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Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash

Chapter 15

Translated by JirahGem
Edited by Mel


‘Five, five thousand cash?!’


Not a lottery ticket?


It looked right, so I rubbed my eyes and looked again, but it was still the same.


‘Oh my gosh! 5000 Cash!’




The last time, after 100 cash came out with the lottery ticket, I was greatly disappointed, so my heart jumped.


“I think the lady is in a good mood.”


“She seems very much in love with Your Excellency. She must be comfortable on your lap.”


The Duke, who heard the remarks of the vassals, swept his chin proudly.


“I don’t know why.”


Huh, it’s not because of you though?


However, it was fortunate that the Duke’s interest seemed to have drifted away from the sudden death penalty.


I breathed a sigh of relief and even sipped the milk.


Chapter 4. Not My Dad!


It was only after all the people who came to me went out that I had time alone.


‘Oh, I’m tired.’


As soon as I lay in bed, a notification rang.


[Clatier returned to Marquis Tarenka.]


[Quest <I need a cider! (1)> automatically ends.]


[Calculating the success or failure of the quest… calculation completed, partial failure.]




My eyes that had closed, flashed open.


‘It wasn’t success? Since Clatier left, didn’t I do well?’


Suddenly I couldn’t see or hear anything, so I don’t know exactly what ended and how.


No way. So was it a partial failure?


‘Okay, wait. Wasn’t there a penalty for failure?!’


[Since it is a partial failure, it will be replaced with a penalty other than the specified penalty.]


[Counting penalties…Calculation complete. <Flat Cider>]


‘What’s  flat cider?’


I don’t know what it is, but it was really insulting as a Rofan reader.


[Penalty <Flat Cider>]


Dear reader, I am really disappointed!


How can you call yourself a Super Rofan Reader confidently!


I expected a cool, refreshing drink with a splash of soda, but I can’t believe you gave me a flat cider!


Readers of Rofan don’t wait for others to feed them!


Fight for yourself and win for yourself!


You don’t deserve the heroine role if you don’t know what happened or how!


With Rush & Cash, you’ll only get sweet potatoes!


Reflect on yourself while receiving the penalty!


Penalty effects: Reincarnation buffs disappear randomly.


‘I really want to hit him every time he speaks…….’


I shook my potato-like fist.


My fist is crying, crying!


‘The original penalty was ‘Reincarnation Buff Release’.’


That means the buff would disappear completely.


‘Because of partial failure, it has changed to disappearing randomly.’


One question came up.


‘What kind of reincarnation buff do I have?’


Just because I was reincarnated, I couldn’t have experienced anything good.


“Eh uh, uh hm.”


I thought while moaning for a while, but I don’t know.


I just started to roll around on the bed.


How long was it?


*Knock knock*, there was a knock on the door.


I answered casually, “Come in.”


I was sure it was the maids.


But the person who opened the door was completely different from what I expected.




I was surprised to see Duke Paeraton.


‘Why did you come?’


He approached me when he saw me lying casually on the bed.


‘……What’s with him? I don’t really want to get up.’


It was weird.


Even though that’s what I thought, I stared at the Duke of Paeraton approaching.


It was then.


[Penalty <Flat Cider> is activated.]


My eyes were wide open on the notice window that came up.


Gulp, dry saliva passed.


‘Then, has the reincarnation buff disappeared now?’


I quickly checked my condition, but nothing was wrong.


‘Uh, I guess it’s okay? Oh, but I’m hungry. Sleepy. I want to eat.’


Duke Paeraton sat by the bed and looked down at me


I’m hungry. I ate milk and cookies before, but I’m hungry.


I’m hungry!


You have to give the baby a nyam-nyam*!


(*t/n: nyam-nyam: food for babies. It’s actually food in baby language)


When I was in the orphanage, the babies liked to eat nyam-nyam!




“……. nyam-nyam?”


The Duke frowned slightly at his forehead and asked back.


“There’s no nyam nyam? Then gimme cookie!” I rolled around and approached the Duke. His long, thick thighs caught my eye.


Smack! Smack! 


At the smacking sound, I gasped and got back to my senses.


I looked down at my hands with surprised eyes.


Small hands lay dainty over the Duke’s thigh.


‘Did I hit the Duke in the thigh?’


It wasn’t my will.


I shouted “nyam-nyam” too.


Because my life is precious!


‘Huh, no way……!’


At that moment, a possibility ran into my mind.


‘If the reincarnation buff disappears, you lose your cognitive ability for the second life?!’


I did not reincarnate.


That means that this life is now the first life.


Of course I will think and act according to my age.


‘Then I… am going to be like a baby?!’


I’m screwed.


I wanted to survive even if I was an illegitimate child because I could see the Duke well.


I thought we’d gotten a little closer.


How can that be possible when I’m a baby!


It’s a good thing you don’t take away the favor I had so far!


Normally, I would have thought rationally and offered a solution, but now my heart was pounding with anxiety.


‘Well, I’m now more rational than before!’


It was much better than when I hit the Duke Paeraton’s thigh.


‘But why did it get better…?’


The penalty is still in effect.


Two letters came to mind in my little head grunting and worrying.




The disappearance of the reincarnation buff is also random, how long it will appear and how long it will disappear.


‘Isn’t it too much? I should’ve known from that random cash I got!’


Fortunately, as a reincarnated person, the accident seems to be little if not as usual.


As soon as I thought so, my mind was clouded again.


Well, I want to eat chocolate.


As I put my finger on my mouth, I felt his gaze staring at me.


I glanced up and saw that it was the Duke of Paeraton.


Oh, right.


I smacked the Duke’s thigh.


I have to apologize.


It’s bad to hit.


“I, I’m sorry.”


There was no change in the Duke’s expression.


“Hoo, hoo…”


I looked around the thigh and blew it.


(*t/n: when children get hurt the adults usually blow the pained area to make the pain go away. So she blew the duke’s thigh. To ease the pain lmao)


He left me alone for a long time, but when I stopped, he opened his mouth.


“…….. Did you see Architus well?”




“The book you took last time.”


“Oh, that book! Pretty book!”


I clapped my hands.


Duke Paeraton’s eyes narrowed and I got flustered.


That book wasn’t in the right state to look at.


“The, the book’s fine.”




“I, I’m telling the truth…”


I wiggled my fingers and rolled my eyes.


What should I do?


That became a totally different book. It turned out to be a really pretty book, and it even sparkled! Like a dead star!


“Pretty, pretty!”


“…the book?”


“Yes, pretty, pretty.”


I patted the Duke’s hair.


The Duke looked at me with a blank stare.


No, it wasn’t. His expression was disgusting.


I pouted my lips.


“You have to say ‘thank you’.”


“…thank you?”


“Yes, thank you, too!”


I thought he wasn’t listening to me. He was repeating what I said because he was amazed.


Regardless, I smiled broadly and patted him more.


I feel good when I get compliments.


The Duke would feel good, right?


Then, would you like me who praised you?


I hope so.


Somehow, the Duke’s mouth, looking at me, seemed to go up, so I laughed brighter.


Hehe, good.


But my pride didn’t last long.


“I wonder how pretty.”




“The book.”




What should I do? It’s completely changed.


I couldn’t answer, and only my lips puffed.


What would I do if he said ‘This is not the treasure. Wrong. You Punk!’ when he saw the book?


‘They, they said that you should be honest to be kind. Lying is bad. You forgive a good child. Bad child is scolded!’


Let’s be honest!


I swallowed my dry saliva.


‘Well, but it was a precious thing. They said it’s very important. That’s why they said you can’t give it to me.’


The glass tube that was covering the book was actually a huge deal.


I couldn’t think of it well, but the uncles who left almost fainted when they heard that the Duke made it into dust.


‘I’m the one who broke it.’


Because I want to see the book.


‘But I even broke the book!’


What would happen if they found out?


The uncles who left will faint this time.


And the assistant would say that he tried to stop him(the duke) because he was afraid of this happening.


Who would like a troublemaker who ruined the treasure?


The maids will hate me, too.


And, and–


I looked up.


I could see the face of the Duke of Paeraton. A consistent expression.


“It, it’s not broken!”


Words popped out without my knowledge.


At that moment, his face stiffened.


I could know without saying.


I made a very wrong choice.




‘She broke it.’


The Duke of Paeraton was convinced.


He looked at his daughter with a firm face.


“You didn’t break it?”


“Oh, uh yeah…”


She was lying with her big eyes rolling around and answering.


‘……No matter how young you are, you are a member of the Paeraton family.’


You should know how to take responsibility for what you do.


‘It will be disappointing even if you’re still young.’


This is not like the other things, and it was a heirloom with the history of the family from the time of the first Duke.


‘I can’t believe you’re being so irresponsible.’


Of course, it is also a problem that such a precious object has been destroyed.


However, her attitude was even more problematic now.


It doesn’t fit in the status of “Princess Paeraton.”


She should be scolded and punished immediately.


Paeraton was strict with punishments.


The princess must also be held responsible and punished as a member of the duchy.






‘Am I not angry?’


It was strange.


What is this irresponsible attitude?


As a Paeraton princess, she has a shortsighted view to escape from the immediate situation.


How could she dare lie to me?


There are dozens of words that come to mind right now.


But he didn’t want to speak out.




‘Do you wanna punish her?’


Duke Paeraton was seldom perplexed by his condition.


She did something wrong, so it’s reasonable to punish her.


He knew.


But even when he thought about it again, He didn’t feel like punishing her.


He didn’t even want to scold or blame her for it.


‘Just why?’


His face was fiercely hardened by incomprehensible logic.


It was not someone else’s, but his own thought.


It was when he was in deep contemplation.


“Huh, hic……. Huaaaa!!”


A loud cry filled the room.


He lowered his head and the youngest was looking at him with a tearful face.


With resentment in her eyes and tears flowing down her cheeks.






The hiccups were about to come out, so I closed my mouth.


The Duke of Paeraton was silent, his face stiffened.


I couldn’t figure out what was on his mind.


No, I actually know.


I have no choice but to know.


‘My answer is wrong!’


Why is that?


I wasn’t lying…!


It’s not really broken.


It’s just a slightly different appearance.


But I did not have the courage to say it right away.


The face of Duke Paeraton, which was severely stiff, felt like a huge wall.


‘I, I will be really hated.’


Even if I don’t…


“You are not the Duke’s daughter.”


“That’s what my dad said. Your mother betrayed my uncle and cheated on him.”


“How dare you put Paeraton’s surname when you’re like that?”


Clatier’s words lingered in my ears.


Clatier’s eyes were full of confidence.


And I am completely different from the Duke.


A being who was not even born with any direct line of Paeraton.


If that’s true. ‘It’s been decided since birth.’


Evidence of infidelity committed by a spouse.


‘I am hated.’


“Huh, hic……. Huaaaa -!!”


I just put my neck down and started crying.


I was scared, afraid, and anxious.


I was very, very scared.


I might be thrown away again.


Tears were covering my eyes and I could not see the Duke’s face.


It doesn’t matter.


“Daddy, I hate you!”


I screamed out loud.


The hand that stretched out to me seemed to stop, but it didn’t even catch my eye.


I wouldn’t have seen it even if I hadn’t shed tears.


“You’re not my dad!”


I couldn’t see anything in my state.


“I, hic, I didn’t mean to do that! I’m scared, look at it! Huh huh!”


I was really sad.


Other dads not only visit their own homes, but they also visit other people’s homes!


“A scary dad isn’t my dad! It’s the other kid’s dad!”


I stared at my fake father with a sharp breath.


Tears that were blocking the view flowed down and another child’s father was seen.


He was still stiff.


No, ‘still’ is wrong.


It’s hardened the same way, but it’s totally different from before.


“I’m not… your dad?”


He asked.


It was as if the floor of the fire hell was cracking apart.




I pushed my stomach out and nodded confidently.


“My dad is a handsome dad!”


Even the devil promised!


I was dumbfounded by my fake dad.


Although the fake dad was handsome.


Nevertheless! Nevertheless!


“Well, you’re not my dad!”


Hmph! I caved in my arms, saying that I’m the best.


The devil who promised my dad would be handsome is bad!


All I ever wanted was a handsome, daughter-fool, rich father.


“My dad is rich! There is a diamond mine!”


“……I am also rich. Not only the diamond mine, but there’s also the gold mine.”


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