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Your Eternal Lies

Vol. 1 Chapter 1.2


Translated by Wook
Edited by Wook


“Commander Connor! What are you doing?”


A man who seemed to be his lieutenant stood at the doorway with a horrified face. He seemed to be around my age, about four or five years younger than Ian Connor. A little too young to be in charge, but then again, his boss, Ian Connor, was just a little over thirty in the first place. That fact already didn’t make sense to begin with, so this new information wasn’t so surprising.


“I’m interviewing a prisoner.”

“Yes, that much is obvious, but why are you doing that? In any case, the trial is already over, so there’s no need to look further.”

“It is a proper procedure for the person in charge of the transport to identify the prisoners. This person is the prisoner we need to pay attention to the most.”

“Yes, Commander, I know that you’ve been informed of the procedures, but you don’t need to trouble yourself with things like that. Moreover, those who go to Monte Island are among the worst prisoners. It will be difficult to deal with them…”


His feet that were encased in military boots approached me in large strides. Unlike the cool and angular boss, his messy curls and drooping eyes gave quite a free-spirited impression. His gaze swept over my flaxen hair, which had been soaked in sweat and dirt, and checked my face before opening his mouth.


“Isn’t this the Witch of Al Caféz? Why are you calling and interviewing such a dangerous prisoner?”



Ian Connor was amazed as he glanced me up and down. I could tell what he was thinking just by looking at his face. My body is so skinny due to the long lack of nutrition and my face worn from not seeing the sunlight. There’s no need for him to be afraid of me. I’m tied to a chain, and even if I wield a sword, he could still defeat me with just one hand.


“She’s a jailbreaker! Haven’t you heard? Even if she looks sloppy, small and harmless, and makes you feel like you don’t need to be vigilant, she’s still a tenacious species who escaped Al Caféz. You saw the profile that I uploaded. When she was 17—“

“She killed Hindley Howards, her husband.”


After stopping the lieutenant’s words, I continued with gritted teeth.


“By stabbing him 36 times with a knife. The body was damaged beyond recognition, and the coroner affirmed that it was a crime out of resentment. Even after Hindley’s breath stopped, the killer did not stop attacking. They stabbed, stabbed, and stabbed again until they were satisfied. And I was picked up as the culprit, just because the couple had a fight the day before!”


There was silence, and I caught my breath.


“… You’re married?”

“… .”

“I didn’t do it. You’d know how common a married couple’s fight is if you’re married. If there’s a couple who have never fought before, ask them to come out and see me.”


Two pairs of eyes were pointed at me. Only the sound of the steam engine spinning and the gears of the mechanical gear rotating filled the room.


“It’s not me. I was a good wife who loves her husband. It was a robbery. I loved Hindley, but honestly, I didn’t expect to have a hundred years with him. Hindley had a lot of enemies, and he had said at one point that it wasn’t strange if he was hit by a brick on the road somewhere someday. But how could they just put me in jail without even investigating so many other suspects and ignoring everything I say?”


It was repeated several times, but the tear glands squeezed out a certain amount of water again. Salty water droplets ran down my cheeks. I knew I wasn’t an exquisite beauty, but when I cried, I looked pretty pitiful. The skinny body, the light-colored hair that seemed like watercolor painting, and the reddened eyes should immediately evoke the sympathy of others.


“Don’t cry.”


But what I received in return wasn’t even the usual comfort. The inner meaning of the words seemed close to ‘don’t squeeze out your tears because it’s disgusting’. The coldness in Ian Connor’s voice was terrifying. Realizing that the operation had failed, I quickly reaped the tears that I’ve shed.


Damn it, I can’t believe that you can’t even cry when you’re dirty. Would it have been a little different if I had a chance to wash first? Whether you’re a good guy or a bad guy, men always want the same thing. All my friends said so.


“People lie, but the evidence doesn’t lie. There is no ‘person who can’t do that’ in the world.”


However, the moment I looked up and saw our proud hero again, I had a sense of foreboding that a frivolous appearance wouldn’t work for him. Ian Connor’s expression remained unchanged this whole time.


“It doesn’t make any difference whether you were a good wife or the fact that you loved him. You are guilty as long as the judgment is made. The imperial judiciary is not so incompetent.”

“But look at this, look at my arms. See that I don’t have any muscles? Hindley was over 1 meter 80 centimeters tall. He was also a robust person. Do you honestly think I can kill Hindley?”


I instantly lifted my cuffed wrists. Even though the sleeves were not rolled up, he should’ve been able to see my forearms. However, he only pointed out the facts with dead fish-like eyes.


“No one thought that you would be able to break out of Perine and Al-Caféz.”

“… .”

“But you did it.”


Gray eyes stared straight at me. It was a cold color where sympathy didn’t have a place in it.


“The same thing applies here. Just because you’re a small and powerless woman doesn’t mean you can’t kill Hindley Howards. There are many ways. If all the evidence points to you, then you are the culprit.”

“… .”


His and my eyes met for a moment. I tried not to avoid those eyes.


“You’re lying.”

“I’m not lying! Have you been to jail? Do you know that jailbreak can be done with an upright will? I did it because it was unfair! It was unfair!”


Ian Connor ignored me. He got up, grabbed the chains that were tied to my wrist, and pulled me up roughly. His lieutenant was so proud of the cold-hearted boss and made such an irritating expression that conveyed ‘did you see his expression that seemed to say: “I’m not one who’d be fooled by your false tears”.


“Follow me.”


Ian Connor ordered. I staggered to obey the instructions. It was difficult to balance myself with the handcuffs on. As I pushed the chair back, my ankle hit the corner. The lieutenant caught me staggering, but rather than acting out of consideration, it was more like a motion that he had learned for a long time and engraved like an instinct. Having enough of my foul stench, he pushed me away, and I turned around weakly.


“Henry Leeville, the prisoner is already injured. Since we’ve caught them, we should hold onto them until the last destination. Our job is to transport the prisoners safely to Monte Island, and to injure them except in unavoidable cases—”

“I know, I know. But take a whiff of this smell! Damn, even the rotten corpses on the battlefield smelled better than this. Actually, it has been bothering me since I entered the room, but is Commander really okay with it? I was on my way to meet the fragrant ladies at the party on the deck, but I just got a feeling so I stopped by here.”

“We were not very different either on the battlefield.”

“The war is over. Besides, what do you mean we were not very different? We did hard work doing sublime things, but this woman here killed her husband while we were all affirming to save one more person! She should be grateful that she wasn’t hanged on the spot, but she broke out twice instead, wasting our manpower and even wasting taxes—”


Swearing about someone in the presence of the person in discussion is one thing. However, blaming someone for a crime and even insulting their smell is just too childish.


If anyone can’t wash for a long time, of course they’d smell. Whether it’s a woman or a man, even the beautiful ladies wearing dresses on the deck, Ian Connor, and including that lieutenant. Thus, from now on, I decided to think badly of Henry Leeville. I will also remember the name. The hatred of a human like me can’t be a stumbling block to that lieutenant’s prosperous future. Who knows if there’ll be my chance to get revenge?


I stared rigidly at Henry Leeville. At the same time, Ian Connor rebuked him.


“Be self-respecting, Henry. Don’t put your feelings on unnecessary things.”

“… .”

“Showing more hostility than necessary is as bad as showing a prisoner more favor than necessary.”


Henry immediately shut his mouth. Ian Connor soon came into my view as I looked to the bottom at his military shoes. He reached out to me as I raised my head. He had a lot of calluses, but his hands were overall more delicate than I thought. I wondered for a moment whether to just shake it off because I’m as childish as Henry Leeville.


“Of course I stink. You’re keeping me in a stinky prison cell. Who in their sane minds would call it a clean and noble room!”

“I apologize for the rudeness. He’s still learning and young. I can’t say that it doesn’t smell, but don’t take offense as people like me and him are already used to this kind of odor.”

“Sir Connor! Commander! What are you talking about?”

“Be quiet, Henry.”


It was a polite apology to a prisoner. I bit my lips and grabbed his hand to lift myself up. He soon looked through the chains that were tied to me, then dragged me and began to step out of the door.


“Keep following me. I have something to show you.”


I glared hard at his back. He’s just doing what he has to do, and he’s doing me a favor in his own way. He must be basically a good and decent person, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be hostile to him.


He is the guard, and I’m the prisoner. The two groups always hold knives behind their backs and do fierce calculations in their heads. Rat and cat fight. You are caught once you are off guard, and the moment you let your mind wander, you will miss your chance.


Breaking out is my specialty. No matter how solid the wall is, there must be a rat hole somewhere. Rats are little things, but they are creatures that are often missed because of their insignificance.


I swore while looking at Ian Connor’s white back.


I will win again this time.


Several keys were attached to his belt. Perhaps one of them can free me and the other will give me a lifeboat when he is off guard. As always.



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