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    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand

    Chapter 51

    I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand Chapter 51

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    Merria sat down at a table near the fountain and stared blankly at the transparent stream of water falling.


    It was the imperial palace that I had been avoiding, but the day had come when I would come on my own.


    ‘It’s something I did to live and watch for a long time.’


    If it could have been solved elsewhere, I wouldn’t have come to the palace, but unfortunately it had to be here.


    Because there was no place as strong and as many wizards gathered as the Imperial Palace.


    The reason why Merria came to the palace today was to meet a wizard.


    It was at the beginning of this that I found out that the ring worked for Reukis as well.


    Merria questioned Derek and Reukis’ ability to feel her ability unlike others.


    What makes Reukis and Derek different from other people? And what the two have in common.


    Based on the results, Merria’s only hypothesis was this.


    ‘The power of the ring responds to mana.’


    If this hypothesis fits, it would be a great help in finding the person the old woman was talking about.


    It had already been proven that it was effective for Reukis, so she had to experiment with others.


    Merria, who didn’t know much, and anyone, had no one around who she could use as her test subject.


    She couldn’t even go to see Derek, so she ended up here.


    Most of the powerful and capable wizards of the Tristan Empire belong to the Ministry of Magic of the Imperial Palace.


    Even among the excellent knights, there were often people with magical abilities, but I thought that the first thing to check was the wizards.


    However, it was rare for a noble lady who had nothing to do with magic, to suddenly visit the Ministry of Magic.


    Therefore, a plausible reason was necessary for this visit.


    The person that came to mind at that time was Karina.


    -‘His Highness asked me to go on a picnic.’


    Recalling that Altheon had previously invited Karina to the imperial palace, Merria wrote a letter to her.


    ‘I need to go to the imperial palace, and I want Karina to come with me.’


    I thought it would be better for two people to imitate a young girl who’s interested in magic than visiting alone.


    Karina readily accepted her offer.


    As a result, the two ladies entered the palace much earlier than their appointment with Altheon.


    ‘But, she brought Karina along and they refused without a chance.’


    Despite the fact that they had created a plausible appearance, the Ministry of Magic mercilessly turned down Merria.


    The reason was that, unless she was of the royal family, she had to apply for a visit in advance and come on the promised date.


    In the end, all she could do was write her name on the visitation form.


    Merria, who had lost her reason for coming to the Imperial Palace, was spending time with Karina before her appointment in the nearby garden.


    “Merria, if it’s because of me, you don’t have to wait with me.”, Karina said as she looked at Merria’s face covered in boredom.


    Her expression was so serious that the corners of Karina’s lips rose slightly.


    Merria shook her head, moving her stiffened face muscles from being absent-minded.


    “No, it’s fine I’m also waiting for Lexie.”


    “Come to think of it, where did you send her to?”


    As soon as the visit to the Ministry of Magic was canceled, Merria sent Lexie on an early errand.


    Lexie, who was quick to notice what she had originally planned, nodded and walked away.


    It was unusual for her only maid to return, so Karina wondered.


    Merria said with a bright smile.


    “I sent her to buy a bribe.”


    Karina tilted her head at her absurd remark.


    When Merria didn’t give her an explanation, Karina thought she was playing around.


    After such a short wait, Katie, who had gone to Altheon to inform him of Karina’s visit, returned.


    “Miss, His Highness said to wait for a moment because he would finish his training early. In the meantime, do you want tea?”


    Katie asked, pointing to the picnic basket on the table.


    Karina said she was going to have a picnic by the lake with Altheon today, and she brought it with her.


    If it was an ordinary lady, she wouldn’t enjoy tea in the Imperial Palace for no reason.


    This was especially possible because she was a prospective Crown Princess invited by the Crown Prince.


    When Karina made eye contact with Merria as if she was asking her opinion.


    Merria spoke quickly. “Oh. I’m fine.”


    “Then Katie should also rest.”


    Karina shrugged her shoulders and told Katie to take a seat, as if she had not thought much.


    Merria and Karina spent time exchanging stories.


    The intermittent sound of Karina’s low voice in the sunny place made Merria feel sleepy.


    Squish, squish-


    At that moment, the well-maintained lawn of the garden was disturbed, and footsteps were heard urgently approaching from behind Merria.


    Merria tilted her head as she faced Karina’s playful eyes.


    A familiar citrus scent brushed at the tip of her nose as someone approached her in an instant.


    Merria already knew who the other person was, but it was when Merria was briefly embarrassed by the unexpected meeting.




    As if begging Merria to look at him, Reukis gently brushed her platinum-blond hair.


    Merria turned her head slightly and looked at him standing right behind her.


    “Reukis? How did you know?”


    Dressed in his bath and neat robes, Reukis smoothed the ends of his hair with a somewhat sullen expression.


    Normally, he would have already answered, but for some reason, he kept his mouth shut.


    Reukis, who only fiddled with her hair with a gentle touch, looked subtly defiant.


    In the end, Merria smiled first and held his hand and sat him next to her.


    “Are you done with your work?”


    “That’s… yes, I’m done.”


    After answering honestly, Reukis realized that Merria was next to him and quickly changed his words.


    For some reason, Reukis felt like he would be sent back immediately if he told her that he ran out without finishing his training.


    “Oh, I was trying to sneak up on you while you were working.”


    Merria shook her head with a playful look.


    Reukis pondered inwardly whether he could dare to express his sadness, and said, hoping that she would understand a little bit.


    “If I had known you were coming, I would have gone to meet you right away. No, I would have taken a leave and guided you to the Imperial Palace myself.”


    At that moment, Merria seemed to understand a little what had made Reukis feel sad.


    I planned to surprise him, but Reukis seemed to enjoy waiting for my visit.


    “You’ve already been caught, so I’ll pick you up here.”




    The corners of Reukis’ eyes, which had gone down until Merria’s held his hand tightly, found his place.


    At that moment, Karina glanced at Reukis and Merria alternately with a curious look.


    It’s like the Grand Duke, who appeared with a disappointed look on his face from afar, felt relieved with a single word from his lover.


    For Karina, Reukis was a blunt young Grand Duke who often appears in Altheon’s stories.


    Or it was like an arrogant cousin.


    ‘But now what’s this… There’s no better word for him other than an obedient puppy.’


    Even though she knew it was arrogant to dare to compare the Grand Duke to a puppy.


    Looking at the two of them right now, there were no other words left to say.


    From Karina’s point of view, it was good for her to get acquainted with Reukis, a close comrade of Altheon.


    So, at this point, she decided to give Reukis the most welcoming words.


    “Oh, Lexie’s here.”


    Karina looked behind Merria.


    Merria followed her gaze and turned her head.


    Lexie, who had gone on an errand from a distance, walked over.


    With Erienne’s courier carrying a heavy box.




    When Lexie reached near the table, Karina then rose from her seat.


    Karina said as she shifted her gaze towards Reukis.


    “Oh my, it’s already time… Then I’ll have to go to His Highness. You two could talk more.”


    Merria knew that Karina still had a long way before her appointment.


    When I gave Karina a look that she didn’t have to, I heard a voice next to me this time.


    “Then you’d better get going.”


    Looking back, her lover agreed with a straight face.


    Merria was speechless for a moment, and she quietly bit her lips.


    Karina smiled as she stared at them.


    She then left for the Crown Prince’s Palace with Katie.




    Lexie, who had been waiting for the conversation to end, approached and held up the box.


    “Oh, good job.”


    “And this was the ‘Cake of the Month‘. I asked them to wrap this separately.”


    Lexie said triumphantly, and handed the box over.


    “Good job. I’ll take it.”




    Before Merria could reach her hand, someone snatched the box at the speed of an eagle.


    She tilted her head and looked up at the person who snatched it.




    “It’s a rough road…”


    Merria glanced at the pebble-free floor that lay before her eyes.


    In the meantime, Reukis shuddered, saying, “I’m only preparing so the cake wouldn’t be ruined.”


    He showed a strong will to carry it no matter what.


    It usually happened when she was accompanied by Reukis, but today the reason was especially clear.


    It was an expression of his will to chase after Merria, whom he had barely met.


    The cake box was nothing more than a means to an end.


    Merria recognized Reukis’ heart, but she broke it and asked him regardless.


    “There’s a place I want to go. Would you like to go with me?”


    “Of course.”


    Because of that, he left his training behind and came running, so he did what she asked.


    Merria looked up at him quietly and smiled.


    “I want to go to the Knights of Altairs.”






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