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Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You (WN)

Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 : The Great Spirit of Darkness, Nanatrilege

Translated by Siv

Edited by Travistann

 It’s a bit ahead of the future.

 However, it’s not a story based on spirit standards of decades or hundreds of years.

 The main character has already been transformed into a myth.

 This is not the story of Shuya Nukerun, who was saved by the great spirit of fire, and despite his various regrets, he was treated as a savior who saved the world.

 He was undeterred.

 Without his mighty power and broad knowledge in spades, he won’t even be there.

 Even when she refuses to go on stage until the end, he is willing to force her up onto the stage. 

 Because he knows a lot of things…

 And it’s because he knows about them all…

 The room was unobtrusively furnished to the delight of the beholder.

 It was a glittering room.

 The tusks of a stone dragon rock dragon adorned the walls, a huge flame lizard Ebiscus tooth that is said to burn forever is on the fireplace, and the carpet on the floor is fresh born soft woolen main skin fur that only exists in the northern plains of Trabas.

 The value of the carpet is astounding to the casual observer.

 The timid would not be able to even walk on it for fear of staining the carpet.

 The master of the elegant room was not the Emperor of the Dostre Empire, nor was he allowed to enter this room in the first place.


 Her room was on the top floor of the Dostre Capital, the top floor of the Dostre Capital, which was built to unite with the sheer cliffs at the far end of the multi-layered guardian gates imperial capital of Dostre was proud of.

 A round table sat beside her bed, wrapped in pure white sheets.

 On it was a pile of tea, sweets, fruit, and other items that had just been consumed.

“It’s so annoying to have a free federation that does what it wants, and the South is really helpless. Daris is the Great Spirit of Light, the Imperial State is the Great Spirit of Wind, Sarkishta is the Great Spirit of Water, and the Free Commonwealth is the Great Spirit of Water, hmmm, I don’t understand that place. But the woman over there stole it from me and it’s really disgusting ……! Without that, you won’t be able to find the Great Spirit of Death’s egg!”

 The girl who brings a pillow stuffed with feathers to the table and puts her head on it, too, with a fluffy head.

 She is the ruler of this room.

 The girl who (I believe) rules the Dostre Empire from the shadows.

 She was the Great Spirit of Darkness, Nanatrige.

 Her long, black silken hair that reached to her waist was lustrous, her skin was as white as snow that reminded me of the coming of winter, and her limbs were slender and slender as if I was hesitant to touch them.

 It’s a good idea to have a good time with them.

The actuality of this is that it’s not a good thing. This is a real oak.


 A voice that was supposed to be impossible echoed through her room.

 She was astonished, not even making a sound.

 If she looked closely, out of the corner of her vision, the voice seemed to be coming from the pile of magic tools that were covered in dust in the corner of the room.

”…..Ehh, can you hear me? Great Spirit of Darkness, Nana Trige.”

“What? Who? Huhhhhh, oh…yeah, yeah! Who is it again?!”

 Nanatrige scrabbled through the pile of magic tools with her hands and projected the source of the sound into her eyes.

 A black button with the power of transformation change.

 A voice came out of the black-robed button and the magic item that I named in the past, the magic tool magic item.

”….It looks like you’re succeeding, at least.

“Seriously! What! A Magic of communication tools! I didn’t tell anyone! How did you know that!!!

 Nanatrige had a function attached to the magic tool she had put her power into until now.

 It’s a calling spell that she thought would allow her to talk to herself at any time.

 Whenever Nanatrige raises a handcrafted magic tool to a well-rounded dark wizard, she makes a pair and keeps them in her room.

 It’s a good idea to have the dark wizards in your room if something goes wrong.

 But no one had ever taught him that they had the ability to communicate, and in the end, that function was never used.

 So a voice couldn’t reach him through a magic tool.

 It was also….from over there.

”Err, this is Real Orc. I’ve taken care of the Great Spirit of Death’s egg. I repeat, this way. Real Orcs. I’m taking care of the Great Spirit of Death’s egg.”


 The Great Spirit of Darkness Nana Trige was even more surprised.

 The Great Spirit of Death Egg was something that only she and the King of the Empire knew about.

 It was said to spread the evil of death over the entire land, and it was indeed a wonderful magic tool that she liked.

”How do you know about this? I mean, who the hell are you?!”

 Nanatrige grabbed a button on her black robe and jumped out the window.

 As long as he had a pair of magical tools, the creator, the great spirit of Darkness, Nanatrij, could see the general location of where the voice was originating from.

”Darkness will become wings and disguise itself as the wind! Blackwing Dark Wind!”

 Nanatrige looks down at the Imperial Capital Dostre Canyon from the sky, clutching the dark magic tool.

 He had a huge castle built on the sheer cliffs, surrounded by many layers of huge gates.

 It’s a proud fortress as if there was a more magnificent city on the continent, but that didn’t matter right now.

”Err, this is Real Orc. Can you hear me?”

“…I can hear from you! They know that I am the Great Spirit of Darkness, Mr. Nanastrej. If you joke around too much, I’ll kill you!”

“I repeat. Great Spirit of Darkness Nana Trige. The Great Spirit of Death’s egg was entrusted to me.”

“I don’t need to keep telling you… I can hear you!”

“I repeat. Great Spirit of Darkness Nana Trige. Didn’t you hear me?”

“I said I can hear you. You are ridiculous! Conversations are so annoying when they’re done one way or the other! And best of all, it’s a real oak! You’re crazy!”

“I repeat. This is a real orc. I am in the Empire now. And I am prepared to face you alone. So you must come alone.”

“…What is this! It’s broken! So, I guess you didn’t hear me! If this was going to happen, I should have properly maintained all my magic tools!”

“I repeat. This is the real orc …… No, let’s not kid ourselves. My name is Slow. I am the child prodigy of the wind, the pig who sent you to kill me. —Eh, hey Buhi! What’s the matter?”

“… It’s irritating that you can’t hear me! I’d rather fix this and be able to communicate and then go to this guy at …… No, it’s faster to go directly to him!”

‘A party of adventurers! Hey, Buhita! One of them is wearing a colored bracelet! That’s some measure of strength! …… Heh, blue! Then you’re a B-level adventurer! Oh, I’m coming over there now. …… Buhi! I’m going to test my skills against a human!

“—-Adventurer! God! Oh, God! It’s frustrating! What is the matter with you? You! What are you doing? You’re making me nervous! Also, what’s with that Buhi, huh?!”

”I hope you can hear me, Great Spirit of Darkness Nana Trige. The Great Spirit of Death’s egg is in my custody.

“I know… I know! So I said I’m coming at you as fast as I can! Also! The Wind Prodigy is so cool, but it’s a total mess! I don’t believe your taste! …… n …… wind prodigy? It sounds familiar somewhere: ……

”Damn it, it looks like you have very little power left in this magic tool. So I’ll tell you one last thing.

“I know… I know! You’re going to say that you’re keeping the Great Spirit of Death’s eggs anyway.

“Hey, Buhi! You’re a sick man, bubi! Oh, shit! Look, get it to me as soon as possible at ——!”

“Tsk! There’s a break! …… Oh my God, what a guy with all the things he wants to say! …… And a wind prodigy is …… Oh, I remember! They were talking about it over here too! It’s the wind prodigy, Slow – Denning! A dragonslayer born in the South!”

 On that day, the great spirit of Darkness that disappeared from the Imperial City.

 Hearing a voice filled with bursting intentions, Nanatrige felt a shivering sense of delight for the first time in a long time.

 What a rant against the Great Spirit of Darkness that ruled this Empire.

 The Great Spirit of Darkness Nanatrilege irritably gripped the black robe button, the magic item of the dark magic tool magic item.

”Wait for it, wind prodigy. No …… real orcs, slow~denning! I’m going to give you a long, piece of who you’ve been fighting …… with!”

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