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    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand

    Chapter 75.1

    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand Chapter 75.1

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    Dominique Bill Tristan.


    He was the son of Emperor Afrion and his lover, Queen Helena, and the second prince of the Tristan Empire.


    Dominique was a handsome man with bright blue hair and deep eyes.


    He was a great playboy as he had noble lineage, neat appearance, and free spirit.


    But no one blamed him or scolded him for that.


    Rather, only those who wanted to use the night to profit from him filled Dominique’s surroundings.


    Dominique’s ever-increasing number of women was now famous throughout the Empire beyond the capital.


    Perhaps because of his free-spirited nature, he still didn’t even have a fiance.


    I thought he would be lucky if he didn’t get hit by his mistresses one after another, having them impregnated while he still enjoyed as much as he wanted.


    A sudden search for a fiance?


    Merria nodded and tried to understand the reason behind, but she couldn’t understand it that easily.


    No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think he’s the type of person to be bound by the rules of marriage for the sake of the royal family’s duties.


    Lilith nodded as if she understood the situation for the sudden announcement.


    “He must have decided in a hurry upon hearing the news of Karina and His Majesty the crown prince’s engagement.”


    “It would be more convincing to say that His Highness Dominique has a woman who he wants to devote himself to for the rest of his life.”


    Merria responded with a light shrug. As with his light gestures, Dominique wasn’t interested in politics or competing for the throne.


    Then does he feel threatened by Altheon’s engagement and sets out to find his own fiancée?


    I don’t know the details, but it’s probably not 300% of Dominique’s will.


    Perhaps, it’s the rumors circulated by Empress Helena or the second prince’s faction.’


    Merria frowned as she quenched her throat.


    If it were Helena, who knew all the cleverness of Dominique, she would want to put the daughter from her prestigious family next to Dominique.


    As long as the marriage between the Crown Prince and Karina has been decided, those who want to become members of the Imperial Family would naturally become interested in Dominique.


    Even though he caused a lot of problems with women, a prince is still a prince.


    It was perfect as a means for the revival of a family, not for a husband.


    Karina, who was quietly listening to the story, gently added.


    “But, what’s bothering me is that those who claim to have recently spent the night with the prince are all nobles from neutral families.”


    “It wasn’t from the second prince faction?” Merria asked in surprise.


    Karina nodded and continued to talk.


    “It seems that there are quite a few people who are aiming for the Crown Prince, even in the Crown Prince faction and the Neutral faction.”


    In the capital, the number of nobles of the Second Prince faction was still overwhelmingly large.


    No matter how much the Grand Duke of the Empire supported Altheon, the absolute number would be less than that of Dominique’s support.


    As a result, there were already many families seeking Dominique’s position as a prince.


    Whether it was his own opinion or that of the family, most of the nobles of the Second Princes would do the same.


    Therefore, Dominique had no reason to reach out to neutralists.


    It was the same when choosing a partner for the night, and the same was true for choosing an engagement partner.


    It was more beneficial to choose one of the strong families within the second prince faction and solidify the relationship.


    And there was no way the other nobles were unaware of this situation.


    But, all of a sudden, these rumors are circulating.


    “So it’s agitation?” Merria said in a low voice.


    Lilith and Karina also did not refute as if they were on the same page.


    Although the position of the Crown Prince who returned from war seems to be growing day by day, the power of the second prince faction formed during his absence and won’t easily break down.


    There was no way for the second prince to just let the excellent crown prince embrace the nobles.


    That’s why they’re spreading rumors like this.


    If those who were wary of it passed over to the second prince side, even those who stayed still would likely be agitated.


    This incident would also have been aimed at such a gap in the second prince’s side.


    I hope it won’t happen.’


    Coming-of-Age Night was a large and commemorative banquet, so many people would attend.


    It would be best if it ended with a small incident, but it was too early to let go unless I knew how far Helena’s plan was.


    Merria emptied the glass, unable to erase the troubling thoughts off of her mind.




    In the middle of the garden of the Philotes Palace, where various flowers are in full bloom.


    Helena was staring at the tea with rose petals on it, with an indifferent expression.


    When the entrance to the garden suddenly became noisy, Helena squinted at the maid standing behind with a cold face.


    The maid, lest added to Helena’s wrath, walked silently and she headed to the source of the sound.


    Shortly after moving, the maid found Dominique walking with a feverish face.


    The maid spoke to Dominique with a mournful face, not knowing what to do.


    “Iㅡ Your Majesty. The Queen’s having tea time now…”


    “Get out of my way!”


    Dominique passed by without even paying attention to the maid.


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