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First Love Choose Me, I’m Super Sweet

Chapter 3

Why Are You So Disobedient?

Translated by Springlila
Edited by Springlila


Ding Xuerun left home in a hurry, and from south to north, he didn’t bring a lot of things and few clothes. Ding Zhaowen said that when he arrived, he would mail him his winter clothes.

As for the medicine, He didn’t even bring it.

He returned to the new dormitory, and it was really empty. As the senior who just moved out said, this dormitory may become his private dormitory.

He took a hot shower and when he came out, his dormitory suddenly had a power outage before his hair was dry.

Ding Xuerun remembered what the supervisor said to him: “The access control is at 11 o’clock, and the power will be cut off at 12 o’clock. If you do your homework, come to the first floor to write. There is a study room on the first floor that supplies electricity throughout the night.”

He changed his clothes and went to the study room on the first floor. Unexpectedly, there were many people sitting in the small study room. It was quiet inside, only the rustling of the paper with the tip of the pen.

Before the early morning passed, the supervisor will come from the entrance of the study room to remind everyone of the time: “Students rest early, and go to the classroom to write early tomorrow if you can’t finish writing now.”

Ding Xuerun usually goes to bed at 12 o’clock at the latest on weekdays, but he hasn’t finished the homework assigned to his classmate by the sixth subject teacher in Class 4 last Friday.

He used to be self-taught, and he had already finished the third year of high school. It was very easy to do his second-year questions. So he typed very few drafts, and he could get the answer in just a few strokes. In fact, doing these questions is of little use to him. And he was a little sleepy. He wrote until his eyelids struggled to open, his head was still a little dizzy, and he didn’t know if it was because of the rain.


So Ding Xuerun didn’t want to waste time either. He simply turned out the answers in the exercise book. He copied all the answers except for the word “Slightly.”

At half-past one in the morning, most of the classmates in the study room had left. Ding Xuerun was already sleepy. He half-squinted, resting his cheek with one hand, and quickly copying the answer with the other.

A male classmate suddenly walked up to him.

“You might as well not write the answer.”

Ding Xuerun looked up at him.

The male student also wears glasses, has a few pimples on his forehead, and has a gentle academic face.

“I’m the student committee member of Class 4. You are the transfer student Ding Xuerun, right?” The student committee earnestly persuaded, “It’s really not good to copy the answer. It’s boring to deal with the teacher.”

Ding Xuerun smiled slightly and continued to copy with his hand. He copied quickly but still wrote beautifully: “Well, I know, thank you for your reminder.”

Seeing him responding to himself while still stubborn, the student committee’s expression became stiff: “When dealing with the teacher you need to lie at the same time, classmate, it’s not good for you to be like this.”

He really looks down on such students. He doesn’t know how to write and copy answers. If you can’t write, then don’t write. Like Lou Hui, don’t write and don’t hand it in.

Ding Xuerun stopped looking at him. He took a sip of water, and his voice was a little mixed: “I can write all of these. Thank you, Student Committee, I’m fine.”

The student committee curled his mouth and shook his head: “Just forget it if you don’t listen.”


The fourth class is certainly the key class, but there happens to be an exception in their class, that is Lou Hui.

Lou Hui is a popular figure in the school. Although he looks like a typical bad student, Lou Hui is very popular in the class. Many girls have a crush on him because Lou Hui loves to treat and is very generous. In addition, his grades are so bad that he not only sleeps in class but also turns in blank papers in exams. There is no competition with the classmates, so the boys have a good relationship with him.

A student like Lou Hui can be admitted to their fourth class, so what is impossible for another similar transfer student?

When Ding Xuerun woke up, he was dizzy. He realized that he might be sick and wanted to drink some hot water, but found that there was not a drop of water left in the water cooler.

He took a thermos cup to the classroom, and many people were studying on their own.

He took some water and drank it, but it didn’t help.

The representatives of each subject began to collect the homework, and Ding Xuerun also handed in the homework. Unexpectedly, the transfer student who came only last night turned in the homework assigned last Friday. The class representatives were a little surprised. When they opened his homework, a sense of crisis surged.

“The transfer student is a straight A student?”

The representative student Huang Danlu who received the cover book from Ding Xuerun yesterday exclaimed: “You are very hardworking, and the English handwriting is so beautiful.” 

Ding Xuerun’s lips were pale and he said thank you.


Huang Danlu whispered again: “I changed the cover of the book. My roommates said they were very beautiful and asked where I bought them.” She pursed her lips, “Classmate, where did you buy it?”

“It is sold online, and the brand should be printed on the back of the book cover. Just search for it.”

His face was so bad, Huang Danlu wanted to ask about something, but somehow stopped, and did not ask.

Soon, the headteacher came and hurried everyone to gather outside: “The flag is raised! Hurry up, act quickly.”

Ding Xuerun was a little swayed when he stood up. He doesn’t like to get sick, but every year he suffers a serious illness due to various reasons. In fact, he is not in good health. This is a problem that comes out of his mother’s womb.

He was the last to walk out of the classroom, and Teacher Dou said to him, “You don’t have to participate in the raising flag ceremony today. If you don’t have a school uniform, just stay in the classroom.”

Ding Xuerun nodded. Teacher Dou told him yesterday that school uniforms should be bought at the Education Department, two hundred yuan for a set of autumn school uniforms, usually at least two sets are enough.

The winter is cold in the north. The school uniforms of Liu Zhong High School are divided into three different seasons. One set is for summer and is made of pure cotton short sleeves; one set for autumn is the current season, but soon, winter uniforms will be worn. Those are thick cotton-padded trousers, and the jacket is still longer. You have to buy a set of 380.

Everyone in the classroom is gone, and he is lying on the desk, his mind is as if filled with water.

When Lou Hui came in, he saw him sleeping on his stomach, muttering to himself that the transfer student was quite awesome. On the first day of the transfer, he dragged him like that and now slept on his stomach without participating in the raising-flag ceremony.

The reason why he came so early today was because Principal Zhou called him. Most likely he saw that his feet were just pretending and told him to stop.

Lou Hui was also a little embarrassed, so he will stop pretending, and come to class early today.

He usually doesn’t make big mistakes. At most, he is late for class. Sometimes something happens. He will just make up a reason to ask Teacher Dou for a leave. Whether he is allowed to leave or not, he will go anyway.

So it’s no wonder that the headteacher is biased against him, but fortunately, Lou Hui is not a headache student, although his grades are not good, he will not cause trouble.

The transfer student behind is sleeping, Lou Hui is also lying on his stomach, playing games.

As a result, he didn’t finish the fight, and a hand patted him lightly on the back.

Lou Hui turned his head: “What are you doing?”

Ding Xuerun’s face is so pale: “Classmate, do you know… where is the school infirmary?”

Lou hui saw that his face was so bad. He was originally pale, but now he is even more sick. Thinking of the rain last night, he said: “In the teaching building over there, you have a cold?”

“I don’t know,” he said in a hoarse voice, licking his dry lips. “Maybe it’s a fever.”

“Didn’t your face turn red when you had a fever? How come your face turns white?”

Ding Xuerun shook his head, he touched his forehead, it was very hot.

His voice was weak: “Where is the school infirmary?”

“On the first floor,” Lou Hui added, “The first floor of the third-high school building.”

“Oh.” Ding Xuerun stood up, holding the table with both hands,  looking at the fact that he was going to fall down, “Which building is in the third year of high school?”

“This one is…” He probably explained it again. Ding Xuerun thanked him and walked out of the classroom.

Lou Hui is not always willing to help others, but the transfer student looked like he was about to die. It was too miserable. He felt sympathy, so he stopped him: “Hey, wait a moment.”

Ding Xuerun turned his head.

Lou Hui has that kind of long and narrow eye shape. When he is not smiling, he will show a fierce look, and it is not good to look at. He glanced at the students, then paused and said, “Forget it, I’ll go to the school infirmary to buy something, and you will follow me.”

The teaching building is so big, and Class 4 is on the first floor, so they found the school infirmary soon. Ding Xuerun sat down and the school doctor probed his forehead: “It’s so hot, was it because of the rain yesterday?”

Ding Xuerun nodded, his voice already hoarse: “Drenched a little.”

The school doctor shook the thermometer and handed it to him: “Pinch between the armpit.”

When he was taking his temperature, Lou Hui was sitting next to him and playing on his mobile phone, Ding Xuerun heard the sound effects. It was a fashionable music elimination game.

He held the thermometer and turned to look at Lou Hui.

Lou Hui might like this game very much, playing very seriously, with a pair of deep eyes staring at the screen very persistently, and under the tall bridge of the nose, his thin lips are slightly pressed.

He is very tall, wearing a pair of limited-edition sneakers, and wearing an autumn school uniform like other students. The school uniform jacket is zipped to his chest. He wears thin clothes underneath, but he is very sturdy, even if the school uniform is loose, it can not hide his strong physique which is obviously different from his peers.

Ding Xuerun discovered yesterday that he has muscles and abdominal muscles, but he just doesn’t know how many they are.

The thermometer was taken out, and the school doctor shook his head solemnly: “You have to go to the hospital for an infusion, it’s almost 40 degrees.”

Ding Xuerun shook his head when he heard that he was about to leave school for an infusion, “Can I just take medicine?”

The school doctor shook his head: “You can’t get rid of the high fever if you take medicine. Which class are you in? Who is your headteacher?”

Ding Xuerun insisted: “I’ll  just take medicine.”

“You classmate, why are you so stubborn! You have a high fever. You can’t get rid of the fever. If you faint for a while, you will be in big trouble.” The school doctor found it strange that most students were so happy when they heard that they were going outside the school. All they had to do was set off firecrackers. How could this be so?

“Teacher, I have class in the morning.”

Lou Hui laughed when he heard it, what else did this scumbag listen to? You can understand a fart!

School doctor: “Class is important, but it shouldn’t delay your health. How can you listen to the lectures if you are sick? How can you study if your brain burns out?”

Lou Hui is happy again. He doesn’t understand even if he doesn’t get sick. He doesn’t have a good brain and he can’t learn. Otherwise, why is he called a scumbag?

The school doctor directly picked up the pen and began to write the diagnosis, and asked him: “Name?”

Ding Xuerun was silent for a few seconds, and Lou Hui who was playing game, suddenly patted him: “The doctor asked your name, tell him quickly.”

Lou Hui winked at him: “Classmate, I will accompany you to the hospital.”

Ding Xuerun knew that he wanted to go out of school to play, coupled with the fact that he was really sick, and there might be reasons for his discomfort. This happened suddenly.

He reported his name: “Ding Xuerun, spring flying snow powder is as moist, and the flying snow in early spring is as fine as flour.”

Lou Hui snorted: “ Pretending to be strong, but still drag poetry.”

Ding Xuerun glanced at him and didn’t say anything. The school doctor gave him the diagnosis with a serious expression: “Go ask your headteacher for a leave. You can’t be careless at 40 degrees. You must take a taxi to the hospital. Remember?”

To be out of school, Lou Hui is very energetic. To be honest, he was really uncomfortable in the classroom. Sometimes he was so bored that he would listen to some lessons. He didn’t think it difficult and could understand it, but he didn’t have the patience to make up the previous content.

The two returned to the classroom and the flag-raising ceremony was over. Lou Hui dragged him to the office and actively said to Teacher Dou: “He is sick and has a fever of more than 40 degrees! The school doctor said that he must have an infusion, otherwise, something big will happen!” When he spoke, his expression was too serious, he was seriously exaggerating. Not only that, he put his arm around Ding Xuerun’s shoulder, “Teacher Dou, I think Xiao Ding can’t walk anymore, I have to help him to the hospital.”

His arms suddenly looped up, and Ding Xuerun stiffened unnaturally.

Teacher Dou looked at him with a pair of coquettish sneakers, and didn’t see the bandage: “Are your feet okay?”

Lou Hui scratched his head with a guilty conscience, and he said twice: “I’m in good health, I get better quickly.”

Teacher Dou didn’t say a word, glanced at him, then glanced at Ding Xuerun, and found that he did look very bad indeed. His face was white and red, and the air became a little sticky because of his sickness.

Ding Xuerun gave the medical certificate issued by the school doctor to Teacher Dou and said, “I went out to buy an exercise book last night, but it rained. I didn’t bring an umbrella. When I came back, I got caught in the rain. Today I feel a little uncomfortable.” He coughed lightly. After a while, his expression was moving, and insisted: “Teacher, I don’t need to go outside of school. I should be fine if I take some anti-fever medicine.”

After reading the school doctor’s diagnosis, Teacher Dou became tolerant of Lou Hui’s annoying face all year round: “It’s okay. The contents of this morning are all revised monthly exam papers. You don’t need to listen to this lesson.”

Lou Hui was shocked firmly in his heart. 

Old Dou asked him to write the test paper yesterday and asked him to come to school to correct it today, but for this new student scum, Old Dou actually said that he didn’t need to listen to the lesson of correcting the monthly test paper! Damn! Is he more hopeless than himself?

So how bad is his grade? Is it a negative score???

And he was so good and kind to him. Does the transfer student have a mine at home or is he actually a relative of Old Dou?

Lou Hui was thinking about it, after getting the fake slip, he was still very helpful to support Ding Xuerun’s shoulders and help him out.

But as soon as he left the office door, he let him go. Lou Hui is a little bit addicted to cleanliness, but the transfer student, looks very white and clean, even though there are so many injuries on his face, but he does have a clean breath, which makes people feel comfortable. Lou Hui still doesn’t smell any cigarette on him. The slightest smell of cigarettes will make it difficult to come across.

As soon as he let go, Ding Xuerun also let out a sigh of relief, hanging his head and saying, “I’ll take my wallet.”

He disappeared with Lou Hui, and the classmates began to discuss whether something was wrong.

“I saw them being called into the office by Teacher Dou. I didn’t think they were in trouble, did they?”

“I think it’s very possible…”

“How about the transfer student? Are the grades good? It would be good if he can enter our class?”

“I received his homework in the morning, I opened it to see, almost all right…”

“I also accepted his homework. Which is very impressive.”

“…Impressive my ass!” One of the student committees couldn’t bear it.

“Why did the student committee say that? Does the student committee know him?”

“Hehe, I saw him in the study room yesterday. He was ‘working hard’, but he was just burying his head in copying the answers!”

Hearing what the student committee said, the classmates all said: “Oh…”  “Then how did he get into our class…”

After leaving school, Lou Hui asked him for a phone number: “Don’t go back to school today. I’ll dress up when you go back. Send me a text message if you’re in a hurry to get back, okay?”

“Well, I will go back after the infusion.” His face was still pale just now, and now he is flushed, and the redness is not normal, plus the injury, it looks too pitiful.

“Don’t be too early, or you can go back to the dormitory to sleep. Lying down is more comfortable than sleeping on your stomach. Anyway, you can’t understand the lesson in class, and it’s useless if you go.” Lou Hui helped Ding Xuerun stop a car and told the driver kindly to send the patient to the nearest hospital,

Ding Xuerun went to the hospital. The doctor asked him whether he wanted to get an injection or an infusion. He chose the injection because it was fast.

Lou Hui didn’t expect Ding Xuerun to send himself a text message in less than 40 minutes: “I finished the injection, I am going back to school now.”

Remind him to hurry back, too.

Lou Hui replied to him after a while: “Damn it, don’t go to the classroom, the school doctor asks you to have an infusion, not an injection, why don’t you listen to the doctor’s advice? I don’t want to go back so early. I’m far from school. How about you go back to the dormitory and sleep?”

Ding Xuerun ignored him. Probably because of the injection, he was a little absent in class, but when the teacher asked him a question, he stood up and answered correctly.

In the afternoon there was a math class with Teacher Dou. When he saw that Lou Hui was not there, he asked Ding Xuerun: “You two went to the hospital together, what about the other person? Did he not go to the hospital with you?”

“He went with me and accompanied me all morning. The hospital bed was hard and he kept sitting in a chair. Just now he said he was too sleepy, so he went home.”

Old Dou really believed it, and shook his head helplessly: “This Lou Hui.”

Ding Xuerun just saw his brand-new book and learned how to write his name. The word Cheng beside the word “Wang” means beautiful jade. It is a rare word to see.

Ding Xuerun asked Teacher Dou for leave and said, “Teacher Dou, here are my medical records. I have to get two more injections. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Can I leave school at the end of the third class in the afternoon?”

Teacher Dou agreed: “Pay attention to the body, the body is the capital of the revolution, and only a healthy body can study well.”

Ding Xuerun nodded. He later told Lou Hui about the incident. Not long after, Ding Xuerun received an application from a WeChat friend, it was Lou Hui.

As soon as he agreed, a voice mail was sent over there.

Ding Xuerun was fascinated by his voice. He likes to listen to the bass when listening to songs, and BBC Radio also likes the subwoofer, but none of them seem to sound as good as Lou Hui. Ding Xuerun carefully took out the earphones and put them on, and clicked on the unread voice.

Lou Hui might be outdoors, his voice accompanied by the whistling wind, and said fiercely: “Why don’t you fucking listen to me?”

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