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    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand

    Chapter 77

    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand Chapter 77

    Translated by Niks
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    The woman, sitting upright in the carriage running through the darkness, slowly slid her hat behind.


    Her hair, which had been hidden under the hat, poured down.


    The tips of the clear silver hair were gradually turning into a dark green colour like a deep evergreen.


    The woman clicked her tongue as she watched her turn darker.


    “Having this hair colour it’s obvious without having to see my face.” Said the woman sitting in the carriage.


    While the moonlight leaked several times through the narrow gaps of the carriage.


    Her hair was a complete green colour, her pupils are a darker pink, her eyebrows are raised, and her lips are thick.


    Soon, Shannon Magner’s face disappeared without a trace.


    Arene, who returned to her original form, stared out of the window.


    She then turned her gaze and looked at the person lying on her knees.


    “You’ll love it if you know this situation.”


    She reached out and slowly rolled the hat of the person lying on her knees.


    Clear silver hair like the moonlight that had been hidden inside the hat flowed out.


    Subsequently, it revealed that her eyes were closed peacefully.


    A soft-looking beauty with a small round face, a sharp nose, and eyes with thick long silver eyelashes.


    It was Shannon Magner.


    Arene looked down at Shannon with a different gaze.


    “Lady Shannon.”


    Her eyes are indifferent, but somehow brimming with desire.


    Arene’s dark pink eyes shone clearly like a beggar on the verge of dinner.




    Despite Shannon’s dissuasion, Arene had called her ‘lady’ regularly, but now she knew well that there was no need for that.


    But Shannon couldn’t see her change of attitude.


    Arene swept her cheek delicately.


    “I promised to get you out of Count Magner.”


    She smiled softly and whispered in a small voice.


    “Today’s the day you’d escape from that beggar-like place.”




    “You’ll be very happy when you wake up, but sleep tight for a while, okay?”




    There was no answer back to Arene’s words.


    The raindrops, which had begun to fall, filled the silence in the carriage. Arene turned to the sudden sound of rain.


    She rested her chin and looked out the square window.


    As she gazed at the scenery of the pouring rain, an old thought immediately came to mind.




    Arene opened her eyes one day and found that she was in a remote forest.


    She didn’t even know why she was there.


    Because there’s nothing she could think of that came to mind.


    ‘I just sat still because I didn’t know what to do at that time.’


    Then memories began to fill in pieces in her head, which was like an empty box.


    Incomplete, empty memories in between.


    It was not long before she realised that this randomly tangled memory was a thing of the past.


    The last thing that came to mind was Helena, who had a painful face, and Grand Duke Frederick, who looked down at her expressionlessly.


    Relying on this memory, she set two goals.


    What will help her master, Helena, and kill Frederick.


    ‘This is an opportunity.’


    Arene, who had been organising her thoughts for a short time in a desolate forest, concluded so.


    It was clear that someone had given her another chance because she had not been able to properly take care of Helena.


    That was the reason Arene approached Shannon.


    Reukis Frederick loved the Crown Prince’s lover.


    Shannon Magner, who could break down the hearts of both the Crown Prince and the Grand Duke.


    Was there any more favourable condition to bring Altheon down from the Crown Prince position and kill Reukis?


    ‘So I needed Shannon.’


    She intentionally lay in front of Shannon, who left for an errand, and deliberately got her help.


    Shannon, who couldn’t pass her by, saved Arene as planned.


    With that help, she followed Shannon into the Magner’s mansion and stayed by Shannon’s side until now.


    She covered the weak Shannon and made her hate others. She added fear toward the Count and made Shannon rely more on her.


    Thus, only Arene was left by Shannon.


    And today, Arene was able to meet Helena, who she was looking forward to.


    It was a little disappointing that it was in the form of Shannon, but this would be the best for now.


    Arene quietly reached out and grabbed Shannon’s wrist.


    “I won’t be able to see you for a while, so I’ll take a little more. It won’t hurt.”


    The sharp needle on Arene’s fingers dug into Shannon’s white flesh.


    After she had collected some of the drops of blood that fell on the empty bottle, she wiped the green potion on Shannon’s arm.


    Then the bloody wound disappeared neatly.


    The corners of Arene’s lips curled up.


    “Stupid Shannon.”


    Shannon didn’t know what kind of heart Arene had, and allowed her to be by her side.


    She showed her weaknesses and handed over trust.


    Arene accepted it all and waited for the right time.


    She held her breath, hiding her claws.


    And finally,


    It was her turn to steal Shannon’s face.


    After finishing her job, Arene stared out the window.


    “Ah, I can’t wait to cut off his head.”


    Those last words flowed out between Arene’s beautiful lips.



    On the third Friday, the light of Pierre Hall, which was considered one of the most splendid in the Imperial Palace, was lit.


    It was because of ‘Coming-of-Age Night’ held there today.


    The carriage carrying Merria and Reukis was also heading towards the Imperial Palace through the darkness.


    In the distance, under the dark night sky, everyone could see Pierre Hall representing its existence.


    Merria looked out the window worriedly.


    Usually, Merria and Reukis didn’t enjoy attending banquets.


    Therefore, banquets and parties hosted by ordinary aristocrats have been rejected.


    But today was the Coming of Age night.


    Since it was a banquet with the same effect as the debutante of a noble lady, there was no veto.


    In addition, it has also become impossible to escape to the terrace or lounge together.


    In the meantime, it was due to Dominique’s search for his fiance, which had spread in the capital.


    As if to prove Karina’s words last time, news came that several neutral nobles were present at Queen Helena’s tea party.


    As expected by Meria, Helena used Dominique as a bait to increase the support from the neutral nobles.


    Under such circumstances, the Grand Duke, an ally of the Crown Prince, could not leave the banquet.


    Merria also had to keep her seat at Karina’s request.


    Since she reigned in society for a long time, Karina was as hostile as her followers.


    Tonight, when countless people gather, it will be a burden for Karina to look after everyone alone.


    Merria was willing to stay by Karina’s side.


    While paying attention to those who are interested in the position of being the prince fiance.


    Besides, today was the first night.


    The first day of the Coming-of-Age Night banquet lasted for a total of two days and was reserved only for the nobles who became adults.


    The Coming-of-Age Night was to celebrate the saints of all nobles in the Empire, so there was no certain organiser.


    The next day, the Emperor was present to celebrate, but on the first day there was none.


    Therefore, the person with the highest status among the participants would give a short congratulatory speech that year.


    And this year, by far, Reukis took over.


    For these many reasons, the two were forced to actively participate in the banquet.


    Each of us had a role, so we would have less time to spend together.


    “I think we will meet more people than usual. Will it be okay?” Merria asks worriedly.


    She’ll spend little less time with Karina and Lilith, but today Reukis had to serve as the head of the Crown Prince’s faction.


    Being forced to enjoy a banquet  isn’t enough, and having to stay away from Merria the whole time.


    It was safe to say that it is the worst situation for Reukis.


    Even if it was the worst situation for Reukis, it was okay.


    He shook his head hard even before Merria’s question was over.


    “I really, I-I don’t want to go.”




    It was the first time that Reukis had rejected something so fiercely.


    Merria looked sadly at the withered figure of Reukis.


    She patted Reukis on the arm and said, “Shall we dance together?”


    I don’t like to stand out from others, but it was better than Reukis being down.


    It was a proposal from the depth of my heart from thinking so.


    Dance was the best way to spend time alone during the banquet.


    Reukis seemed to be delighted for a moment, but soon stared at her with tearful eyes.


    “As long as it’s with Meria, anything is fine.”


    There was a slight resentment in his words, which sounded like simple consent.


    And of course, the opponent of the reproach was Merria.


    Because of her recent deciphering of the notebook, Merria hasn’t met Reukis as much as she has before.


    Along with the reduced frequency of dating, she always went to see him looking tired.


    It was natural for Reukis, who did not know the situation, to be disappointed.


    In the end, although it was for him, what’s the use of making Reukis sad in the process?


    Merria understood his heart, so she immediately grabbed and held his hand tightly.


    “After the banquet is over, shall we go to a nearby villa to see the sea?”


    With her hot suggestion, Reukis’ face brightened up.


    Reukis pulled her soft hands and rubbed his cheeks against it.


    “I’ll do my best today.”


    A happy smile crept up on Reukis’ face as he realised how to coax Merria.


    “Cheer up. Tomorrow will be easier.”


    Receiving it as a child looking forward to a picnic, Merria smiled as her eyes curled to a crescent shape.


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