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    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand

    Chapter 75.2

    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand Chapter 75.2

    Translated by Niks
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    He strode inward, sweeping roughly over his disheveled blue hair.




    Dominique, who came close to her, slumped into the seat roughly opposite Helena.


    Helena took a sip of tea leisurely.


    Then, as she looked at Dominique with sunken eyes for a moment, Helena smiled softly.


    “Welcome. Would you like a cup of tea?”


    “I can’t believe you’re looking for my fiance. What’s going on?” Dominique scrambled across the cravat and asked.


    Helena spoke in a stern voice and glanced down for a moment.


    “It’s all for your sake.”


    “How’s that for me? I’m not going to settle for just one woman. So, I don’t need anyone to bother me and grab my ankle!”


    At the insistence of her immature son, Helena struggled to hide the smirk that was leaking out.


    She answered with a still soft smile.


    “Yeah. So, wouldn’t you need more shields? If you put a scarecrow-like figure next to you, idiots won’t stick to you. Didn’t you say you’re tired of ‘women’s pillow hair’ lawsuits too?”




    Helena was definitely right.


    Dominique often changed the women he would spend the night with every day, but none of them could be called lovers.


    But when he hugged the one he liked a couple more times, they all acted like it was something.


    There were others who dared to ask Dominique to be their lover, or to be reckless in holding another woman.


    After all, it was nothing more than a means of quenching lust for Dominique.


    Therefore, those who had such vain dreams were not bothered at all.


    “You just have to pretend that you’re somehow interested in the Neutral Nobility and keep the child I chose for you later. It doesn’t matter if you continue to stay the same.”




    Dominique didn’t seem to understand why he had to do such a bothersome thing.


    It’s okay to get rid of things that bother you.


    Helena, who’s warping Dominique’s way of thinking, continued to talk, touching a teacup.


    “If there’s a person who would become a princess publicly, no one could claim the position of the princess from you. That’s the same as being against the prospective royal family. But I would not choose a plausible person.”




    “Don’t you hate it when neutralists, not on your side, take the position and act proud?”


    “A simple shield’s fine, but please don’t interfere with my personal affairs anymore.”


    Growing up in the love of his father, who’s the Emperor, and the affection of his mother, the Empress throughout his life, Dominique was carefree and flirted with many women’s problems.


    He was born and was all about choosing breakfast as if it was complicated.


    Helena, who urged her son to grow up foolish throughout, smiled satisfactorily at the sight of him.


    “Of course. Go back now.”


    Dominique got up from his seat without regret finishing what he had to say.


    His son, who had nothing to show except for his handsome appearance and the status of a prince, was brought up very well as Helena’s doll.


    Helena looked far away and captured the landscape of the garden emotionlessly again.




    That evening, when Helena heard the news of an unwelcome visitor, her brows furrowed.


    “The Count?”


    “Yes. Count Magner has something to tell you…”


    Lepeta, who had accompanied her since the days when Helena was the Countess of her periphery, spoke to the best of her ability so as not to offend her.


    Cold sweat was already raging on Lepeta’s neck, but she was accustomed to hiding it since she had worked as Helena’s servant for many years.


    “The Count…”


    Helena groaned as she looked out her window as the sun was setting.


    Helena already knew that the Count’s daughter had caused trouble with the Grand Duke last time.


    She’s been holding her breath ever since, so she didn’t care.


    The Count seemed to have run from the rumor that she was looking for Dominique’s fiancée.


    His intentions were so much that it almost made me laugh.


    Helena didn’t know the secret of the Count, as he was as clear as a shallow spring, but she asked Lepeta just in case.


    “Did he come alone?”


    “No. He entered the palace with his daughter.”




    As expected. Was his purpose to show his daughter’s face?


    Helena sighed softly and beckoned roughly.


    “Tell him to come in.”




    Moments later, Count Magner entered the room confidently.


    After that, she saw a slender young lady with her head bowed down.


    ‘Fortunately, it’s not of Dominic’s taste.’


    Helena knew who Dominique was interested in.


    Such a pitiful and innocent type was not his cup of tea.


    It looks like he brought her here to attach it next to Dominique, but it was out of the question.


    Nevertheless, Helena greeted the two with a benevolent smile.


    “Welcome. Count.”


    “How have you been, the Great Queen?”


    It was a greeting full of desire from the tone of voice.


    When Helena nodded lightly, the Count pulled his daughter standing behind him and put her next to him.


    “Say hello. It’s Queen Helena.”




    The count’s daughter seemed hesitant, but she bowed her head deeper, which was already facing down.


    “…Nice to meet you. Great Queen. My name’s Shannon of Count Magner.”


    “Shannon? I don’t think the name of Lady Magner I know was that name.”


    Helena asked, pretending to be innocent and tilting her head.


    Count Magner lowered his voice with both hands together.


    “Are you talking about Riley?”


    “Ah, yes.”


    After all, it was such a stupid name.


    Since Countess Fabro’s commotion, whenever Helena held a tea party, the name has been talked about regardless of whether it’s a noble or a noble woman.


    And most of them were disregard and gossip.


    Count Magner hurriedly continued to speak at Helena’s bland answer.


    “Shannon’s Riley’s younger sibling, but she’s been in the mansion since childhood, so at this victory banquet was like her debutant.”


    It was an insincere excuse, but it was enough to recognize his true intentions.


    Being weak was mostly an excuse, and it was like admitting that there was something unpleasant.


    Helena didn’t want to know about his petty affairs, so she didn’t ask any more.


    She decided to be satisfied that she didn’t have to talk to the stupid Lady Magner she heard about.


    It was when Helena turned her gaze away, hiding her boredom.


    Since some time ago, Shannon has been staring at her with her head up straight.


    Helena’s expression hardened when she made eye contact with Shannon helplessly.





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