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    First Love Choose Me, I’m Super Sweet

    Chapter 16

    The Only Full Mark In The Grade

    Translated by Springlila
    Edited by Springlila


    The student who just came out of the office panted and said: “The rankings, the rankings are out…”

    “Where? Where!”

    The school’s top students who had always been calm on weekdays, were not calm when they heard this moment, so they all stood up and looked around.

    “Who is the first?”

    “Ahhhhh, who can help me see how many points I have!!!”

    “List, the list hasn’t been printed yet. I read it in the office. Teacher Dou has a ranking on his computer. Go and see it!”

    The whole class rushed to the door of the office. The other classes seemed to have also received the news and flocked to the office frantically. However, there was not enough space in the office, so everyone gathered around the door. At that moment, the quiet office was as noisy as a vegetable market.

    Full of shouting: “XXX, how much do I score! What is my ranking?”

    “Fifteenth? What about the grade ranking? How much am I! Quick! Tell me, I’m so anxious!”

    Most of the people in the classroom left, leaving a few scattered students behind. Ding Xuerun roughly knew his grades, so he didn’t join in the fun.

    Lou Cheng was awakened from his sleep. He looked around blankly and saw how empty the class was. He also got up, yawned, and pulled Ding Xuerun’s collar down: “Xiao Ding, it’s PE class.”

    Ding Xuerun glanced back at him, then shook his hand and gently moved his hand away: “No.”

    Lou Cheng found out that he was doing a question.

    “Why don’t you go?”

    Ding Xuerun shook his head without changing his face: “You can go to PE class if you want.”

    “Look, the weather outside is so good. Go out for exercise. Don’t just sit around. The more you sit, the more stupid you will be.” Lou Cheng heard the preparation bell ring as soon as he finished speaking, and then a swarm of students poured in from the classroom door.

    “What happened?” Lou Cheng was at a loss. “Why are they all back again?”

    “Sit down,” Ding Xuerun glanced at him, “PE class is occupied.”

    “What? By whom?!” Lou Cheng shouted angrily, Ding Xuerun looked at him and shook his head, and sighed: “Stupid.”

    For the whole class, Lou Cheng was in anger that the PE class had been taken over by the exterminator teacher: “My PE class is gone!” Ding Xuerun saw that he was really angry and wanted to comfort him, but felt that he was too stupid.

    In this physics class, everyone in the class is not in the mood for class, and they all communicated privately: “Did you help me see it? What’s my score?”

    “The number one in our class was Yu Mingchen, but how did he get 700 scores… This is too far from his last score.”

    “It has nothing to do with the scores. The overall difficulty has gone up, and the scores will of course drop collectively. Yu Mingchen ranks first in science in our class and eighth in grade.”

    Because there are too many people, most of the students who went to the office to check their grades only wrote down their own, at most, they took a look at the first place.

    There are three types of rankings this time, one is for science, one is for liberal arts, and the other is for general subjects.

    They are in the science class, and most of the students will study science in the future, so they will naturally pay attention to the science results first.

    Probably the students were too disobedient and kept discussing. The exterminator teacher said “Be quiet” a few times and couldn’t control it. He had a bad temper. When he couldn’t stand it, he slapped the blackboard with an iron ruler ten times.

    The sound made the entire teaching building shake.

    “The ranking will be discussed after class. You can see how much you got. Do you all know how many points you scored in physics this time?”

    “I am very dissatisfied!”

    The physics scores of class 4 are at the bottom of the five key classes, and everyone whispers privately that the exterminator teacher is teaching too poorly.

    In the silent classroom, only the physics teacher’s much calmer voice could be heard: “In our physics class, only one person got full marks on the exam.”

    “There’s also only one person in the grade who scored full marks.”

    “Except for him, the highest score in the class is only 92. Is it so difficult?”

    The students were very surprised at who it was, but no one dared to discuss it this time, for fear that he would suddenly get angry.

    He took a break, and did not mention who the only perfect score was, but said: “Have time to learn more from others and continue with the class!”

    When class was about to end, Old Dou appeared at the door of the classroom. The atmosphere of the classroom that had been somewhat depressed, instantly heated up.

    “The three pieces of paper in his hand! Is it a ranking?”

    When the bell rang, the physics teacher did not delay the class and said “Class dismissed” before gathering his textbooks and leaving the classroom.

    Old Dou came in and posted the three rankings. A swarm of classmates surrounded him. Old Dou said, “Go back and sit down. I just made a PPT. The next PE class will not be held. Let’s analyze the results.”

    Lou Cheng who got up to go to the bathroom: “…”

    “Fuck! Two PE classes were taken up by these two beasts!” He was filled with righteous indignation.

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    Hai, Lila here~ I would like to inform you that there's a bit of misunderstanding on my part about the ML name Lou Hui which is supposed to be Lou Cheng. It's fixed now. I'm sorry for the inconvenience especially to those who already got attached to the name, I'm sorry. This series will be updated every Wednesday and Sunday. Happy reading~

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