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    He’s My Real Brother, Duke

    Chapter 36

    He’s My Real Brother, Duke Chapter 36

    Translated by Niks
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    “You know, Duke…”




    “…Did something happen at the base camp? I’d love to hear it.”


    “If it’s about the base camp…”


    The Duke, who reflexively recalled the words of the beast knights, softly continued.


    “…There’s nothing to worry about.”


    “Was that so? Well, I have a question. Since I’m also human…” (Astel)


    The Duke, who realized what Astel wanted to say, stiffened.




    “When building the base camp, there were a few human knights that also went right? Did those knights adapt well?”


    “They seem to be doing well. Except for Cassian Gray.”


    Soon, Duke Anais could see Astel’s expression as she pretended to be calm.


    Earlier, Cassian pretended that he wasn’t close to Astel.


    However, the relationship between Astel and Cassian seemed strangely sticky.


    ‘Thinking back on it made me feel bad too.’ (Duke)


    “Cassian Gray had an accident.” (Duke)


    “What…?” Astel, a little embarrassed, asked.


    “He had a fight with some Beast Knights.”


    “Oh… was that so?”


    ‘Then, I ran out of words to say. It’s embarrassing.’ (Astel)


    Wouldn’t Astel get hurt if she found out the full story of the incident?’ (Duke)


    In his life, he had never said anything back because he was worried about the wounds of others.


    But when he met Astel’s innocent eyes, he became obsessed with the idea that he must not hurt her.


    ‘Was it because of the imprint of the companion? It was a phenomenon close to instinct.’ (Duke)


    However, today, I saw Cassian Gray, who requested to return to the capital first, flirting with the female knights, right before he left.


    ‘I need to warn her.’ (Duke)


    “…It was violent and rough.”


    “That couldn’t be true. He was a knight from the capital city, right?” (Astel)


    “That’s right. I was also really surprised.”


    His expression was calm.


    Meanwhile, at those words, Astel began to panic about how the original work was progressing.


    “He’s definitely promiscuous.” (Duke)


    “Oh, I see!”


    For that reason, the rumors that my brother made himself seemed to be working well so he won’t be suspected.


    Perhaps because I was proud of the fact, I couldn’t stop the smile slightly forming on my lips.


    Duke Anais’ expression suddenly became serious at the smile that appeared on her lips.


    “…Do you like promiscuous men by any chance?” (Duke)


    As the Duke asked back with a grim expression, Astel shook her head and answered.


    “No way!”


    Even though his expression was still stiff, Astel added cautiously.


    “Well, Cassian, then… Was he still with the Knights?”


    Only then did Duke Anais notice that the topic of the conversation continued to hover around Cassian Gray.


    “No. He returned to the capital after being disciplined.”


    Astell clasped her hands together and cheered inwardly.


    Regardless of the reason, it was half a success if Cassian went back to the capital.


    The stage where my older brother and his child would meet was in the capital.


    Just as I was thinking about it, a low voice giving a warning woke me to my senses.


    “You’d better not pay attention to Cassian Gray.” (Duke)


    “Yes?” (Astel)


    “Didn’t he… take your money?” (Duke)


    ‘This again… What nonsense?’ Thinking about it, Astel observed the expression the Duke had on his face.


    He looked very serious.


    “…Cassian, my money?” (Astel)


    While Astel was confused, the Duke slowly spoke again.


    “Actually, I overheard your secret conversation in the garden.”




    In Astel’s mind, she remembered the first time she had reunited with her brother at the Duke’s Castle.


    At the same time, the words she said at that time began to come to mind one by one.


    ‘I’ll make money and do everything for you?’ (Astel)


    He spoke to Astel in a serious tone, who was embarrassed and speechless.


    “You shouldn’t give money recklessly to a playboy.” (Duke)


    Second to the fact that she sold her older brother as ‘playboy’, Astel’s complexion, worried that they might have found out about to be siblings, turned pale.


    No matter how much I thought about it, I shouldn’t have looked overly close to my brother. 


    But I couldn’t believe I got caught talking to him with all those conversations.


    Now that this happened, I had no choice but to go out shamelessly.


    “No, it’s not.”


    She quickly shook her head to deny.


    ‘Come on! Use your brain, Astel!’ (Astel)


    Luckily, an excuse came to mind. It seemed odd, though.


    “It’s not that I’m being robbed of money, it’s just a kind of play where I exchange money for a friends.”


    “…Friend?” Duke Anais frowned and asked.


    Astel, who wondered if he was falling for it smoothly, screamed inwardly.


    Come to think of it, Duke Anais grew up in the northern territory, so it was clear that he did not know much about human society.


    “Yes. Friendship-fee! It’s the way of life of ordinary people. In a relationship, if you aren’t close and want to get closer you have to pay a friendship-fee to become a little closer.”


    “Humans in the capital could only become friends by paying a friendship-fee?” (Duke)


    Yes, well. That’s how ordinary people like me are.” (Astel)


    “…All right.”


    Astel had a nervous look staring at the sphere.


    She grumbled biting her lip out of fear that she hoped he would believe this for now.


    After a golden hour passed, Duke Anais quietly spoke again.


    “It seems that I was ignorant of human culture. I didn’t know there was such a thing as friendship-fee.” (Duke)


    “That, of course. Of course, you’re a beast, so you may not know about human culture!” (Astel)


    The Duke was silent for a while, and then spoke again.


    “Then don’t pay Cassian a friendship-fee now.”




    “He’s not a friendly person. As I said earlier, he’s promiscuous and a low-kind human.”


    Although the abusive language about her brother was very concerning, Astel quickly nodded, delighted that her excuse had worked.


    “Yes, I won’t pay him!” (Astel)


    Astel, as if it had become more natural, held out her little finger to promise the Duke.


    “As expected, the Duke thinks of me, right? Really, you’re the best Duke!”


    ‘Was it too flattering?’ Astel’s palms were sweating.


    The Duke was silent for a moment.


    Wondering if the call had stopped, Astel observed the Duke standing with the ice wall in the background.


    ‘I don’t know how cold it would be there.’




    After a brief reply, he was silent again for a moment.


    It seems that he’s a bit relaxed now…


    If so, thinking that this was the right time, Astel added.


    “In that sense… I’m the imprint of the Duke, the greatest man in the Empire.”




    “I really want to work as a healer in the swordsmanship competition. Are you still worried about it?” (Astel)


    Duke Anais was silent again, so Astell tried to think harder.


    ‘Oh, I know! There’s a story that the Duke would like…’


    “There are many human knights who run away to the capital city like Ca-Cassian Gray, aren’t there?” (Astel)


    “That’s right.”


    It wasn’t exactly a punishment, not a run away, but Astel decided to use the worst possible words anyway.


    Beyond the sphere, the Duke’s expression seemed to have loosened up a bit.


    ‘The Duke hates him so much…’


    Astel cried inwardly, but was desperate for his permission right now.


    To do that, it was important to reassure the Duke and make him feel better.


    Astel once again lashed out at Cassian.


    “Very promiscuous!”


    ‘I’m sorry, brother…!’ (Astel)


    “Worse! Very, very bad…”


    Astel, who couldn’t find a word to use, blurred her speech.


    Then the Duke leaned against the ice wall and whispered lazily.


    “…I didn’t know you’d suddenly hate Cassian Gray.”


    “Because the Duke doesn’t like him. We’re a relationship that goes beyond normal supportive relationships! I’m going to hate him too from now on.”


    As long as the Duke hated her brother, she had no choice but to accuse him in order not to be seen suspicious of being tied with him.


    Astel stared and observed the Duke’s expression.


    “A relationship.”


    The Duke had a dark expression and muttered something.


    ‘Was I too arrogant?’ (Astel)


    Astel was very nervous and waited for the Duke’s next words with her hand holding the sphere tightly.


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