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Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You (WN)

Chapter 108

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Chapter 108 : The Orc Wizard Acts Quickly

Translated by Siv

Edited by Hiro02

“Slow! This is Buhi, the home of the Orcs! Miracle Buhi, who has descended to the land of the Empire!”

“Awesome …… many orcs ……! And Mr. Slow! I feel like I’m being watched in a strange and amazing way!”

 The Orc village was built against the forest.

 A handmade wooden fence had been erected around the grassy side, and even from the outside of the fence, you could feel the activities going on inside.

 Inside the village, there were concrete square houses all over the place, probably built of stone, and orcs were coming in and going out of those houses, while some were screaming noisily. The whole village was buzzing.

 A unified order was established in the orc village, where many elder orcs were busy carrying lumber and cooking while child orcs were running around.

“‘Slow~, Slow~. Our Orc wizard~.”

 Oh, the huge lizard that I just defeated is being carried away into the depths of the village.

 Nah, I’m sorry.

 According to what I heard on the way to the orc village, the lizard-type monsters’ meat is delicious, and the Attack Lizard was a sure bet to be the meal of the day. Charlotte was also curious about the taste and said, “Slow-sama! I wonder what it tastes like! I’m looking forward to it!” I’m happy to see that they were enjoying themselves.

 It seems that the Orcs have built a beautiful village in the Orc Village, which imitates the Imperial Village.

 I’m sure you’ll find it surreal that these supposedly dumb Orcs open their doors and come in and out of their homes with a bang. …… Ah, the door is broken. I’m sure the orcs are powerful, so it’s hard to find the right amount of strength to do so, but it’s a no-brainer.

 Still, it was exciting to see a village with monsters living in it for the first time. Charlotte seems to feel the same way as I do and is looking around the orc village with great interest.

“Nyaaaaaaahhhh !!!!!.”

“Buhi~, there’s a strange cat chasing me, Buhi~.”

The Great Spirit quickly started tormenting the child orcs: ……

 I knew there were so many orcs out there that Charlotte wouldn’t be able to tell who I was unless there was something distinctive about me, but these orcs in the orc village were all different.

 There were orcs with only one shoe on one foot, there were orcs with leaves on their heads, there were orcs with branches added to make them look cool, and I’d be tempted to go in and say you’re a swordsman.

 “After that, this is the playground – and this is the sandbox – …..” And so Buhita introduces us to the high-functioning orc village.

“That’s it, the explanation of the orc village is over, Buhita! Well, after all that help from Slow, Buhita will take care of you. I’ll give you both a house that was just built!”

“That’s great news!……. Buhita, what’s that smell, buhi?”

 All of a sudden, I became very sensitive to the smell of the food.

 Because I’m a former black pig duke! You may look different, but you’ve retained your experience and skills. Buhihihi!

 What’s that pleasant smell of roasting meat in the air? Mmmmmm, this is fresh meat! 


“Slow! The rice in the Orc Village is amazing. There are a lot of orcs out there who are great cooks, and I’ll be damned!”


“Hey, I’m excited! now”

“It’s time to eat!”

 We were given a special meal before mealtime.

 There’s a zone with wooden tables and chairs like an open-air classroom, apparently the Orc Village dining area.

 The food was warm and steamy.

 Meat and wildflowers are piled up in a heap on top of a wooden bowl, and Charlotte, who saw the food, nodded in admiration. Seeing that she doesn’t say anything, they seem to be proper edible wildflowers.

 And the important thing is the taste!

“Whoaaa! This is delizioussssss!”

It’s incredible…… delicious.

“It is an attack Lizard meat, that’s what the cook told me!”

“This is lizard meat…” Charlotte crunches down deeply on it while saying that. No, Charlotte is robust, as I stare at the princess on succubus with distant eyes.

 But well, really, food is a good thing.

 The heat seeps into the five to six organs, giving the body vitality.

It’s a good idea. We want to eat too.

 It wasn’t really time to eat yet. Moreover, the other orcs were looking at us enviously. But the story of my being an orc wizard quickly spread through the orc village, and when word got out that an orc wizard killed a giant lizard, the other orcs seemed to agree that there was no way around it.

“‘Orcs~, Orcs~, Slow is an orc wizard~.”

“Buhita, what’s that?”

 The orcs in the orc village are basically healthy. But some of them were coughing, and others were holding their heads, perhaps with wounds, and crying with painful buhi~.

 …… or rather the painful Buhi~! It was a village of monsters, but it was a village of Orcs that made me feel very close to them.

The water was getting dirtier and dirtier, and that’s why the physically weak orcs were getting sick. Once I tried to chase Poison Snake out of the spring, but I got poisoned and spent the night in bed. ……

“Poison snake barker? That guy is spreading poison in his dwelling place to others buhi……. Buhita is no longer physically fit, buhi?”

“…… Buhita is Orc King! I can’t let them see me so weak buhi.”

 Buhita grinned.

 Come to think of it, Buhita laughed back cheerfully whenever everyone in the orc village approached him.

 It seems he’s fulfilling his role as an Orc King well. He’s a monster, but I respect him.

“Many of the injured orcs were beaten by human adventurers, Buhi.”

“Adventurer? …… Well, come to think of it, the village I saw on my way to the orc village had signs of being destroyed by magic, buhi.”

“That’s Slow! Nice work, guys…” Lately, some rogue adventurers have been lurking in the woods.

 Apparently, it seems that some evil adventurers have entered the imperial kingdom.

 There is no national army in the country right now to control them, so for the wayward adventurers, this country is nothing short of an environment where they can do whatever they want.

“I’m glad to have met Slow though. I was just planning to go to the fountain to take out the Poison Snake. Orcs as strong as Slow are rare, and I could really use your help!”

“I don’t know if I’m going to be any good for you, but I’ll try, Buhi!”

 Now, the poison snake that is said to have settled in the fountain has something to do with the drinking water, so I need to defeat it as soon as possible.

 At the same time, I need to find the Great Spirit of Death egg.

 The Great Spirit of Death Egg is an essential item to lure the Great Spirit of Darkness out of the Empire.

 The Great Spirit of Death Egg was buried at the base of Empire’s famous tourist attraction, the Great Tree Gatto, I asked Charlotte on the road where the Great Tree Gatto was, but she said she’d never been there and didn’t know the exact location.

“By the way, Buhita, don’t you know where the Great Tree Gatto is?”

“Great Tree Gatto Buhi? I know, Buhi! I mean, we all know buhiiii! Because we’re drawing water from the spring right next to Great Tree Gatto buhiiii.”

“What! I didn’t know. But if so, Buhita! Ding dong! I’m going to slay Poison Snake now, Buhi!”

“Now that’s a big deal! But Slow, after using magic like that earlier, your powers are fine, right buhi?”

“I’m fine. I am a very powerful orcish wizard buhi.”

 If you get the chance, act fast!

 Let’s go, Great Spirit of Death Egg! And wait for me, the Great Spirit of Darkness, Nanatrilege!


 Come on, let’s stop the war with the Empire!

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