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Your Eternal Lies

Vol. 1 Chapter 1.3


Translated by Wook
Edited by Wook


“Is the party over?”

“Of course it’s over. Commander is bringing the Witch of Al-Caféz over, how could the gentlemen and ladies be shown such a thing?”

“They’re the ones who aboard the ship to tour the prison in Monte Island in the first place. Besides, the prisoners are all women and they’re chained. I thought it would be interesting.”

“Just because geeks love weird things, doesn’t mean they enjoy confronting prisoners face-to-face. Normal people would be afraid. Not everyone in the world is as brave as you are, Sir Connor.”


Henry Leeville walked hastily while touching the muzzle of his gun located on his waist. Ian Connor still didn’t understand why Henry was on alert. It was kind of ridiculous, to be honest. Imagine a man who is as big as a bear who twitches at every little movement.


“Commander, you should not let your guard down. They say this woman might be a real witch. Was it pure luck to have successfully broken out of the jail, twice even, with those insignificant physical abilities?”


Henry whispered into Ian Connor’s ear with a serious expression, like someone who was telling a serious secret. But the voice was so loud that even I could hear everything.


Blockhead, what do you mean by luck? In fact, there are more things in the world that can’t be determined by that uncertain element called luck.


I walked slowly while pushing away the traces of party that was scattered at my feet. Confetti, musical instrument cases, wine glasses. I looked at the remaining finger foods at the table but felt like I wouldn’t be able to eat them unless I stuck my head out like a dog because my hands were still tied. There’s no way those two will unlock the chain just to let me fill my stomach.


So, I gave up and kept walking.


The sea that could be seen from the deck looked like a black dragon. A huge creature that wriggles its spine whenever the wave changes. Beautiful wasn’t really the right choice of word. Eerie and majestic explained it more accurately. If I’m going to be a prisoner again, I, at the very least, have to be a famous one. However, I never expected to see the sea in my lifetime.


The sea breeze was refreshing. Ian Connor glanced at my childish face and pulled at the chain. My breath was caught and my great mood quickly vanished. Look at this. The guards do like to ruin the prisoners’ feelings.


He glanced at my thin face and asked.


“You said you dug a cave to escape Al Caféz.”

“I did.”

“How did you dispose of the excavated soil?”

“I ate it. It was more delicious than I thought.”


Ian Connor frowned. I laughed at the joke that managed to make the stoic man felt offended for a while. Ian, who seemed like he knew the topography of Al Caféz, fell into thought and asked again.


“Did you really climb down the cliff with nothing but your body?”

“Then should I have come down with a parachute like you guys?”

“… People said you used magic. Is it true?”


At that, Henry widened his eyes and looked at me. I replied with a laugh.


“You guys are sick. Would I live like this if I were a witch? It would have been better if I was one. Then I wouldn’t have gotten caught and gotten my hands tied like this. If I could use real magic, would the higher-ups allow those tourists to board this ship?”


The last person who succeeded in breaking out of Al Caféz 36 years ago was a witch. Thus, when the news of my breakout was first reported to the press, people were convinced that I was a witch.


Decades have passed since the steam engine was invented. Train tracks were laid all over the continent, and we can now launch airplanes in the sky with the help of steam power. Magic is persecuted and science is on the rise. Even so, there are still traces of the old world. The number of witches is declining and they’re hiding in humble places, but they never truly disappear.


“Sir, it’s better to not believe it. There will only be lies coming out of that woman’s mouth. She’s able to do that much. It’s also in the data, right? When she first killed her husband and was arrested, she almost fooled the Empire’s people by crying pretending to be pitiful, and acting like she was wronged throughout the trial.”

“I can’t lie. Truly.”

“Don’t say anything anymore, Witch.”

“Whoa, guess what. If I were a witch, I would have sealed your lips right away so you couldn’t make fun of me. I would have also passed the magic test. Is Sir Connor’s lieutenant so stupid that he can’t even be convinced with objective facts?”

[Must be some kind of a test where they check whether a convict has magical abilities or not. Not explained yet.]


I glared at Henry once again. His face reddened as if feeling ashamed for refuting me. He took the chain that was held by Ian Connor and pulled it up while raising his voice.


“You, really! Don’t you know how to be polite?”


I snorted and stuck my tongue out. The whole situation was not funny at all. I saw him for the first time today, but I knew right away what kind of person he was. Henry was just like a child who turned fearless when he got angry. How did he fly the plane when he’s so hot-headed? He was so lucky to be able to survive and returned from the war. A battlefield is a place where the lives of the children who can’t control their temper served as the military’s might.


“Henry, stop and do what you’re ordered. If you can’t control your emotions once more and run rampant, I’ll report it to the top.”


Henry disappeared with his tail curled up like a depressed puppy, just like what he did when he was spirited. Only then did I learn how Henry had returned safely from the war. He listened to orders and met a competent boss.


Ian Connor pulled the chain he had taken over, so I was drawn to him. When he and I were close enough, he leaned over and looked at my face. His gray eyes ran through my head to my toes. Me, this twisty, messy mess of filth.


“Rosén Howards, the most famous prisoner in the Empire, the Witch of Al Caféz. Whether you’re a liar or an honest person, a witch or an ordinary person… I don’t care. I just want to give you some obvious facts. First of all, you are a convicted prisoner who was sentenced to life in prison in Monte Island. Second, I have been ordered to take you to the island.”

“… .”

“… Third, although there are prisoners who managed to break out of Al Caféz, no one has ever escaped Monte Island. No one can get out of there. There may be people who can climb down the cliff with their bare bodies, but nobody can cross the sea without a boat. Even if it’s a witch.”


I knew that much. I looked down at my hands in chains. Unless you’re a mermaid with gills, you cannot cross the strait without a boat. That’s why I decided to escape before arriving on the island.


“And even before you get off the island.”


I could see the cabin door opened over his shoulder, then I saw Henry approached with red lumps on an iron bowl. There was a smell of fishy blood. I watched them exchange glances without knowing the words hidden within them.


There are bones attached to the red meat. Pork? Chicken? It must be meat, but what is it?


While I was investigating the identity of the lump, Ian pulled my chain one more time. As I fell forward, I grabbed the railing and stood at the edge of the deck. The sea breeze, which felt only refreshing a little while ago, swept my back eerily. I screamed in the sense of crisis that I was about to fall.


“What are you doing!”

“Look here, Witch! Look at what kind of place the sea is.”


Henry shouted with excitement, and while whistling like a zookeeper, he poured the bloody and fishy lump from the bowl into the sea. In an instant, bubbles simmered in the dark water, and dozens of fins, each with the size of a mast, soared. The sound of teeth snapping and flesh biting was vividly audible.


The color of the water changed as the blood spread. Even if I couldn’t see it, I could feel what kind of scene was unfolding in the water.


“Giant sharks, krakens, cannibal whales, and other marine predators that have not been reported to the academic community.”


As if fed up with the blue landscape, he slowly raised me and let me drop on the deck. Then Ian Connor informed me in detail in a friendly tone, of how big, fierce, quick, and fond those creatures are of human flesh.


“The breeding season just started these few days, so everyone is starving. If you want to be a monster snack, you can take a lifeboat and go on a new adventure.”

“… .”

“Because I think you want this.”


He himself took the key off his belt and shook it in front of my eyes. I realized he had known where my gaze was going from the start. In addition, he is not a very polite person.


I guess I was mistaken. Was it because the propaganda with his trusting face that was spread endlessly during the war left such a big impression on me?


“Rosén Howards, have you changed your mind now?”

“… .”

“It would be nice if it is so.”


His face approached from one side. Straight nose, straight eyebrows, and cold eyes. It was exactly what I saw in the propaganda. However, the smile I saw in front of me was much more dazzling than the piece of paper captured… It was eerie.


Ian Connor was not a gentleman. A guard could not be a gentleman. I don’t know how it is going to be for beautiful ladies, but at least not for me. Throughout my life, I have never been treated like someone from the same footing, let alone a lady, by such people. I have always been a rat.


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Wook's notes:

So my guess is wrong. Uh, how exactly are they going to fall in love? This is still a romance genre, right?


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