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First Love Choose Me, I’m Super Sweet

Chapter 4

You Are So Cute

Translated by Springlila
Edited by Springlila


“What class are you going to? You can’t even understand a thing, just listen to the heavenly scriptures.”

“It’s useless. Sooner or later, our class teacher will know what level you are. It’s no use, I told you to stop pretending.”

“Damn it, did your fever go down? Do you really want to go to class??”

Lou Hui likes to swear, which is a common problem among high school students his age, but his swearing is at most this level.

Ding Xuerun never speaks swear words. His father Ding Zhaowen is a high school Chinese teacher and has taught him strictly since childhood.

He hates the so-called “school bully” very, very much, because these kinds of people are bullying and unreasonable. There was a special class in his previous high school. The students in this class were all defective in some aspects, perhaps intellectually or physically defective… They were often ridiculed and humiliated.

One of them is led by a student of his father Ding Zhaowen.

For some reason, Ding Xuerun suffered similar violence. He was not a submissive person. He retaliated back and let the other party remember that he was very difficult to mess with. He took this opportunity to transfer to another school.

Of course, he was not sure whether Lou Hui was such a student, but the school violence made him have a deep prejudice against such school bully boys so that he could not face them in a peaceful manner.

After listening to the voice message, he didn’t reply, just went to listen to it again.

Lou Hui’s voice is very magnetic, and his normal tone is low-pitched, which is so sexy.

Because of his silence, Lou Hui thought that Ding Xuerun’s self-esteem had been damaged. But he felt so innocent. He didn’t say anything wrong, he was originally a scumbag…What’s the pretense? 

Within two minutes, Lou Hui sent him another one. This time it was a text message: “Xiao Ding, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about this kind of thing. Some people can’t read books, but they’re good at doing other things. Maybe that’s the kind of person you are.”

Then came another message: “If Old Dou asks about me again, let’s just say that my leg injury has recurred and went for treatment.”

Ding Xuerun didn’t know what he had misunderstood, so he involuntarily curled his lips, and finally replied with a simple “um”.

He took the medicine regularly, sweated during his sleep at night, and the fever went down the next day, but the cold symptoms did not go away and he could not do without tissue and hot water all day long.

He adapts quickly to the new school, but he has just transferred to another school, and making friends is a relatively difficult task. But he is not in a hurry, because he thought it was better to live alone.

The school ordered students not to use mobile phones, but Ding Xuerun did not care. He wore a Bluetooth headset and half-covered it with his hair whenever he went to self-study class. He would put the phone on the table to play when he finished his homework.

After all, Class 4 is a key class, and there is great pressure of competition among the students, so they are all very conscious. The teacher basically does not supervise them too strictly but allows them to study by themselves.

Even if Ding Xuerun puts his mobile phone on the table to play, he will not be noticed. But he didn’t use his mobile phone to play. There are a large number of question-writing apps on his mobile phone. When he has nothing to do, he will either do some exercises or live broadcast.

Ding Xuerun was doing a lot of multiple-choice questions on the app question bank, and a message popped up at the top of the screen.

“Is God X not live broadcasting recently?”

This is an original stationery brand. More than a year ago, Ding Xuerun began to broadcast the key points of doing exercises, doing homework, or how to review efficiently. In the beginning, no one was interested in his live broadcast, but slowly, he became more and more famous, and his millions of views made him a fresh and refined “little internet celebrity” whose live broadcast only showed his hands and voice.

A positive anchor like him is still the first copy of the live broadcast platform, and the platform often pushes him to the homepage.

Therefore, many stationery brands approached him, asked him to help advertise, and sent him a large number of school supplies for trial use.

Ding Xuerun used to live broadcasts for an hour or more every day, but recently, he hasn’t given any news for almost half a month.

That’s why someone came to ask him what was going on.

Ding Xuerun looked down at the back of his scarred hand.

He didn’t intend to fight with people, because he was not an impulsive character, but when his fist came in front of him, he couldn’t bear it indifferently, so he fought back. When finally stopped by the school security, his fist was red, and thick blood dripped to the ground from the clenched knuckles. His glasses were broken, but his eyes were calm and almost terribly calm.

The security guard was going to scold him loudly, but suddenly he was frightened to see a mass of blood on his school uniform and saw blood pouring out from the edge of his fingers covering his abdomen.

It’ over, something big happened this time.

What made the security scalp numb the most was that the good student of this grade took out a plastic bag from his pocket, bent down and picked up a red fruit knife on the floor, put it in the plastic bag, and said: “Call the police and call an ambulance.”

The male classmate lying on the ground was a big tall man. He stared in horror at the Chinese teacher’s son who usually looked timid and easy to bully, now makes him feel terrified in his heart. His voice trembled and said: “Surname Ding… You did it on purpose! You framed me!”

Ding Xuerun’s sneakers stepped on the pool of blood. He covered his wound very calmly and stared down at the boy with a gentle voice: “You are an adult today. Happy birthday. Do you know how many years it takes for the crime of intentional injury?”

The wound on his abdomen is not deep, and it just missed the vital point.

So after he almost recovered from the injury on his stomach, his face and hands were still bruised.

Ding Xuerun clicked the message and replied to clarify his situation: “My right hand was scratched by the glass and there was a wound. The doctor said that I need to rest and recuperate for a period of time.”

The other party expressed understanding, give a few words of concern, and asked him how he felt about their brand of stationery.

After the third class in the afternoon, Ding Xuerun had to go to the hospital for an injection. Lou Hui also went out. The two left the school gate one after another. Lou Hui saw him skip out of class so openly and thought that the transfer student looked weak and daring.

He went to the hospital and went back to school after an injection. Evening self-study hadn’t even started, so he didn’t miss a class at all.

After the evening self-study, Ding Xuerun went out of school to buy ointment at the pharmacy. While waiting for the red light, he saw a very cool motorcycle parked outside the neighboring community. Lou Hui held his motorcycle helmet in one arm, leaning languidly on the motorcycle seat and talking on the phone. He wore leather boots, his slender legs looked longer, his eyebrows faded sharply in the night, and he had a special temperament between a teenager and a young man.

Probably because it was self-study in the evening, batch after batch of students came out one after another. Ding Xuerun’s gaze was only the most insignificant of all the eyes that looked at him.

Lou Hui didn’t notice it at all and talked on the phone on his own.

Lou Hui usually comes to class every day, but he often goes up, and the person disappears. Moreover, he always lay on his stomach in class, not knowing whether he was playing or sleeping. He had no sound while sleeping, which would not affect the classmates.

Occasionally, he would sit up a little bit, write and draw on a book with a pen, or hold his chin in a daze and play with his mobile phone.

He has a lot of friends, so they called him when he was in between classes, and ask “Brother Hui let’s play basketball.”

Lou Hui would skip class as soon as he played basketball, and he couldn’t be seen by anyone for the rest of the day.

And he never went to self-study in the evening and would disappear before the fourth self-study class in the afternoon, but the teacher never asked, and he doesn’t know why.

On Thursday, after the third exercise between classes, someone reported to Teacher Dou that the position of the new classmate was a bit blocking the balcony door, making it inconvenient to get in and out.

Teacher Dou stood at the back door to check over, while the students were in class.

Lou Hui was lying down on his stomach. Ding Xuerun didn’t know whether he was taking notes or doing questions. He was very serious.  

It should not affect each other.

After the first class in the afternoon, Teacher Dou walked off the stage and said to Ding Xuerun: “You are too far behind, Is your eyesight all right?”

“It’s alright, Teacher Dou. I only have minus two. It’s okay to wear glasses.”

Old Dou thought about it, and said, “Move your seat here.”

He pointed to the empty seat next to Luo Hui.

Ding Xuerun didn’t speak, for about two seconds, then nodded and said yes.

Lou Hui was still sleeping, and Ding Xuerun woke him up when he moved the table.

His face was disturbed and tired, and when he looked up, he saw Ding Xuerun settling down next to him. The injury on Ding Xuerun’s face has healed a bit, and it looked much more normal. Lou Hui was stunned for a moment. Because he had just woken up, his voice was hoarse and said: “Why are you sitting here?”

“The headteacher said that I was blocking the door.”

“Then this is also…” Lou Hui was used to sitting alone, not accustomed to the feeling of suddenly having a deskmate.

He felt that maybe because Ding Xuerun was so bad, Teacher Dou wanted them to hurt each other.

He was dumbfounded for a while, scratched his head, and finally got down to sleep.

Lou Hui is tall and sturdy, and his position takes up a lot of space. He didn’t feel it when he was in the back seat, but Ding Xuerun clearly felt that he was different from the previous deskmate when they were at the same table.

His previous deskmate was a girl, very petite, Lou Hui was very big, and felt… very close.  

It was close enough to smell the faint smell of sweat and warmth on Lou Hui’s body. The youthful aura on his body was hot as if it was burning.

When Ding Xuerun went back to the dormitory to sleep at noon, he saw Lou Hui playing with a group of people on the basketball court. Although his eyesight is not very good, he can still see the tall boy who is obviously different from the other classmates through the windows of the dormitory balcony. The setting sun falls on him, flying tall and straight, brimming with youth.

He doesn’t watch basketball games. High school boys like the NBA, but he is not interested. But in the setting sun, Ding Xuerun stood on the balcony overlooking the basketball court and watching for a long time.

After the evening self-study at ten o’clock, Ding Xuerun went back to the dormitory. Before he opened the door, he saw the lights in the dormitory were turned on. Only then did he remember one thing.

In fact, there is still one person living in their dormitory. It’s just that this person doesn’t go back to the dormitory on weekdays, and only comes on Thursdays, because on Thursdays, the room will be checked and the consequences will be very serious if he is not there.

Ding Xuerun opened the door with the key but saw no one, only heard the patter of water coming from the bathroom.

His roommate is taking a shower.

The first thing Ding Xuerun did when he returned to the dormitory was usually to take a bath and wash. He finished all his homework in the self-study class, so he went straight to bed after washing, listened to songs for a while, and then went to sleep.

He originally wanted to wash his face and rinse his mouth directly, but suddenly changed his attention when he saw a pair of limited edition AJs that had been taken off.  

He had seen these shoes on Lou Hui’s feet. He doesn’t know anything about shoes, but he also knows that not all students can afford these shoes, so there is a high probability that Lou Hui owns them.

Ding Xuerun didn’t make a sound. He walked over with light steps and sat in his seat. His bed was separated from the bathroom by a wall, and the chair was very close to the balcony and bathroom door.

Lou Hui really didn’t hear any sound. It was too quiet outside. He didn’t know someone had come back. When he came out, he grabbed a towel and wiped the water off his body. The slippers on his feet made the “quack, quack” sound.

Ding Xuerun looked around and saw that Lou Hui was very handsome, with broad shoulders, narrow buttocks, and six-pack abs. He noticed that Lou Hui had a small tattoo on his body, but he just glanced at it and quickly turned his head back, so he couldn’t see exactly what that tattoo was.

Lou Hui only saw him now, subconsciously covering his crotch: “Oh, my god.”

“Xiao Ding!” He was surprised to see his new deskmate here, wiped the drops of water on his face, and said, “You actually live in 506??”

Ding Xuerun didn’t look at him and said, “I don’t know that my roommate is you.”

Water drops flowed down his hair to his face and then dripped from his chin. The sound of the water dripping on the ground was very soft.

Lou Hui quickly calmed down: “I am relieved that it’s you. You like to be clean. You know, I have an addiction to cleanliness.”

Although he was a deskmate with Ding Xuerun, which is happened today, Lou Hui is very concerned about the hygiene of other people, especially those who are close to him.

A person who doesn’t like cleanliness is not willing to come in close contact. 

Ding Xuerun sat behind him. Ding Xuerun’s table was very neat and tidy. He was also dressed neatly. The uppers and laces of his shoes were always clean, and the nails were round and clean.

Just now when he opened the door with the key, he observed that the dormitory was cleaned up and the old stains on the walls were wiped clean. There were a few books on the table of the new roommate, a study lamp, and very few things that are too neat and tidy.

The bed was neatly folded, there was no smell of sweat, and there was an indescribable scent.

So Lou Hui felt that this roommate must be a clean person, but he did not expect it to be Ding Xuerun.

Lou Hui was originally disgusted with his smoking, but then he didn’t smell it on him, so he didn’t feel anything.

He wiped the water off his body while talking, but he had no intention to cover it up. He is comparable to a basketball player, with slender limbs and strong muscles. His skin is sexy, wheat-colored, stained with drops of water, like a cheetah ready to go.

Ding Xuerun was noncommittal about Lou Hui’s “cleanliness addiction”. He saw all the socks on Lou Hui’s table and piled up several pairs.

Ding Xuerun only had a glimpse of his appearance without clothes, and he had an indescribable feeling. In fact, he had never seen a handsome boy like Lou Hui in his previous county, with sword eyebrows and eyes trimming. He was full of heat and charm. When he was playing basketball, a lot of girls cheered him on and screamed for him, it was crazy, like the plot in the novel.

When class is over, the first-year high school girl will come to see him: “Where does Lou Hui sit in?”

“That? Sleeping… when will he wake up?”  

“He is awake! My god, he’s so handsome…” Some girls opened their mouths when they looked at him. In the end, they couldn’t close their mouths, and their eyes were straight. In front of beauty, men and women are actually the same.

His desk is filled with love letters every day, and people give him breakfast. Ding Xuerun has never seen so many girls chasing a boy, but he has seen many boys sending love letters to the same girl.

Lou Hui wiped off the water on his body, opened the closet, and took out a pajama. Just when Ding Xuerun thought he was dressed, Lou Hui suddenly yelled, “Hey.”

“Who picked up the socks I lost and put them on the table?”

When Ding Xuerun turned his head, he saw him pinching his nose and using a tissue to pinch the socks on his desk into the trash can with disgust. Moreover, Lou Hui only wore a towel, not pajamas, and the muscles of the two long legs are smooth, with a kind of vigorous explosive power.

Even though he puts on his underwear, but still…

Ding Xuerun turned his head away again, he himself is a man, and he would see different sizes when going to the toilet, but… Lou Hui looks attractive to him.

Looking at his appearance, Lou Hui suddenly understood something. He laughed: “What’s wrong with you, Xiao Ding? Why don’t you dare to look at me, do you feel inferior? It’s okay, my nickname is Big Ding, in school. No one dares to use the urinal next to me.”

Ignoring him, Ding Xuerun got up and walked to the sink on the balcony, and put a basin of hot water to wash his face.

Lou Hui is very straight, he can be called a straight man. While putting on his pajamas, he joked casually: “Xiao Ding, you tell brother, how many centimeters are you?”

Ding Xuerun took off his glasses, squeezed the facial cleanser in his palm, and started rubbing his face, ignoring him at all.  

Lou Hui looked like he had never seen the world before: “Why do you still use facial cleansers? Can facial cleansers reduce swelling?”

He babbled so much that Ding Xuerun couldn’t stand it anymore. He dipped a handful of water to wash his face. His eyes just opened, and he turned to glare at him: “That’s enough, Lou Hui.”

He was short-sighted, Lou Hui was blurry in front of him when he was not wearing glasses. His eyes were big, and he didn’t know if it was because of the staring, suddenly he had a shining look.

Lou Hui counted and found that Ding Xuerun had three layers of eyelids or several layers, and he had very beautiful eyes, very clear.

The bubbles on his face have not yet been cleaned, his forehead, nose, and chin are all stained a bit, and his face is basically swollen, he can vaguely see a normal appearance.

Lou Hui thought that his self-esteem had been hurt again when he criticizing him for using a facial cleanser. He felt that Ding Xuerun’s self-esteem should be very strong. This is the case for ordinary scumbags, their self-esteem would be particularly strong… But Lou Hui had no intention of hurting people, so he added a sentence: “I said you use a facial cleanser, you are so cute.”

Ding Xuerun’s eyes widened again, Lou Hui couldn’t help but smile, his eyes curled, and pointed to his face and said, “Xiao Ding, your face is not clean yet.”

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Springlila's notes:

(T/N : Scumbag here means a student who never studies, has a low score, and the final grades are mid or downstream)


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