joking? What are you studying? Does she know that you are illiterate?”

Ding Xuerun was blown by him like this, half of his body was a little numb, and Lou Hui’s voice was too… intriguing.

He is a natural bend, and he has never talked about a boyfriend. He is just 17 or 18 years old. When he suddenly meets a boy like Lou Hui, it is indeed easy to be moved.

Lou Hui said again: “If she asks you to answer a translation question, little brother, you’re finished.”

Ding Xuerun didn’t pay attention to him at first, but couldn’t help it this time: “Lou Hui, let me ask you a question.”

“You say.”

His voice was very soft: “Where is your hometown? Northeast?”

Lou Hui’s eyes widened: “Damn it… Laozi is clearly speaking in Mandarin, okay?”

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Springlila's notes:

 From what I found "Why don't you go to heaven" is originated from the Northeast dialect and it describes the lament or ridicule of a person who loves to behave.


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