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He’s My Real Brother, Duke

Chapter 16

He's My Real Brother, Duke Chapter 16

Translated by Niks
Edited by KBJ



Cassian, who got even more tired, pressed down on his goal in mind.


He couldn’t wait to see Astel.


Suddenly, he recalled his childhood as a seed of a noble family hunting ground keeper.


When Astel suddenly disappeared from the hunting grounds of the nobles.


On that day, Astel suddenly disappeared and a month later, she appeared crying with a lot of dirt on her face.


‘Brother, Brother…!’


‘Who kidnapped you? I’ll kill him… ‘


‘No no! I’m fine! Really.’


The ten-year-old Astel shed tears in his arms.


Cassian swept her tears and hugged her body where he could feel her bones intact and swallowed his tears.


And from the next day, Astel began to act like a child whose memory was half gone.


‘Brother, what if we were destined to die?’


Cassian hugged Astel tightly and patted her on that day. He wiped away the tears as well.


Then he thought for a long time.


My family was destroyed by the bad guys, I had no strength, so my sister almost went missing, and I was afraid she would die after coming back safely…


‘There’s no fixed ending. You can change it.’


So Cassian decided to survive.


I would take revenge on those who put the blame to our family and find a nice and small house to live with Astel.


But it seems that there was an obstacle to that happy future.


Cassian gritted his teeth, recalling the information about the Duke Anais, who had become an unexpected stumbling block to their happy future.


I’ll find out when I get to the North Castle.


How the Duke would specifically be a hindrance.


* * *


The next morning, I heard two wonderful pieces of news.


First, one was my brother’s letter.


[Arriving at Duke Castle soon. So you just have to wait.]


The contents of the short letter made me feel excited.


The other was the Duke’s message from the attendant.


“From today, I heard you are going to work at the treatment center in Duke Castle.”


“Yes, that’s right!”


To be exact, I’m going to get Sam, the healer who’s working at the treatment center in Duke Castle!


But I pretended and sparkled my eyes.


“I get thorns in my mouth if I don’t work as a healer for a day!”

(N: Astel feels frustrated/annoyed when she wasn’t working as a healer.)


“As expected of Lady Astel!”


The attendant, who lightly ignored Sally’s words, spoke.


“His Excellency Duke said that you have to keep an hour a day. You don’t need to over work and he said that you should always speak up when something happens… Yes, that’s what the Duke said… “‘


The servant and I nodded nervously, making eye contact.


It’s not like the Duke would say that everytime.


The attendant seemed to be suspicious of what he had heard from the Duke while delivering his words.


‘Anyone who didn’t know that the Duke and I were imprinted, it would be hard to believe that he cared and protected me.’


I glanced at him.


“What’s next?”


“E-Even the Duke himself has prepared a healer’s uniform and some diagnostic kits.”


I said to the attendant, as I gently scratched my neck.


“Please tell him that I’m grateful to the Duke!”


When the Duke was next to her, her heart was fluttering.


Because that’s the effect of the imprint.


Because the shapeshifters imprint was a magic that touches and scatters all emotions.


But now, the Duke wasn’t even here. What’s wrong with me?


“Oh, yes. The treatment center also showed a list of patients to be treated today. You could check it, select one patient, and proceed with the treatment after diagnosis.”


After the attendant spoke clearly, he handed over the treatment journal.


I relaxedly passed through the treatment journal that the attendant gave out.


The patient names they were in charge of were sorted by the names of the healers in charge.


I passed the binder that says ‘Sam’.


[Patient Name: Ricardo Anriche Vasio


Body: Jaguar


Title: The former head of the Knights, the founder of the Vasio family.


Symptoms: Every night, with bloodshot eyes, running through the family garden with a sword. He even bled after hitting his leg with a garden tree. He almost almost caused a big accident.


Cause: He was believed to have participated in the Monster War and been subjected to the curse of a dark wizard who couldn’t fall asleep forever.


You should never have direct contact with this curse. Risk of death if you had contact more than 10 times.


Prescription: a Sleep inducing Candle. There’s no other choice but to put him to sleep. However, resistance shows in the beginning of treatment with candles.


Special note: stubborn and abusive type]


Sally, who was sitting next to me and looking through the treatment journal with an exciting face, stiffened.


“Oh, Lady Astel. Tha-that person, you should never choose that person.”


Sally looked as if she was about to shed tears.


“Mr. Ricardo, I’m not sure if I could say this, but his nickname was ‘Grandpa? More like a monster’.”


“Even though there are rumors that he was cursed, not sick, it was difficult because he went to the treatment center all the time…”


I nodded my head.


He seemed to have appeared in the original.


Ricardo, a clan leader, who lives in the Duke Castle, was cursed by a dark wizard.


“He’s very scary.”


I wanted to warn you that there were about a hundred yellow cards in my mind, but he was terrible enough for the maid from Golden Retriever race to even tell me not to approach him.


But I couldn’t take my eyes off the content at the very end of the treatment journal.


[Final Healer: Healer, Sam]


Sam was the only spy I knew who was identified in the original.


“It said that Sam entered the Duke Castle because he helped one of the immediate bloodlines of the family with poor treatment.”


Of course, it wasn’t at the level of saving the Duke’s life like I did, so it seemed like he had been completely neglected right after entering the Duke Castle.


But unlike me, Sam was a good manipulator.


He did the same with our family.


Sam twisted the people of the Vietry family with his tricks.


He mixed up pretending to be an ordinary attendant and then made rumors of disgrace within the family.


He said that my parents were suspicious, and that there are dangerous magicians coming into the family.


And the rumors from his mouth circulated around the mansion, and finally reached the Imperial Palace.


Not only did he stir people up like that, but he also had a good knowledge for healing.


Many of the servants in the family had sick mothers or daughters.


Sam used it as a weapon to cure their illness and threatened the servants to put up false testimony, “There was a conspiracy against the Vietry family.”


I closed the treatment journal.


“Hey, I really want to do Mr. Ricardo’s treatment!”


At that decision, both the attendants and the maids were dumbfounded.


However, I somehow got caught up in the fact that Sam was in charge of Ricardo and that the curse that Ricardo had was related to black magic.


Sam mentioned the ‘dark wizard’ when he slandered our family.


‘Perhaps… this grandpa named Ricardo could be Sam’s new victim.’


Since this happened, the first thing I had to do was kill Sam, steal the artifact, and find out what’s behind it.


‘In the original, my brother failed to find the artifact, and in the end, he couldn’t reveal the darkest part, but I could do it this time.’


After making a serious decision, I sent my servant first to express my intention to take charge of Ricardo.


And a few minutes later.


After we had a short meal, we arrived at a separate treatment center next to the Duke Castle’s garden.


Finally, the door to the treatment center opened.


Well we’re not in the middle of the war, but the treatment center was relatively idle, and the healers were joking around.


”… Who are you?”


Ten pairs of eyes, filled with hostility and curiosity, stared at me.

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