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    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand

    Chapter 74.2

    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand Chapter 74.2

    Translated by Niks
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    Merria, who was immersed in thought, raised her head at the call of her name.


    She turned her gaze and saw Miolo and Lilith looking at her with puzzled faces.




    Merria blinked quickly and bit her lips.


    ‘Did I briefly doze off?’


    Merria titled and frowned.


    Recently, Merria has not slept well.


    It was because she had begun deciphering the notebook that Gaithia had left.


    Since I got a foreign language book from Serinia with a poor excuse that I was interested in it, I have often stayed up all night.


    Maybe it’s because I was overworked and wanted to provide Reukis with information as soon as possible.


    Merria shook her head vigorously to wake from her sleepiness.


    “Sorry, what did you say?”


    “Karina will be here soon, so think about where to go afterwards.”


    Lilith shrugged and replied.


    The three of them had just come to the dressing room to check the last dress they would wear on ‘Coming-of-Age Night’.


    As Coming-of-Age Night would be held over for two days, two dresses were needed per person.


    It took a long while just to try it on, so Merria was lost for a while.


    Now, Lilith and Merria’s turn were over, and Karina was waiting for the second day of the dress trial.




    Originally, they would go to ‘MIRO’ to talk before breaking up, but Merria was in a very difficult state.


    While Merria was contemplating for the answer, Karina walked out of the curtains.


    “This is the dress I’ll wear for two days. Is it okay?”


    Karina slightly turned around, with a smile.


    The cream-colored dress swayed profusely to her movements.


    It was a color that went well with Karina’s wheat-colored eyes, and she gave off a more lovely atmosphere than usual.


    Lilith immediately ran to her side and slowly circled Karina 360 degrees.


    “It’s a bit different because the color is dark, but isn’t this exactly the same?”


    As Merria tilted her head, Lilith squinted and glanced at Karina up and down.


    “Well, um… how should I say this? It kinda feels like a wedding? Should I say it’s the same?”


    Lilith’s muttering made Karina’s cheeks turn red.


    In response to Karina’s suspicious reaction, Merria added, seemingly interested in the reason behind her reaction.


    “I know. His Highness will be very nervous when he sees you.”


    When even Merria played a joke, Karina covered her cheeks with both hands and mumbled.


    “…Stop it, you guys.”


    Karina still had a fading smile, as if she didn’t like being told she looked like a bride.


    After the three of them finished trying on their dresses, of course, the place they would go after leaving the dressing room was the cafe.


    Lilith was in the midst of retelling the saga about her hunting, which she had recently started as a hobby.


    After taking a sip of hot tea, Karina suddenly spoke again.


    “Actually, on the second day of Coming-of-Age Night, I decided to announce my engagement with His Highness.”




    Merria smiled brightly and congratulated her.


    Lilith frowned, raising one of her eyebrows.


    “Why don’t you just announce your marriage instead of engagement?”


    “I think I want to do that, too.”


    Karina responded with a grumpy tone of voice.


    It was an attitude she show6 only in front of two people who knew all her love and struggles for Altheon.


    As the face and top of the Empire, the royal family’s marriage process was more complex than that of common nobility


    Among them, the inefficient procedure of marriage after prior engagement was also included.


    It was to contemplate the position she would later become one of the two masters of the Empire.


    For this reason, there were often those who didn’t become Empress or Queen who only ended their engagement.


    It was a case where corruption, which had been practiced before marriage, was revealed and disadvantaged of the family rank, or where honor was tarnished to the extent that it was irreparable.


    At least Karina doesn’t have to worry about getting caught up in that, so if it’s a relief, wouldn’t she be so lucky?


    As if this was not the case, Karina continued.


    “So, could I make a dress for you guys to wear on my engagement day?”


    She put her hands together and asked carefully.


    Seeing that Karina’s body leaned to the side, she seemed to be more curious about Lilith’s intention than Merria.


    Merria, who doesn’t have much of a passion for dresses, had already promised to wear Karina’s dress.


    Therefore, this time, the idea from Lilith with a firm taste was important.


    Lilith surprisingly seemed to favor Karina’s proposal.


    “I’ve seen something like that in a book. Dressing up and celebrating with the bride’s friends. It sounds fun, so yes!”


    She nodded gladly and said.


    Lilith would not have accepted this offer, no matter how interesting the idea was, if Karina’s aesthetic sense had not been pleasing.


    The fact that Lilith’s taste was similar to Karina seemed to have played a big role.


    Karina’s face brightened up with the permission she received more easily than expected.


    Merria asked after all the ice that had circulated in her mouth had melted.


    “You must be busy preparing for it. Could you afford to make ours?”


    “It’s okay if I only make the designs because Miolo would help me make them.”


    Karina answered confidently. As the conversation about the engagement dress faded, Lilith brought up a new topic.


    “Now that I think about it, there was a rumor that his Highness, the second prince, was deciding on an engagement partner.”


    “His Majesty Dominique?”


    Merria’s expression was distorted.



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