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Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash

Chapter 5

Translated by JirahGem
Edited by Genie


Wait. Did I see something absurd because I did something that was too shocking? I stared, but the words remained the same.


As that shock faded away, I had no choice but to believe that this was not an illusion. 




How could I forget that name? It’s the name of the demon, that fraud who did this to me.


[Don’t worry, I’m not only going to give you a special reincarnation, but I’ll also give you an ability.]


I can still remember that annoying voice years later.


You said I would be capable, but all I got was Rush and Cash!


It’s name seemed to imply it was a disgraceful ability of attracting private loans.


I cursed him because he is a scammer for giving me a crap ability, when it is better not to have this ability at all.


The words kept popping up, but I couldn’t read it anymore.


“Like a baby… Do you mean, it’s soft?”


Said Duke Paeraton in a very low voice.


D-did, D-did I say it out loud?


I trembled without saying anything. Should I just bite my tongue and die here?


The Duke’s red eyes glared at me as if he was about to eat me. Gulp.




The Duke set me down on his lap.




I thought you were going to throw me right away. 


It was fortunate…. I glanced at him sneakily and held my anxiously beating heart.




The Duke poked me in the cheek.


……What is it?


Poke, poke.


He keeps poking.


I’m skinny, but I’m a baby, so I still had traces of baby fat on my cheeks.


I looked at the Duke who touched my cheek with an expressionless face. Gulp. I swallowed my breath.


Is the tyrant starting to become an idiot fan of his daughter?!


That’s what my long experience with Rofan is saying.


It’s good to see you’re poking your baby’s cheeks.


I’m sure you think I’m cute even a little—


“You look like an angry puffer fish.”


— bit. There is no way he doesn’t think I’m not cute.


Damn, I had false expectations.


As a reader, I wanted to shout, ‘This is an unusual reaction!’ But seeing the Duke’s face in front of me, I shut that instinct.


Looking at those bloody eyes, it seems as if I look away, I could die, so just hold on.


A puffer fish has a poison. I had a sullen expression on my face but I had no choice but to let the Duke’s poke my face.


I thought I was about to be kicked out, but surprisingly the Duke kept me on his lap.


I could be alone after having an upsetting dinner with the Duke staring at me.


“Wash up.”


Said the Duke after he escorted me to my room.


But I’m already clean?!


I raised my arms. Sniff. I checked – I smelled nice, like fruits.


But why did you take me in after all this time?


“It’s strange. I haven’t seen my dad in the meantime.” 


“So you’re going to stay with him now. I said you have to stick together in order to get familiar with one another!”


Is it because of what I said? No way. I’m going to get a stomach ache again. I put on a smile and follow the maids into the bathroom. Right now I have something more important to worry about the Duke’s intentions.


Chapter 2. Rofan Readers are Looking for Fast Development.


After taking a bath and drying my hair, I climbed up the bed.


All right.


I’m finally alone.


But why did the maids hesitate?


I was worried about the behavior I observed when I said good bye to the maids.


Normally they’d ask me what’s going on, or they’d have waited until I brought it up—


Something else is more important right now!


Like a hologram, the letters came to my mind.


Ugh, I didn’t finish reading it.


As I began to pay attention to the Duke, the notification window with the letters disappeared.


Should I have ignored the Duke and read it then? Can’t I call it back?


As I thought about it, the notification window popped back up.


[You have unconfirmed alerts. Do you want to check it out?]


Uhh, can I just answer this?




Then a window appeared


[Ability <Rush and Cash> *Disabled*]


[Dear Reader! This is what I promised you! I didn’t expect it to take so long for you to meet these conditions. It was rather easy.]


[Don’t tell me you’ve been cursing the good <Aphanes> for a fraudulent contract?]


It was a painful message for me, who used to curse the devil as a swindler every day.


No, I don’t think it was easy in the first place.


And I still don’t know exactly what the terms are.


Don’t tell me I’m supposed to do cute things to the Duke’s cheeks.


[It’s a perfect fit for you, so I hope you use it well! ]


[Ability rank: F]


[-Ability effects: You can summon romance fantasy novels that you’ve read using Cash.]


[You can extract and use the power of the heroine from the summoned novel.]


[*The extraction is random.]


[!CAUTION: Currently there is no <Summon Medium>, so it cannot be used.]


“What is this….?”


So, I can summon the novel I’ve read, and use the heroine’s powers?


“Isn’t this so cool?”


The power of the many Rofan heroines passed through my head.


Survival is no longer a problem if I can use all of those abilities. I can conquer the world!




All of the days I have spent in the gutter, now I can say good-bye to them!


I raised my hands up and jumped on the bed.


By the way, what are cash and summoning mediums?


Suddenly I felt uneasy.


The name of this ability is Rush and Cash.


To be honest, it wasn’t a name that made me think of a fun and beautiful future.


[A new quest has arrived]


Then, a new window appeared with the notification.




Reader, are you celebrating your ability?


How naive and stupid!


This world, the world of Rofan, is not that easy!


It’s common sense that you should know if you’re a Rofan reader. In fact, haven’t you been disappointed and discouraged a lot?


Watch out for the back of your head! 


Don’t forget!


Your ability is not yet complete.


A true Rofan reader has to be suspicious of what others feed her.


Demonstrate value by completing your abilities on your own.


-Quest: Acquire <Summon Medium>


-Reward: 500 Cash


“No, why the hell is this phrase like this?”


Are you shooting me now?


This is ridiculous.


Especially today, I’ve been poked in the cheek. As much as I drank kimchi soup, I thought that the tyrant would be a daughter fool. T/N: ‘as much as I drank kimchi soup’ is a Korean slang, means she’s pretty sure about the fact that the tyrant would be a daughter fool.




“Even if I couldn’t use it, you should’ve told me sooner!”


[You have accepted the Quest.]


“Okay, but where do I get the summoning medium?”


An object that can summon something, which is a connection point.


Usually, in Rofan novels these items are extremely valuable.


A national treasure of the Empire. The properties of a temple. A tower treasure. Or a family heirloom that has been handed down from generation to generation.


Hmm, is the Duke’s heirloom the first thing I should search for?


It would be nice for it to be here because, as a kid, it’s hard to search other places.


…But even if it’s here, it’s still a problem.


Can I really ask the Duke of Paeraton for the family’s treasure?


My body trembled when I remembered the Duke’s cold and insensitive face staring at me.


Well, it may not be possible to have a summoning medium without the heirloom.


I tried to console myself.


First, let’s take a look at the Duke’s family treasure.


When I wake up in the morning…..




A big yawn came out as if my mouth was torn.


Well, I have to make a plan—


I rubbed my eyes, but what I saw still was faint and unclear.


In Marquis Tarenka’s place, I could only get a little sleep and work.


Now, after taking a bath, my body is warm, my bed is cozy, my stomach is full, and I couldn’t get through it.


I laid down in the middle of the large bed, not knowing when I fell asleep.




Chirp, Chirp.


The birds are chirping.


Is it morning already?


Today, a surprisingly colorful ceiling welcomed me.


While yawning and stretching, the door opened and the maids came in.


“Did you cough, Young Miss?”




When I got up from the bed, a blanket fell down from my lap.




I think I fell asleep in the middle of this huge bed without covering myself with a blanket. Now I’m on the side of the bed, and it seems like I slept on a pillow with the furnace on.


“Did Anna cover me with a blanket?”


Anna answered my question with a questionable expression.


“No, we didn’t come in when Young Miss was sleeping. You’re in the same condition as when you fell asleep.” 


Well, I guess I crawled to the side of the bed in my sleep. 


I’m too embarrassed to question any further, but I think the maids covered me up because of my rough sleeping habits.


I jumped off the bed. I tried to go straight to the dressing room, but stopped.


“Oh, good morning, sisters!”


As soon as I greeted the maids, their faces became softer.


“Good morning, Young Miss.”


“Hehe, I’ll comb your hair.”


Good, good.


Surely the atmosphere is much better than before.


I put on the clothes Nancy had chosen and left Anna to groom my hair, pretending not to know anything. 


“Wow, this one is so pretty! It’s shiny!”


As I pointed to the brooch on the chest of the dress and spoke, the maids laughed softly.


“It’s pretty, right? It goes well with Young Miss’ eye color.”


“Would you like a similar hairpin? I’m sure you’ll look cute.”


“Ummm… But it looks too expensive.”


I waved off their offer with a sullen look. 


“Oh my….”


Anna covered her mouth with an embarrassed face. Nancy clenched her fist and shouted as if she was angry.


“What do you mean? The Youngest Miss is the only daughter of Duke Paeraton! You can do anything you like.”


“I can do anything I want.. But isn’t that too much…?” 


I whispered to the maids who comforted me.


“Right, then, is there a room where the Duke has a shiny collection?”


Try not to look like a thief that is after a family treasure— well, actually it’s right— ask for it as naive as possible.


“Of course. There are a lot of such rooms. There’s more in the Duke’s Castle on the estate.”


I see, there are a lot.


Come to think of it, the Duke is rich.


I tried to tell them what I want to see, but how to do it? I have to go to the room with the heirloom, not the other luxurious items here…


“Would you like to take a look?”


“Ye-yeah. When I was in Sister Tie’s place, if I asked for something like that, I would get beaten…. Am I allowed to see such pretty things?”


I glanced at my maids as they were mumbling.


If I appeal like this, I think they’ll show me the best room.


Well, it wasn’t a lie.


“You dirty thief….! Why are you snooping around here?! What are you trying to steal? A bad girl like you needs to be beaten to get any sense!”


While I was cleaning the corridor, I once went near the Marquis’ treasure room. Then I was whipped on the spot by the Marquis with a belt.


It was the Marquis himself who ordered me to clean the corridor, and I didn’t even know that a treasure room was there.


No, no, don’t think of anything depressing. I got out of that house, and there’s no one here who’ll hit me!


As I looked up, the maids were looking at me half as if they were about to cry and half as if they were about to explode.


Why do you look like that?


“Don’t make that face.”


How was my expression? The maids’ expressions were weirder….


Anna reached out to me and paused after scooping me up.


What is it? Nancy gave me a big hug for some reason.


“Nancy, what happen—”


“Our Young Miss, she’s so small and young…. and she’s still a baby….”


Anna’s frightened words were interrupted by Nancy’s cry.


I patted Nancy on the back.


“I’m fine! There are two older sisters who worry about me like this!”


Saying with a big smile, another maid hugged me saying, “Young Miss!”


I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life…. Well, it’s not a bad feeling.




Anna paused when she saw I was smiling while surrounded by them. She stretched out her hand to me as if she had made up her mind.


Her warm palms swept down my hair.


Well, I like this feeling.


Anna’s face was also gleaming with a smile.




“Miss will see the Duke’s treasures, which should be the best treasures! If you’re going to see it, let’s go to the sacred room enclosing the heirloom.”


Nancy’s shout made the other maids nod their heads vigorously.


“It’s more valuable than anything owned by Marquis Tarenka! Compared to the Duke’s, the Marquis’s treasure room was boring.”


“Can I just go there?”


“Yes, it’s a room that keeps the Duke’s treasures and heirloom. Of course Young Miss has the right to enter as the Duke’s direct line.”


“You must get permission from the Duke to take out the heirlooms.”


Ugh, I guess so. I can’t go there as I like.


You can check if there is a summoning medium among the heirlooms in the Duke Paeraton’s treasure room.


Then let’s eat breakfast quickly and go there right away.


It was then.


Knock, knock. 


The butler came in with a knock on the door.


I was a little surprised because the butler came to my room only on the first day I arrived here.


What could it be?


“Young Miss, the Duke has asked you to join him for breakfast.”


You want to have breakfast with me?


All of a sudden?


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