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Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash

Chapter 6

Translated by JirahGem
Edited by Genie


It was surprising that the Duke, who had never visited me, asked me to have breakfast together.


‘Well, that’s uncomfortable. Should I pretend to have a stomach ache?’


The other day, I remembered the Duke staring at me so hard when we were having a meal.


‘No! This is an opportunity!’


The more you look at me, the more you will be attached.


‘I have to get used to the Duke, too!’


“Good morning, Dad!”


I entered the dining hall and greeted him vigorously.


The Duke did not answer.


I went to my seat bravely.


“Wow, that looks delicious!”


I said without seeing the food properly because of the awkwardness, but on the table there was really delicious-looking food.


“Thank you, Dad. Enjoy your meal, too!”


Hik Hik. Even though there is no reply coming back, I still won’t give up.


Ignoring me this much isn’t much to you, huh.


I grabbed a fork and ate sausages, scrambled eggs, and fresh seasonal fruits and salads.


Everything was really delicious.


Even though it is a very basic breakfast, the level is different from common plating and taste.


I thought that I was being compensated for not eating and growing up in the Marquis of Tarenka.


But the most delicious thing was the custard pudding, which was also served as dessert.


I quickly ate it, and I was licking my sundae spoon, but something was in front of me.


“Eat this.”


He gave me his custard pudding that he’d barely touched.


I looked up at the Duke.


Oh, So— You think I like this one, so you gave it to me, right?


As if he hadn’t given the pudding to me, he was reading the newspaper over a cup of tea.


That cold, sharp face.


Why do you look at the newspaper now after looking awkwardly at people?


‘I thought you were ignoring me.’




I swung at the middle of the pudding with a spoon.


Looking at the soft pudding, something seemed to wave in my mind.


I glanced at the Duke.


I don’t think it’s right to ask him to take a bite….


I don’t know if I’m really his daughter or not.


‘What? Why am I thinking about it? Whether it works or not, I’ll give it a try. As I mentioned, I need to build up this affection.’


I shouted that in my mind, but my hands didn’t budge and I just wiggled my fingers.


Gulp, I couldn’t give the Duke his pudding back and took it to my mouth.


‘….I don’t know if I’ve ever had a dad.’


“—Thank you for the meal.”


Instead of pudding, I muttered those words only.




It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten the pudding that the Duke of Paeraton gave me.


I still can’t leave the dining hall.




Because the Duke won’t get up from his seat and is staring at me.


I couldn’t help but sit still because I couldn’t get up alone.


At that time, the Duke’s elegant lips opened slowly.


“…Why won’t you cling?”




Cling? What the hell do you mean?


Why are you looking at me when you seem to be talking to yourself?


As I was tilting my head, the Duke frowned and stood up.


And he hurriedly approached and lifted me up.




What? What is this?


I was stopped from leaving by the Duke but he picked me up and headed to his office.


‘What do you want to do with me?’


Maybe that’s why we had breakfast together.


Come to think of it, the Duke was already in the mansion when I woke up.


‘Did you purposely wait for me today without going out?’


‘What the hell are you going to talk to me about?’


My mouth was dry from the nervousness.


As expected, the Duke who arrived at the office sat me on his lap and…. looked at his documents.


Yeah, the papers.


‘No, that’s not it!’


I moved my arms and legs.


Regardless of whether I wiggled or not, the Duke only signed the papers with a smooth stroke.




I’m not so blind either.


Since yesterday, you haven’t even bothered me, but you’ve been carrying me around like chewing gum stuck to you without even paying attention to me?


I didn’t mean to—.


‘Is it because I really don’t like being unfamiliar with you or because I’ll be stuck in the future with you…..?’


No, I’ve been betrayed so many times.


There’s no other reason than that, is there?


It’s not like you’re carrying me around and harming me. (Although your expression is cold.)


You gave me pudding. (Your expression is still cold.)


For some reason, my heart became soft like a pudding drizzled with caramel syrup.


I felt a heat on my cheeks.


Oh, what am I thinking.


It was awkward for no reason, so I touched my fingertips and then curled my toes.


Uh, well, no, my plan worked.


I said I would see him often and make him feel good.


So it’s good for me, and I’d like to keep this momentum going, but…


—Why am I so shy?


‘No, No. I have a lot of work to do today!’


I need to search for information about the medium!


I was just thinking about what to do, but now I feel like I want to run away.


‘No. Why am I thinking about running away? I need to search for the medium!’


At that time, I heard a cool voice above me. “What’s going on?”


I looked up and saw the Duke looking down at me. He must have been worried because I wriggled thinking about this and that.


I thought for a bit, wonderin what to say. 


‘Hmmm, let’s think of something!’


“I want to see some beautiful things.”


 But my lips answered quickly, ‘This mouth!’.


The Duke arched one eyebrow. His eyes turned to Anna.


Anna, who was standing in the corner of the room like a signpost, took a step forward and held my hand politely.


“Today, Young Miss was going to take a look at the treasure room.”


Ugh, how can you answer like that! What if He asks me why I’m going to the room where he keeps his family treasure ?


“You dirty thief!” 


In my mind the voice of Marquis Tarenka hits me like a thunderbolt. ‘Don’t tell me you’re gonna beat me up?’


Though I know he wouldn’t do that, my limbs collapsed. The Duke lifted me from his lap without any reaction. And he just walks to the door.




Three times I’ve been carried in the arms of the Duke, I’ll see how things are going.


The Duke of Paeraton is taking me to the treasure room.




‘Really? Can I really see it?’


‘It’s only been a while since I’ve been here. Can you really show it to me just like this?’


Besides, the documents are stacked up . I looked at the pile of papers on the desk over the Duke’s shoulder.


‘…..Now that I think about it…I think he’s a good person after all.’


He’s cold on the outside, but he is kind.


‘Is this what they call a ‘fast development relationship’?’


No, what am I thinking?


I looked up at the Duke’s face as I leaned on his shoulder.


A stiff, well-rounded face.




Not the main villain like Marquis Tarenka, but number two. ‘Maybe he’s a villain who is actually a good person’.


How naive and stupid!


This world, the world of Rofan, is not that easy!


It’s common sense that you should know if you’re a Rofan reader. In fact, haven’t you been disappointed and discouraged a lot?


‘Watch out for the back of your head! Don’t forget!’


The letters in the quest window were vague.


I loosened my tense shoulders and relaxed myself into his firm arms.






I was amazed by the dark room. The light, falling from above, reflected on the walls like they were made of crystal and the floor was neatly carved.


In the dark room, the emblems of the Dukedom were splendidly embroidered with gold and silver threads, and the room was filled with a majestic and medieval air unique to undisturbed museums. 


I even felt like I needed to breathe carefully. Time seemed to have stopped here.


‘So this is what they called the holy treasure room…’


It felt sacred even though it was dark to match its masters. It’s not just a room for expensive things, it’s a place of myths, legends, and history. It’s not just a treasure room. It’s a trophy room?


In fact, rather than famous paintings and sculptures, there were many relics that seemed to have histories, such as swords and shields, armor, the Holy Grail and Rosario.


Forgetting my original purpose because of the overwhelming sight, I blankly looked around the displayed treasure along the wall of the round room, and my eyes stopped in one place.


A gorgeous thing made of ivory and gold that sits alone in the middle of the room.


On top of it was a glass tube. From the arrangement and the careful handling, it looked like it was the most precious item in the room.


‘What was in there?’


As I shifted my head out of curiosity, the Duke walked forward.




As I watched the glass tube closely, my expectation increased.


‘The heart of the dragon full of mana?’


‘The tears of mermaids living in the sea?’


‘The fruits of salvation containing the power of God?’


‘Or, a godstone embedded in the sword of a warrior?’


All sorts of fantasy treasures came to my mind.


I don’t know what it is, but it’s such a beautiful treasure that it takes people’s breath away!


Even the exterior is so luxurious.


And when I arrived in front of it…


“This is…? “


I let out a deep sigh.


In the glass tube, there was an old book that would crumble if touched.


The condition was so serious that I didn’t even know what the color was.


‘No, of course you would have old books, too, huh.’


Though I thought it could be a historically important book, it was eye catching, compared to the other objects in the room.


‘Now that I’ve seen it, is there any summoning medium among these… Heuk!’


I swallowed my breath as the thought passed through my head.


What did the notification window tell me?


Reader, he said.


And what did he say while explaining Rush & Cash?


He said it was the right ability for me.


Well, then…


‘That’s it.’


Strangely, I was strongly convinced.


It’s just one possibility, and I think that’s for sure.


‘But how do I get that?’


It’s hard to touch it because it’s in a glass tube. Hmm.


“Dad, what is this book?”


“It’s a seal book.”


‘What do you mean, a seal? Is it that a Devil that you sealed?’


You should be able to trust that devil.


Then, suddenly, the Duke tightened his hand that held me.


Naturally, I was pulled into his broad chest.




I looked up at him curiously, and the assistant behind me smiled kindly and said to me.


“It’s okay, Young Miss. It’s a seal, but now nothing is sealed. So you don’t have to be so scared.”


Well, it seems you misunderstood my expression.


‘……and then….why dids the Duke?’


Is that why he hugged me more tightly?


‘Anyway, I’m glad the devil isn’t sealed.’


“If there’s nothing, why do you keep it here?”


“It is because it is the item that aided the first Duke.”


I opened my eyes wide and admired the Duke’s words.


“Wow, that’s very old. It’s amazing…Can I touch it?”




The Duke of Paeraton was speechless.


“I can’t?”


The Duke’s cold eyes did not budge.


Tsk. I knew it wouldn’t work. I had to try it once.


“Haha, Young Miss. It’s because the preservation condition is not good.”


You don’t have to console me like that, Mr. Assistant.




I don’t think it’s easy to give it to me. Maybe I should just give up-


[An unexpected quest occurred!]


A notification appeared as soon as I thought-


The quest window pops up.


< Best Filial Piety >


[The best filial piety (1)]


Reader, you have a surprising feeling! Or is it because you are the contractor of the great Afthanes?


Congratulations on the discovery of 〈Summon Medium〉!


However to really survive, bigger challenges await.


There are mountains to climb and seas to cross! 


You don’t want to be talking about giving up, or even think about it before you try, right?


Be quick! If you are a true Rofan reader, you should aim for rapid deployment!


Don’t choose just any means or methods to get what you want. Conquer and win!


Rofan readers don’t fall back in this situation!


Show me your ability!


-Condition: Persuade the Duke of Paeraton


Acquired 〈Summon Medium〉.


-Reward: 5,000 Cash Draw Ticket


-Quest rejection penalty: Death


-Quest Failure Penalty: Death


‘This crazy……!’


What rapid deployment, you Devil! My life is more precious than anything else! I have to be careful!


‘Honestly, I don’t know how.’


I was just going to say no, but the “Rejection Penalty.” caught my eye.


‘Lose your life?’


I’ve dropped the novel a few times, but if it’s life…


‘It doesn’t mean that I’m going to lose my life. It won’t be, so yeah.’


I want to deny it, but I think that I was right.


Death if you reject and death if you fail!


‘This Devil!’


I didn’t want to believe it either.


I read the words written with tears in my eyes.


-Quest acceptance benefit: Hints will be activated.


Are you giving a wound and then medicine?


(T/N: to say something hurtful to someone and then say something nice to cover it up.)


I wanted to argue, but thank you.


I didn’t know how to persuade that cold Duke, so I was desperate for a clue.


‘But the hint is activated. Is there something like an option? Or maybe it’s like a favor?’


But, I’m glad there’s a hint anyway.


‘If there’s a hint, I’d better take a look at it now!’


[You have accepted the quest.]


[As a benefit, hints are activated while the quest is in progress.]


‘All right! Give me a hint! I chose a hint!’


I’m looking at the Duke with excitement-




I had no choice but to open my mouth.


No, that, the Duke……. The Duke’s face is strange. There’s something weird about it, but…


‘Why does the Duke have a heart drawn on his cheek……?’


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