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Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash

Chapter 9

Translated by JirahGem
Edited by Genie


A 5,000 cash gift!


These words made my heart flutter. I nodded with a bright face.


[Do you want to use it?]


[Use 5000 cash draw.]


Another notification board appeared in front of me. The devil was winking and waving on the spinning wheel.


‘That con man!’


I wanted to say something right away, but it was just a painting on a spinning board.


‘……Isn’t there a chance to draw a scam?’


At the moment, I had some reasonable doubt, but I shook my head.


‘No. Get rid of the negativity. Let’s only think about good things.’


Watching the spinning wheel, I swallowed my saliva.


This was in a book.


Strong aspirations become reality.


‘5,000 cash! 5,000 cash! Let’s put it to 5000 cash!’






I clenched my fist at the congratulatory comment.


‘How can you call yourself a devil, it’s not so bad…huh?’


[100 Cash Win!]


I stiffened at the words.


‘What congratulations, congratulations! Are you kidding me?!’


What do you mean, 100 cash? It’s not 1,000 cash, it’s 100 cash!


Isn’t it that the smallest amount of cash you can win?


‘In my past life, when I drew 1,000 won, 2,000 won, 5,000 won, I only got 100 won…even here!’


Who the hell is putting 100 won on these?


The rotten reality is that 500 cash rewards are much better than the 5,000 cash lottery ticket!


I fell down on the bed and shook my limbs. Whaaaaaaa!


[Your current cash is 1100 cash.]


A notification flashed in front of my eyes as if making fun of me.


‘Ha, you can’t summon a novel? Even if you try to summon a novel with 1,100 cash, you’ll hear that there’s not enough cash.’


When are we going to get 1,000 or 2,000 cash?


I touched the book cover with a wry face and raised my head.


‘Right! Come to think of it, there was an unchecked notification, right?’


When I thought so, the notification popped up.


[Additional compensation will be given because the satisfaction of the Paeraton Duke is the best.] 


[Would you like to receive additional rewards now?]




I don’t know what the additional compensation is, but I just want you to give me cash, not the right to draw.


To be honest, I didn’t expect much.


I lay on my side and looked at the notification window.


[Calculating additional rewards… Calculation complete.]


[Additional compensation 〈Novel Rental Ticket〉 is provided.]


[Would you like to summon 〈The Novel〉 using 〈The Book of Novels〉? You can rent it for 3 days from the loan date.]




I jumped out of bed.


I pushed it because it’s a novel rental ticket, but I can rent the whole book instead of buying one?


‘Oh, my God! It’s better than getting 5000 cash!’


Thank you, Duke!


Honestly, I don’t understand, but thank you for your best satisfaction!


I bowed in the direction of the duke’s office.


‘Well, then….’


I stared at the still floating notification window.


Up until now, I tried to summon 〈I will only run away from the Gold Spoon〉 but I hesitated.


“I think collecting cash would be harder than I thought….’


I’m glad the extra compensation came out well this time, but how about next time?


I was worried that the 5,000 cash lottery ticket would become 100 cash in an instant.


‘Let’s save it for now.’


I thought it would be better to leave it as an insurance because I don’t know when and what abilities would be needed.


Then, there was a knock on the door.


I quickly hid the book under the blanket. It’s hard to answer questions if someone saw how different the book looked.


Soon the door opened and the maid sisters came in.


“I’m sorry, miss. You woke up and we were all outside.”


“No, it’s ok!”


I shook my head and came down straight from the bed.


“Are you hungry? You didn’t wake up at mealtime because you slept well.”


When I heard that, my stomach growled.


“Yeah. I didn’t even know I was asleep.”


I felt awkward for some reason because I felt like I was just loafing about here. Anna nodded as if she understood as she was scratching her cheek.


“Hoo-hoo, you deserve to be tired.”


When Anna sided with me, I became confident.


That’s right. It’s worth it! Many things happened today!


Breaking the extreme quests, being interrogated, and surviving!


On top of all that, I’m a baby!


The maid sisters laughed at me, who proudly pushed out my stomach.


For a moment, however, Nancy’s mouth burst into a bomb-like voice.


“But everyone was surprised. I didn’t expect you to fall asleep on his lap.”




I turned back my head and looked at Nancy.


“Me, I fell asleep, no, on dad’s lap?!”


“Yes, you slept so comfortably.”


“Really….. I slept comfortably?”


On the Duke’s lap, not anyone else?


“At first, you nodded your head to sleep, then later he stretched out on his knee and you slept cooly.”


Wow. I really slept well.


“The office was filled with warmth after a long time. It was colder than the northern snow fields.”


“You don’t know, but everyone must have been in trouble holding back their laughter.”


No, I don’t think the men who were strangled to death would have done that.


Why did I do that?


At that moment, a bad feeling crossed my heart.


“That’s why Anna brought me here?”


Anna took me to bed, right? Please say yes.


“No. His Excellency held you and carried you away.”


Why can’t the bad feelings be wrong?


“Next time, no. Come here, Anna.”




“What if my dad finds me annoying?”


Annoying kids are hated.




Anna had a strange look on her face. Then she sat down as if she had made up her mind and made eye contact with me.


“You won’t bother His Excellency.” 


“Yeah. Did you see him call the tailor today? It’s the first time I’ve seen His Excellency looking for a tailor first. The butler is worried because it’s bothersome to measure.”


“He really loves you, Young Miss.”


Each of my maid sisters consoled me. Everyone looked exactly the same as Anna.


‘I shouldn’t have said that.’


‘It’s not because I’m thirsty for my dad’s love.’


‘I was sorry that I made you all worry about me for no reason.’


“I’m really okay!”


I’m saying it more brightly on purpose, but somehow my sisters’ faces grew more distorted. 


Anna took my hand carefully.


“His Excellency…it’s because he is so clumsy.”


“No, I really–“


“It’s hard to understand. I didn’t know about it while working at the duke’s house for several years. But now I think he is clumsy.”


It was an ambiguous statement, but the more I spoke, the more confident Anna’s face became. She is just like a person who is now enlightened.


“I thought he was a perfect person without any gaps. He doesn’t need anyone at all, and those who need other people wouldn’t understand….”


That’s not perfect.


My lips moved slightly, but I couldn’t say the words.


“But when I saw how he treats the Young Miss, I realized. He’s just clumsy.”


“Did you see him treating me?”




“That’s right. I keep seeing things I’ve never seen before while working in a Duke’s house.”


“Actually, it’s also funny to see myself talking with the Young Miss like this.”


“Because all peasants are different from ordinary people….”


“Are you different from the average person?”


Anna was embarrassed by my question and gave others a hint.


I pretended not to know when I saw the maid sisters who hurriedly shut their mouths.


“Why? What’s the difference?”


“Oh, what do you mean? It means you’re special.”


“That’s right. A great family like this can’t be common!”


I squinted at the sight of the awkwardly smiling maids.


‘There’s something. The Duke of Paeraton is not an ordinary Duke.’


But the maid sisters seemed to have no intention of telling me.


“Well, it’s wrong for your family to talk to the baby about nonsense.”


Especially if it’s a bad word.


I changed my words when I saw my sisters with a troubled complexion.


“I’m hungry!”


The maids and sisters laughed as if they were relieved. As I watched Nancy’s back looking for food, I thought to myself.


‘Hmm, I need to find out about the Duke.’


It seemed this was not a normal family.


Chapter 3. Rofan readers do not accept sweet potatoes


-Marquis Tarenka, temple hall.-


“Y-you’re going to recover your investment! What do you mean all of a sudden?!”


Marquis Tarenka looked at the old man in embarrassment.


“Don’t you know the reason better?”


“…I don’t know what you mean.”


“I suppose so.”


The old man snorted coldly without any agitation.


Marquis Tarenka clenched his teeth.


“No matter how much the Duke of Paeraton is, he can’t unilaterally withdraw the investment! Didn’t you stamp the contract clearly?”


“You think I know that? I’m here today to give you all the examples of your father, the Marquis of the previous generation.”


When he finished speaking, the Duke of Paeraton rose from the sofa.


“Great tea.”




The Marquis of Tarenka tried to catch the Duke of Paeraton, but it was useless.


‘Damn it.’


Damn it, damn it!


Marquis of Tarenka, who was left alone, swept his hands roughly over his hot, burning face.




Then the door burst open and the lieutenant came in.


“What’s the matter?!”


“That.. I was going to close the deal at Star. I got a call-.”




A loud rupture sounded even before the talk was finished.


Marquis of Tarenka, who threw the glass, glared at the aide with burning eyes.


“A… Again! Blocked?”


“Yes, Marquis.”


“Wasn’t Star the last remaining client?”




“For God’s sake!”




It was when the Marquis hit the table with two fists.


“Marquis, Marquis Cherodel has sent us an official letter.”


The butler came into the drawing room with the papers.




The Marquis, who snatched the documents from the butler’s hand, quickly read the letter.


The Marquis of Sherodel also said he would withdraw his investment. It also means that if an agreement is impossible, the court will proceed with the lawsuit.




The letter was badly crumpled in the grasp of the Marquis of Tarenka.


Even investors are trying to retrieve their funds when all their clients have been cut off.


“What happened to the request of the Bank of Gallion?”




“How could this be? It’s already been five years since I became Marquis! But…!”


It is time to be relaxed, and use the personal connections that have been established that had become solid.


‘But at the hands of the Duke of Paeraton, I fell down like this…..!’


There was a sharp tooth.


Shortly after the Duke of Paeraton came and took his daughter back, the funding for the Marquis Tarenka began to be blocked.


‘I never thought I’d be like this because of a bitch who’s not even my own blood!’


That’s absurd.


‘No, no. Not because of that dirty illegitimate bitch.’


It is impossible not to know that the duke is cold and she is not my daughter.


‘It’s only about the pride of the Duke.’


In any case, that bitch has Paeraton as her surname.


However, since I saw myself being so honored, I am retaliating for the honor of Paereaton.


‘I never expected the Duke of Paeraton to come back that day.’


At least I thought the Duke couldn’t return until the war was over.


“Well, I think I have to sort out a few businesses first. It’s difficult to maintain it now. Besides, it’s also difficult to withhold the mana stone mining business…..”


The aide said carefully.


“If I postpone the mining, other investors will also back out! I’m sure the big names are going to be shaken!”


The shouting Marquis stopped.


Is it really a coincidence that all the big names who invested in the mana stone mining business are backing out so suddenly?


In addition, the Duke of Paeraton responded that he would know the reason better.


‘I heard a lie that the Duke Paeraton invested!’


But that can’t be true.


It was said that the Duke of Paeraton had secretly invested in only a few big players.


The Marquis even showed evidence using child support checks, so potential investors believed their words.


It required a thorough silence, and they also wanted to increase my dividend, so they didn’t tell anyone about it.


‘How the hell did it leak?’


No matter how hard I looked back, there was no way.


‘Damn, even if I could have used the family’s property…!’


Due to Tarenka’s special situation, the Marquis was not authorized to lend the family property.


The Marquis screamed, roughly sweeping his face.


“Listen, everybody. What’s happening now should never get to my father’s ears!”


It was fortunate that his father, the predecessor Marquis, was stuck in the estate and was living in the estate.


If he finds out about this,  Tarenka may not just end up short of money.


‘Oh, my God, we have to fix it somehow…..’


He raised his head and shouted.


“Tie, bring Tie in!”




Not long after the butler left, Clatier came in.


He welcomes her with a bright smile as usual, contrary to the disorganized atmosphere of the Marquis.




An angelic child ran toward the Marquis.


“Oh, yeah. My daughter. Don’t you want to see your cousin?”




“Go to the Duke of Paeraton and see how she’s doing.”


“Huh? Why me?”


Clatier tilted her head. Even if he wants to see her, shouldn’t he go instead of her?


“She’s not just your cousin, even though she is a little short. You are as big as a sister.”


“Sisters. She and I?”


Clatier’s brows frown.


“It’s a figure of speech. And even sisters are not all the same.”




Clatier pouted her lips.


Clatier’s birthday party, which was supposed to be the happiest, was ruined in a moment by her cousin in an instant.


It hurt her young pride and angered her to hear that the brat who ruined the party was not anyone, but her younger cousin.


“If she wants to see me, she should come and see me!”


Why should I care about that kid first? The person who goes to see the other first, loses.


‘She’s the one who supports me, not the one I should have to care about.’


“Don’t do that and go see her. It must be hard to spend time without our Tie.”


“That’s enough!”


“Of course, she is going, but even if she wants to go, she will not be able to go? Will the Duke of Paeraton accept her request?”




Clatier was lost in thought at the words of the gently soothing Marquis of Tarenka.


‘Well, she’s gonna miss me again. She can’t live without me.’


A child who was hated by everyone.


‘I’m the only one who treated such a child well.’


“I can’t help it. I have no choice but to go first.”


Clatier admired her sweet and considerate decision.


‘How good am I?’


“Yes! That’s my daughter.”


The Marquis stroked Clatier’s head and asked.


“Take a look at how she’s doing. Let’s see what the Duke’s atmosphere is like.”


“Okay. She’ll be surprised if I go, right?”


‘How are you living?’


‘You’ll be very happy if I visit you.’


Clatier smiled like an angel.


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