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    I Didn’t Save You To Get Proposed To

    Chapter 14

    Escape From the Imperial Palace (14)

    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Tam


    We left for Marquis after shopping. The Marchioness appeared concerned, stating that the carriage would take a month to arrive.


    “If you want to change in response to the circumstances—.”


    “It’s fine.”


    I couldn’t make it to Bali’s Ubud, but I was excited to see Evgeny’s clean forest.


    ‘I’m a naturally nature-loving person. When I made money, it was my dream to do yoga in the deep forest of Bali.’


    “And I’ve talked to the Prince about it—”


    The Marchioness brought it up again in a serious tone as we sat face to face in the carriage.


    “We’d better keep it a secret that you help the Prince in leading the war to victory.”


    When she spoke a serious word she really looked like an elegant noble lady. 


    “If you stay in the palace forever, the story will be different, but if you don’t, someone from Artise can harm you. All the important people who could put you at risk are dead, but if an ordinary person who is loyal to Artise finds out about it—”


    “Yes, I understand what you mean.”


    I simply stated it as if it didn’t matter. In any case, I was never meant to have power or a title.


    “You did an excellent job for the empire, but the Prince stated that your safety comes first. Justice and freedom are incompatible, but you appear to have chosen freedom.”


    “I made the right decision.”


    The carriage was slowly making its way off the capital’s busy road.


    Initially, I had no regrets about living in the city. Something like other people’s gaze and honor. But in the Marquis, I wish I could live as an ascetic.


    In terms of banquets and social affairs, I felt meaningless as someone who is more familiar with Korean life.


    I should just live a quiet life in the countryside with clean air and water. There was no need to make money because it was food for a noble family.


    ‘This is how it all comes to an end, and all I have to do now is grow old!’


    I wanted to make money quickly and become a part of the countryside when I started my yoga business a long time ago, but I was so moved to come to another world and fulfill my wish.


    “As I explained, Marquis Evgeny is still in his place. He’s not conscious at all.”


    I nodded slowly.


    He was originally the one who would become my adoptive father, but after he fell last year, he was lying still.


    “And I have two sons—”


    I didn’t know much about them. It wasn’t written in the original book at all.


    The Marchioness spoke gracefully with a surprisingly noble look and a calm tone.


    “The first one is crap with no match.”




    “He is the first son, but he does not inherit the title because he is a member of the Magic Tower. Five times, his engagement has been called off. He was recently humiliated for crossing his legs with a married woman. He appears to use magic, but he is still less than human.”




    “I’m afraid it won’t last forever.”


    So that jerk is going to be my older brother—.


    No, it could have been a younger brother. Because I know nothing about him.


    “The other is— Well, yeah. You should go check it out for yourself.”


    As I tried to ask about the ages of the two, I noticed the Marchioness’s bitter expression, indicating that the child farming enterprise had been severely ruined.


    The Marchioness remained silent as well, as if disturbed by her son’s conversation.


    So that’s how the capital was getting further away.


    ‘Oh, it was terrible. I was imprisoned as soon as I was possessed—’


    Now the original story would be different, and it would be like traveling to a foreign land.


    ‘However, I saved a good person.’


    I was also grateful that Ixion had persuaded the Imperial family to let me go quickly.


    I no longer have anything to do with him, but I genuinely wanted him to live a happy life.


    This thought twirled around in my head, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.




    He was looking around the occupied area when a messenger approached and handed him a letter. It was an Imperial Palace letter.


    Ixion read all the letters with a blank expression on his face and told Aiden to prepare for withdrawal.


    “What? You want to leave?”


    Aiden stared at his lord, unable to believe what Ixion had said.


    “You’ve won all the important battles, and now all you have to do is clean up, but you’re leaving at this point?”


    “That’s correct.”


    Ixion said calmly, unconcerned about Aiden’s surprised expression.


    “Then, what will become of this land? It’s not the same as it was three years ago, Prince. You have destroyed the country’s dynasty. Even though the battle is over, the retreat is just getting started.”


    For the time being, imperial forces must be stationed to prevent chaos in Artise’s territory, which has now lost its royal family.


    Depending on the circumstances, they had to select a leader or send in appropriate officials. And it all came down to actual merit and profit.


    But Ixion gave a casual answer, as if it were all expected.


    “Brother Raymon is coming himself. He’s saying he’s already departed.”


    “…What? The Crown Prince is coming?”


    Aiden felt like he wanted to fall.


    In the end, it was like giving a dog something.


    Ixion has won the war, and power in the land has passed to the Crown Prince, who will put down the rebellion several times. The crown prince will be credited with the conquest of Artise at some point.


    “Please don’t tell me—Prince—”


    “There was nothing I could do to Elsia’s freedom. The Emperor would not have let her live if it hadn’t been for this card.”


    It was the Emperor’s negotiation to put the Crown Prince’s credit in history.


    That was Elsia Artise’s price.


    Aiden sighed. He thought he’d stay here for another half year.


    He looked at Ixion. A man may bear a grudge in his heart for the rest of his life, but he easily forgets grace.


    No matter how much Elsia saved Ixion, it was amazing that she could do this for the woman who had nothing to see.


    “Let’s get ready to go up to the capital as soon as Brother Raymon arrives and the situation is resolved.”




    “In any case, leave the Imperial Army alone, with only the Feltron Knights withdrawing.”


    Aiden didn’t have the heart to respond to all of this because it was such a waste of time.


    Ixion tapped him on the shoulder, as if he understood what was going through his head.


    “Aiden Gibbs.”


    “….Please accept my apologies. I’m not familiar with the subject, and my honor is running late.”


    “No, I believe that’s how much you care about me. And having someone like you in the knights’ corps isn’t a bad thing. Despite the fact that the two are in trouble.”


    Ixion took a few steps forward and strode as if he had discovered something.


    Aiden’s mouth widened as he followed Ixion.


    “Aiden, what’s the use of merit and honor. Even if my reputation is high, it will only be a nuisance to His Majesty and Brother.”


    “But marrying Lady Elsia is still difficult. The imperial opposition must be formidable—”


    “I’m satisfied as the captain of the Knights of Feltron.”




    Aiden jumped and was surprised.


    And in fact, if he were the commander of the Knights, it was the same as giving up the title and succession rights.


    The Knight Commander is merely an Imperial sword, just as the Wizard of the Tower cannot succeed to the title. That is why the Feltron Knights have remained loyal to Ixion despite the absence of the Knights Commander.


    Of course, he’ll have the wealth and prestige of a high-ranking aristocrat, but—


    “The era of peace will come without Artise, who has always been in trouble—.”


    Aiden couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.


    Ixion knelt down and picked blue flowers.


    If his memory serves him correctly, Ixion has never paid attention to these wildflowers.


    “Now I don’t want to go to war because it’s too dangerous.”


    His hands were already stuffed with blue wildflowers.


    Aiden was dumbfounded and couldn’t even respond, he said calmly.


    “Blue flowers are extremely rare. It’s difficult to see.”


    “Ah— Right?”


    Aiden seemed to be struck by his head as he watched Ixion return to the barracks and carefully insert flowers into thick books to make pressed flowers.


    It was because he no longer felt the basic life he always had.


    “Prince. Is this the future you thought of?”


    “That’s right.”


    It was a life of choice to step back and settle for the sword of the empire, rather than a life for power.


    It was also the only way to easily join Elsia Artise, a former royal daughter of the enemy country without much resistance.


    If he truly desired him, he had to support and respect his decision rather than regretting it based on worldly standards.


    “My judgment was clouded by my fear of the Prince. Please accept my apologies. Lady Elsia’s appearance also impresses me—”


    Ixion didn’t give a particular answer, but he looked like he knew it.


    “But I’m sure there are a lot of people in the capital who have the same eye as me. I’ll set the tone and create a positive public opinion, so—.”


    Aiden spoke with a determined expression on his face.


    “All you need to do is have a happy marriage.”




    I ran for a month before arriving at Marquis.


    I had no idea, but the Marchioness appeared to have emptied the Marquis for quite some time.


    She needed to go straight to the battlefield, meet Ixion, and then return to the capital to work on my disposition.


    And when I returned to Marquis, there was already a mountain of work to be done.


    “What about Niel and Heim?” 


    “Young Master Niel went on a southern hunt, and for Young Master Heim he’s been telling me not to let anyone in except for meals for a few days.”




    The Marchioness sighed, her face looking ten years older.


    Oh my goodness, she had two children and no one was in charge of the estate.


    “I’m afraid I’ll have to postpone our family greetings. Will you understand?”


    “Of course.”


    I responded quickly.


    “Going to a hunting competition could help your family’s name. Oh, and if you’re in adolescence, you should be stuck in a room at times!”


    “I’m pretty sure he didn’t go hunting, but he did go play with the girls.”


    The Marchioness let out a deep sigh.


    “And Heim is nineteen years old.”


    You were an adult if you were nineteen years old. Ridan was already in charge of the Duke at that age.


    I laughed awkwardly because I couldn’t think of anything else to say.


    The butler decided to introduce the mansion and estate while the Marchioness was busy.


    And the more I thought about it, the more I realized Marquis Place was perfect for me.


    Beautiful, peaceful, and quiet.


    For my safety, I even attached an escort Knight.


    I’m determined to bury my bones here as well.

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