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    Chapter 5

    Translated by Niks

    * * *


    Time passed and the weekend came.


    As Merria got on the carriage, a sigh came out naturally.


    “How did you know like a ghost, that I was leaving today?”


    Merria asks Lilith, who was sitting next to her shamelessly.


    Merria’s plan to buy a dress alone was derailed by the quick wit of Lilith.


    Lilith shrugged lightly and replied politely.


    “We didn’t meet like yesterday, we’ve known each other since we were young, how could I not notice?”


    It was a ridiculous argument, no matter how well-noticeable Merria was.


    Going to the dress shop today was purely an impulse.


    ‘I only told Lexie that I was going out.’


    I couldn’t really understand how Lilith knew.


    Merria sat across the street and gazed at Lexie looking awkwardly out of the window.


    Could it be that the faithful Lexie has changed her mind?




    As soon as Merria called Lexie in a sharp tone, Lilith intervened.


    “Don’t bother Lexie for nothing.”


    Regardless of Lilith’s words, Lilith stared at Lexie’s swaying pupil, forcing her to turn to Merria.


    “Okay, I asked Lexie. I convinced her it was for you.”


    Lilith looked as if asking Merria if she was finished asking any further.


    It was Lexie who grew up with Merria since childhood.


    I never thought I’d choose a new dress release over the years.


    “What the hell was it about me?”


    A moment of silence lingered at Merria’s answer, then Lexie determinedly said.


    “Lady…! I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t stand it this time!”


    “No, what the hell?”


    Merria asked back to Lexie’s excessive reaction.


    Eventually, Lexie buried her face in both hands and smiled at her as if she was making a confession.


    “You’re so beautiful… I mean, I’m hoping for the lady to wear something that’s colorful, shiny, with laced decorations.”


    “That’s not a big deal. There’s a lot of choices in the dressing room.”


    Merria replied in a poignant manner.


    Lexie cried and continued with a little more courage.


    “No! Usually, you always choose only plain dresses… even when you make your debut, or when you go to a little tea party.”


    Merria blinked as if she had heard a very absurd story.


    “Of course you look good in any outfit! But I heard you’re going to the palace to find a fiance. It was as important as your debut, but I couldn’t just let it pass over, so I ask Miss Lilith..”


    That means.


    Unlike other noble ladies who are polished out of time, Lexie was frustrated to see Merria, who was trying to go to the banquet dressed roughly, eventually called Lilith to persuade her.


    Merria felt a little unfair.


    Her fashion sense was not that bad.


    The only time Merria wore an overly plain dress was when there were a lot of eyes that would look at her.


    To be precise, when she goes to a place with many nobles.


    It was inevitable for Merria.


    If I try to dress up as much as I want, a lot of attention would be drawn to me, and if I go out of the mansion there would be mishaps that would increase my social activities.


    It was something that should never happen.


    Although Lilith treated her as a fool, I thought she understood me to a certain extent because we’ve been together since we were young and even made our debut together…


    I never thought she’d joined hands with Lexie.


    Meria alternately looked at Lexie and Lilith with a subtle face.


    Lilith tried to cover up the situation with a clumsy smile.


    “The Duchess also asked me to do it. There’s no place like a big banquet to find your fiance.”


    “I was going to dress properly this time.”


    Merria shook her head with a tired expression.


    With Lexie’s intervention, it was obvious that this outing would be very exhausting.


    The carriage with three people on board quickly arrived at the busy street.


    When I went inside a little from the main road, I saw a sign saying [Miolo Dressing Room].


    “We’re here.”


    Even before the coachman’s words were over, Lexie quickly opened the carriage door and got off.




    A clear bell rang and a sophisticated woman in her 30s walked out from inside.


    “Lady Merria, Lady Lilith. It’s an honor for you to visit again.”


    “Yes, how have you been?”


    “It’s been a while, Miolo.”


    Miolo, who talked about it, greeted me a little awkwardly.


    The three followed Miolo to the VIP room inside.


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