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    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand

    Chapter 69

    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand Chapter 69

    Translated by Niks
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    Derek, who was next to Merria every day, left the Rackester.


    Finally, it was the day that Merria would visit the Ministry of Magic.


    Based on her experience of visiting the Imperial Palace secretly with Karina last time, she informed Reukis of the date in advance for her visit today.


    Then, Reukis ignited his passion for going to the palace even on vacation days.


    If it were him, he wouldn’t even think of doing the geeky thing about going to work on his day off.


    In the carriage heading to the imperial palace, Merria watched Reukis, who was fiddling with her hand.


    Merria played with his finger and brought up the story lightly.


    “If I had known it was your day off, I would have met you in the afternoon. Working on holiday, it’s terrible.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    “It doesn’t matter because I’m visiting as the Grand Duke, not as the Commander of the knights.” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


    “You look sharp.”


    At Reukis’ firm answer, Merria responded in a playful tone.


    “Oh, Merria.”


    Suddenly, Reukis called her out.


    “Could you tell me the next time you go out to the shopping district?” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


    At his sudden suggestion, Merria’s head tilted.


    Reukis hurriedly spoke to Merria.


    “It would be nice to have an escort, but I’m stronger than the others.” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


    There was no arrogance or bravado in Reukis who spoke like that.


    ‘The sun rises in the morning’, it was an atmosphere referring to something obvious.


    He has strong swords skills and excellent control of darkness to take on the role of a knight commander.


    He was by far the most prominent knight in this Empire.


    So, he seemed uneasy that the people who guarded her, the Rackester, were protecting Meria.


    ‘What if I say I go out anytime?’ ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    No matter how great Reukis was, he could not ignore public opinion.


    So, he had to fill the number of days he went to work at the Imperial Palace to be worthy of his position as a knight commander.


    But when I see those golden eyes burning with determination…


    He was ready to ignore such things and follow Merria.


    “Then could I ask you a favor?”


    Merria gently raised one corner of her lips.


    ‘Anyway, on Reukis’ days off, we often met, and we won’t be going out for a while, so it’ll be fine.’


    Reukis continued to speak softly, as if waiting.


    “Of course. In this case, it’s also important to set the days when we go out together on a regular basis…” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


    Usually, it’s something that the person making the request should be happy about.


    Reukis was smiling the whole time as if he had achieved what he had hoped for.


    It was Merria’s idea, unaware of Reukis’ plan to increase the number of times he could stick by her side.


    While Reukis was planning smoothly, the carriage stopped in front of the Ministry of Magic in the Imperial Palace.




    A small exclamation leaked from Merria’s lips as she got off the carriage.


    The Ministry of Magic was located in the inner part of the Imperial Palace, and it was not inferior to other buildings in its grandeur.


    The building with a huge and neat impression surrounded by nature seemed to show the location of the wizards who received special treatment.


    “How did you get here?”


    As they reached the entrance, the person who appeared to be the guide approached and asked.


    Merria held out Deston’s letter.


    The staff who checked the letter guided Merria and Reukis inside.


    After passing through the polished marble floor, they soon arrived at the largest door in the hallway.


    The staff who guided them knocked on the door a couple of times.


    “Deston, you have a visitor.”


    Then the door opened automatically without anyone touching it.


    When Merria’s eyes widened and stared at the door, she heard a soft laughter from the room.


    As she tilted her head, she could see Deston, who swept his wine-colored hair neatly.


    “Welcome, Lady.”


    “Hello.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    Merria greeted with a nod and entered the room.


    “As far as I know, there’s only one client…”


    Deston, who found Reukis attached to her back, blurred the end of his speech.


    Merria shamelessly just blinked and asked.


    “Couldn’t he accompany us? I’m the only one with the request.”


    Deston, who was staring at Merria’s face disguised in innocence, shrugged lightly.


    “In principle, it’s difficult for security reasons, but for Merria it would be especially tolerated.”


    “Thank you, Lord Haster.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    “Aren’t you going to call me Deston today?”


    In an instant, Deston asked back.


    A question popped up in Merria’s mind at the premise of calling each other’s names.


    She didn’t remember repeating his name to herself in front of Deston.


    Eventually, Merria decided to change the direction of the conversation instead of answering.


    “Ah, this…”


    Merria took out the flat box that she had put in her handbag and handed it over.


    “It’s a replacement for the handkerchief that I ruined last time. I didn’t know what you liked, so I chose it on my own.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    “It doesn’t matter, but I didn’t know you’d really give me something in return.”


    Deston looked surprised and shook his head.


    “You threw it away because of me, so I have to make it up to you and compensate.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    At Merria’s words, which seemed natural, Deston smiled and accepted the box.


    “Then I’ll be grateful.”


    He came back after leaving the box of the handkerchief on his desk.


    “Was your injured finger okay?”


    Deston asked Merria as she sat down on the single sofa in the center of the table.


    “Yes. It’s not a deep wound.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    Merria sat on the sofa to the right of Deston.


    Then, Reukis, who was staring sharply at Deston, sat next to Merria.


    Merria’s narrow-minded lover wanted to squeeze into the middle and sit down between them.


    However, because of Merria’s plan, Reukis could not interfere.


    Reukis swallowed his saliva and sat tight next to Merria.


    Having completely ignored Reukis’ gaze, Deston continued leisurely.


    “I heard you asked for an interview.”


    “Yes. I’m very interested in this.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    “Then I could be a good conversation partner.”


    “Haha. Was that so?” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    Maria lightly smiled and responded back.


    The sharp gaze that emerged from the back of Merria turned towards Deston.


    From Reukis’ eyes, everything Deston was doing seemed to be nothing but a handiwork.


    He knows that he had lost on his own, but that does not mean that the objective would return.


    A friendly smile, a warm voice, and a demanding gaze.


    ‘I don’t like everything.’ ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


    Reukis shook his head tremblingly.


    Meanwhile, there was another person in this room who had lost focus.


    It was Merria who had made one mistake.


    At first, she approached without hesitation and expressed interest, which was burdensome.


    Because of that, she distanced herself from him, but after hearing about the circumstances at the academy last time, she wondered if she was overdoing it.


    Despite the agony of the two, Deston only smiled brightly.


    “Then please call me Deston comfortably.”


    “Oh…” ᴿᵉᵘᵏᶦˢ


    While Merria was choosing the answer, Reukis was sure.


    It was clear that the Count was deliberately hovering around Merria.


    At least, it was clear in Reukis’ eyes.


    It was the observation of a person who had already used the same strategy.


    Seeing that he was flirting too much, it must have been that he stole the work of another wizard.


    Reukis’ forehead narrowed further.


    Reukis, who regarded Deston as an enemy, looked at him with the spirit of breaking through his face.


    He wanted to remove this wine head from Merria’s sight as soon as possible.


    Reukis, who was attached like air next to Merria, spoke.


    “I have something to check.”


    “Oh, that’s right.”


    Hearing Reukis’ words, Merria quickly nodded.


    Merria forced herself to act cheerful with glimmering bright red eyes, thinking that she was possessed by Brana, the most immature person she had ever met.


    She spoke with her hands clasped in anticipation.


    “I think I… have the skills of a wizard.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    “Hmm… Have you manifested your magical powers?”


    Deston raised an eyebrow on an interesting subject.


    “I don’t know, but I felt it first. So I came to check on it.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    Deston shrugged h and stood up as Merria pushed recklessly on the topic.


    He came back with something from a box that was randomly placed on the desk.


    It was a transparent, flat, square-shaped object, and if you put your hand on that mirror-like object, it could measure the presence or amount of magical power.


    It’s simple to use, but not anyone could own it.


    Because that was also one of the things that wizards created.


    Those without magical power were given white light, and those with magic were red.


    The clearer the red color, the greater the amount of mana it has.


    “Put your hand up here. I’ll help you measure your mana.”


    Deston said as he held out his magic board.


    Merria hesitated for a moment, unable to raise her hand.


    This was something she had already done when Merria first discovered the power of the ring.


    Her result was ridiculously white.


    There would be nothing special this time around.


    Therefore, the part that Merria was worried about was the part that had nothing to do with mana measurement.


    ‘The test would be over right away, so somehow I have to get my hands on him…’ ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    In fact, today’s meeting was just a means to meet a wizard.


    As for the mana measurement, I was thinking of a simple yet reachable method, so I just gave this excuse.


    Now that I’m here, I thought it would have been easier to dance with Deston once.


    While she pretends to be measuring her mana, she somehow needs to touch Deston’s hand.


    ‘I’ll use a lot of the ring’s power, it can’t be helped.’


    Since it was a power that was transmitted as closely as possible, the smaller the area it touched, the more power was wasted in the air.


    Nevertheless, there was no other way than this.


    After thinking, Merria slipped her hand pretending to accept the board.


    Merria’s hand lightly touched Deston’s empty hand.


    When the blue power was released, Deston’s hand was quickly engulfed in blue light.


    Reukis quickly observed the change in Deston’s expression and grabbed the falling magic board with his hand.


    Merria also pretended to be surprised, but her gaze was on Deston.


    She didn’t look away until the end, just in case, but Deston didn’t respond.


    Rather, he smiled very casually.


    “Oh, my. The magic board almost broke into pieces.”


    Deston’s neat response did not hide Meria’s disappointment, and she replied sullenly.

    Merria couldn’t hide her disappointment and replied sullenly to the neat response of Deston.


    “…Sorry.” ᴹᵉʳʳᶦᵃ


    “No, I have several magic plates, so even if one or two are broken, it won’t hurt at all-”


    “Merria, put your hand up.”


    Leukis, who cut off Deston’s words, held out the magic board in his hand to Merria.


    Since the real purpose has already been fulfilled, it was a signal that she should pretend to return.


    Merria also had the same opinion, so she put her hand on it without sincerity.


    ‘It would turn white again anyway…’


    Merria’s eyes, who had been staring indifferently into the air, began to tremble violently.


    The magic board began to take on some intense color.


    It was neither white nor red, but a mysteriously shining purple.





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