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    Translated by JirahGem
    Edited by Genie



    [Summon the novel <How to Flirt with 10 Men in a Reverse Harem World>.]




    The book rolled over, making a sound like a bird’s wing.


    As the book rises in the air, letters are engraved on the bright white page.




    The scene right out of a magical fairy tale made me unknowingly exclaim.


    Whoosh, tak.


    The book that went to the last page was closed and settled in my hand.


    “Is it summoned?”


    As I opened the front page of the book, I noticed the title and the letters written on it.


    “It’s written here.”


    Is this also a patch?


    At least, there seemed to be no doubt that I had a book written in strange letters.


    Reading the beginning of the novel made me feel new.


    “Ha……I didn’t expect to summon this novel.”


    There are so many interesting novels that I want to recall and read again.


    But it was never as much as this novel.




    “I can’t believe you never kissed anyone when you picked up ten men! Isn’t that the worst novel ever?”


    Of course I dropped it.


    “No matter how old I am, isn’t it too much?”


    Did I want a lot?


    You can kiss at all ages!


    “At least in the last episode, I thought there would be a kiss…….”


    I dropped it immediately, thanks to the comment that wrote there was no kiss.


    “I think this novel will help now.”


    I’ve lived a very long life.


    It’s funny to think like this when you’re a four-year-old who’s only lived for three years.


    “I summoned him. How do I use this ability?”


    At the words, a window appeared as if he had waited.


    [Do you want to use the attribute <Rush and Cash> to extract the ability of the female character in <The Novel>? ]




    [Extract ability.]


    [There are 5 abilities that can be extracted from the current novel.]


    From the open book a cluster of light, like grains of sand, flowed out.


    The clusters of light swam in the air, then swirled in small spirals and began to merge into five beams of light.


    All the lights eventually became five lights.


    As the light disappeared, something appeared in their place.


    A pink jewel with wings and delicately polished with a heart cut.


    It was the same shape as the emblem on the cover of the book.


    The difference was the color of jewelry.


    [There is only one ability available for your current rating.]


    [Please pick one of the extracted abilities.]


    ‘Oh, that’s right. This is also a draw.’


    Cash, penalty, and ability are all random.


    It was a characteristic that is full of gambling.


    “What if I pick the wrong one? I have to pull out that ability……”


    I purposely summoned the worst novel that doesn’t show a kiss.


    I must choose the ability that I can use to make a profit.


    I believe you, my hand!


    I’ve seen so much of Rofan!


    It’s time to make up for the bad luck of 100 cash!


    I energized and reached for one of the five gems.


    [You have selected the Ability〈I am not a fish bowl! I only see your feelings!> ]




    No, what’s the name of the ability?


    [Equip the ability?]


    The jewel in my hand flew up and permeated the emblem on the cover of the book.


    The jewel on the transparent cover turned pink.


    At that moment.


    [This is a novel that you didn’t complete!]


    [Low understanding of the novel.]


    [The heroine’s ability is lowered.]




    If I drop a novel, my ability will be lowered…?


    “You have to explain it in advance! You impostor devil!”


    The only thing that came back was a description of the lowered ability.


    [Ability〈I am not a fish bowl! I only see your feelings!>]


    Sympathetic text: 


    I’m not in charge of the fishing grounds! I can see the feelings of the men, but how do I pretend I can’t see them! I was just comforting him!


    But why does everyone like me? Strange?


    This is the inner heart of the female protagonist of <How to Flirt with 10 Men in a Reverse Harem World> shouted at the voice.


    She seduced ten male protagonists by reading and touching other people’s feelings.


    How to use this ability is entirely at your discretion.


    Ability Effect: The emotional status message of the specified target is displayed for three hours.


    Number of available abilities: 0/5


    *Because it is a novel that was dropped, the ability has been lowered.


    ‘……Fortunately, this is the ability I wanted.’


    The heroine of <Ten. Hot. Men.> is the one who has the ability to hear all the emotions of others.


    In simple terms, it’s mind-reading.


    I was going to use mind-reading to cook Marquis Tarenka.


    ‘But the emotional state is displayed in a message…’


    It’s a shame.


    ‘But this is enough.’


    The worst is choosing useless abilities.


    I jumped off the bed.


    ‘First, I need to find out about the situation of the mana stone mine and the Marquis.’


    And how other people’s feelings are displayed.


    I pulled a rope with a jerk.


    It’s time to move fast to clear the quest.


    * * *


    Marquis Tarenka, was in his study.


    “Let’s not waste any more time with useless talk.”


    “The Duke of Paeraton told me that he has never invested in it!”


    “If you don’t return the investment right now, I’ll take you to trial right away.”


    A sharp voice pressed the Marquis of Tarenka.


    Marquis Tarenka looked up at his opponents.


    Duke of Delvatren, Duke of Iskamil and Marquis of Cherodel.


    All three were those who invested enormous amounts of money in the mana stone mining business.


    “That’s the wrong information. Look at this check here.”


    Marquis Tarenka held out a check.


    The three people were silent at the distinctly stamped seal of the Duke of Paeraton that was clearly engraved.


    “You will know better that it’s not a forgery.”




    “One of the Paeraton’s vassals told me that he never invested directly in me. What happened to that?”


    At the question of the Duke of Iskamil, Marquis of Tarenka smiled with remorse.


    He brought up the excuse that he had prepared.


    “That’s quite reasonable. From an investor’s point of view, what happens when other investors increase?”


    “……We have to share the benefits.”


    “That’s right!”


    Marquis Tarenka shouted as if it was the answer.


    “So the Marquis is saying that the Duke of Paeraton deliberately leaked false information to monopolize profits?”


    When asked by Marquis Cherodel, Marquis Tarenka stepped back.


    “I didn’t say that much.”


    But no one could not understand what he meant.


    “Hey, later, after the mana stones are mined, they will all be taken, but what are you doing?”


    “I don’t think the Duke of Paeraton would lie so soon.”


    He didn’t think they would believe it right away anyway.


    Marquis Tarenka spoke without panic.


    “If you go then and say that the Paeraton has a huge profit, will you know that?”




    “Paeraton also did not invest, so if he finds out that you did not share the profits of the mine, it is over.”


    It was true.


    “Do you think the Duke is that mean?”


    “Don’t you know how arrogant, selfish, and evil Paeraton is?”


    The words of the Marquis Tarenka silenced the three.


    Each of them had different evaluations on the Duke of Paeraton.


    However, it could not be denied that the Paeraton was notorious as well as prestigious.


    “Then show me the contract that the Duke of Paeraton invested in your mana stone mining business.”


    The Marquis of Tarenka was heated.


    He never invested in it, so there was no contract.


    He opened his mouth pretending to be calm.


    “Are you telling me to show the investment contract to third parties at my own place?”


    “If so, can you trust me and invest? I can show you the investment contract I made with someone else.”


    “That’s not wrong.”


    “But if you thought so, you should have hidden the investment of the Duke of Paeraton in the first place.”


    “It’s not a problem to talk about the investment itself. There was no confidentiality clause. But it’s a completely different story to show the contract.”


    Marquis Tarenka, who read the sympathetic atmosphere, smiled with remorse.


    “I’ll ask you this time. Does the Duke of Paeraton have the same notions of justice, morality, ethics and humanity?”


    The three men were silent.


    “The physical evidence is more certain than a hundred words.”




    The Marquis of Tarenka proudly laid down the check on the table.


    “It’s up to you to judge.”


    All three eyes turned to the check. To be exact, the seal of the Duke of Paeraton on the check…


    A heavy silence settled in the response room.


    They had previously notified Marquis Tarenka of the payback.


    But Marquis Tarenka asked for a meeting instead of returning the investment, and today’s meeting was the result.


    They responded to Marquis Tarenka’s request to urge the return of the investment.


    But they couldn’t decide right away because the story went in a completely different direction.


    Eventually, the Duke of Iskamil opened his mouth.


    “……Give me a moment to think.”


    “We’ve prepared a 781-year-old alcohol for today’s meeting. Please enjoy it slowly.”


    The maid, who was waiting, poured the wine.


    Marquis Tarenka rose with a smile.


    ‘Huh, old folks have a lot on their mind.’


    But as he left the room, his face was stained with irritation.


    ‘But I’m over all of it. I even presented the evidence. It’s only a matter of time.’


    It’s fake even if it’s proof.


    Of course the check was real.


    It’s not an investment, it’s just a check for child support.


    “Ha, as expected, I love my mind.”


    He was nervous when the big guys said they would cut the deal here and there for the first time and even recover the investment in the mana stone mining business.


    But when he calmed down and thought about it, he saw a way out.


    They’ll have one question if they say they haven’t invested in Paeraton.


    Then why did he pay the check?


    Did Paeraton say it was because of child support?




    As soon as it is revealed, people’s attention will be directed to Princess Paeraton, who has been entrusted to the Marquis of Trenka.


    ‘There are a lot of people who have seen this girl in my house, thinking she was an orphan maid.’


    Would the Duke of Paeraton ever say that the beggar maid is his daughter?


    The answer is obvious.


    There is no way to put such a label on the Princess of Paeraton.


    It was normal to protect the person’s reputation if you loved them.


    Even if he doesn’t love her, no one can stigmatize a Duke.


    ‘In the case of a Duke, it’s definitely the latter.’


    How can he love his wife’s child who was born from adultery?


    ‘Paeraton can never reveal why he paid the check.’


    Therefore, Marquis Tarenka cheated because he gave it to him as his investment.


    Anyway, if those three people withdraw their investments, everything will fall apart.


    He became bolder because he had nothing to lose.




    Then, the butler approached. He picked the worst time.


    “……We have a visitor.”




    “Well, it’s the Princess of Paeraton.”




    Is that arrogant little girl coming here on her own?


    He could see Clatier, who went to the Duke of Paeraton, coming back crying.


    ‘An illegitimate bitch who doesn’t know anything dares to bring my daughter to tears…!’


    Marquis Tarenka grinded his teeth.


    “Is the Duke of Paeraton here with them?”


    “The Duke didn’t come, only his daughter came.”


    “No, she’s not even his daughter, but will you come with me?”


    Pik, Marquis Tarenka, who laughed at the butler, asked.


    “Where is she now? Is she here for Tie?”


    “Well, it’s not her, it’s the Marquis.”






    Marquis Tarenka frowned.


    What the hell is she here for?


    ‘Well, I don’t have to worry.’


    What’s the point of that stupid thing?


    She must have come here after being coldly treated at the residence of Paeraton and couldn’t stand it.


    Would the Duke of Paeraton be nice to his wife’s unfaithful child?


    It’s a good thing we didn’t kill her.


    ‘That’s what Tie said.’


    “My uncle never cares about her! I took care of that stupid kid to build up my family!”


    “Because of the Duke’s honor……huk, you’re deliberately neglecting me, taking care of more dogs, ahhhhah! Dad! I’m so sad…….”


    “I’m sure he was being mean to her, and when I got there, I thought he’d look at me on purpose…! Rien said so.”


    What happened here is nothing compared to the abuse of the Duke of Paeraton.


    ‘You realize how merciful I was.’


    “Good for you.”


    If I used that little girl, I will be able to rip more money out of the Paeraton.


    Then I can tell them, ‘The Duke of Paeraton increased his investment when he heard you were taking back the investment.’


    Good, good.


    I’m smart as expected.


    “Guide the princess to the glass greenhouse.”


    “You mean the glass greenhouse?”


    The butler asked with some surprise.


    “Yeah, she came here because she missed her uncle. I need to comfort her. They said she came alone.”




    “Let me know if she made up her mind.”


    “Yes, Marquis.”


    Marquis Tarenka slowly walked into the greenhouse.


    Shouldn’t I give her enough time to see the glass greenhouse?


    When she was here, it was a place she couldn’t even dare to step in.


    The Marquis smoked his cigarette and stood at the door of the room.


    ‘Come on, that’s enough.’


    The image of a shabby child who would be enchanted by the splendor of the greenhouse was drawn in his eyes.


    Marquis Tarenka slowly opened the door.


    Even in winter, the warm and humid air welcomed him.


    The dizzying aroma of luxuriously blooming flowers.


    And she doesn’t match with this place at al-




    The Marquis opened his mouth foolishly.


    A child with glossy hair stood among the flowers in full bloom.


    The child was loosening her earmuffs because the greenhouse was hot.


    The earmuffs, made of silk, were embroidered with jewels, and the lining was soft fur.


    It seemed to be a set of muffins made of silver fox fur that he was holding.


    ‘How come?’


    The child’s cuteness fell at a glance.


    Some of the clothes she was wearing were luxurious, but the child’s unique shape, which was loved a lot, stood out.


    The child looked back at the Marquis.


    Rosy cheeks full of baby fat.


    Sparkling eyes.


    She grinned at him.


    It was a very lovely smile.


    With the smile on her face, the child said, “I’m here to get my money, Marquis.”


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