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Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash

Chapter 11

Translated by JirahGem
Edited by Genie


In the frigid atmosphere, I received hotter and more enthusiastic looks than ever.


The pupils of the vassals, maids, and dress room staff were shaking like there was an earthquake.


I glanced up.


The Duke of Paeraton was staring at the uncle who asked me the question.


Looking at the uncle, he was rolling his eyes back and shedding something, I didn’t know if it was sweat or tears.


I thought he was muttering something, but I couldn’t hear him well.


‘Wife, son, I couldn’t even say goodbye…’ I think I just heard something along those lines.


Next to him, another man comforted him, saying, “I’ll take care of your son until he’s all grown up.” 


“My- my lady, think again. Didn’t you say you liked him?” 


Another retainer asked with a desperate look. 


Well, there’s nothing we can do. 


“Yeah, I like you, dad. This much……”


I once again spread my index finger and thumb as wide as a bean. 


The lips of the vassals turned blue at the confirmed death. 


As soon as I glanced up at the Duke, our eyes met. 


No emotion could be read from the red eyes. 


I smiled broadly at the eyes, not avoiding them. 


“-I don’’t!” 


A clear voice reverberated in the quiet room. 


“As much as all of everything in the universe combined, minus this amount from space!”


I stretched my arms out to the full. 


“I like my dad that much!” 


What do you think? This is the K-Joke! 


Korean joke! 






“Cough, Heuk…!”


There were groans everywhere. 


People suffered from acute atrial fibrillation, holding their hearts or had difficulty breathing.


The tension was all over the place, but the Duke of Paeraton did not respond. 


He just looked at me. 


‘Was, was it too much…’


Late embarrassment came upon me. 


The Duke opened his mouth as I was sweating, and could not avoid his eyes. 


“I couldn’t hear you.” 




“I couldn’t hear you.” 


‘Are, are you telling me to say it again?’ 


The face of the most expressionless Duke, it seemed to be wrong, but…


I wasn’t sure about it, but I just opened my mouth. 


“I, I like my dad as much as the world except this amount…” 


He turned his head away from me without much reaction. 


‘Wasn’t this right?’ 


I just said something shameful again. 


Tch, as I pouted out my lips, the Duke asked the vassals. 


“Did you hear what my daughter said?”


“We heard it!” 


“The Youngest Miss really loves you!”


“I’m curious to know the secret of how to be loved by your daughter so much!”


One side of the Duke’s mouths rose haughtily. 


It seems like you’re in a good mood after being flattered. 


‘What, Duke… so childish…’


I was a little nervous and looked at the Duke with cloudy eyes.


At that moment, the Duke’s face turned to me. 


“……but why did you take that much away?” 




It was a surprise question. 


‘What should I do? There’s no more ad-lib.’ 


Because both the speaker and the listener are in a state of panic, my hands and feet are shriveled up.


I never thought you’d ask this question. 


The world of Rofan, it’s not easy! 


“Because I’ll like you even more from now on.”


I opened my mouth thinking up an answer.


“If I’m with my dad. If I spend time with my dad.” 


‘Yeah, if you don’t let me go and let me live here. ‘


“If we continue to be together, I’m sure I’ll like you better!” 


The uncle nodded with a flabby face to my words.


“That’s why you took this much out.” 




“You’re still young, and yet you’re so thoughtful.” 


“How can you be so good…!” 


“As expected…. it’s genetic.” 


By the way, why does the designer sister keep saying something like that? 


As the surrounding noise passed through one ear and out the other, I looked up to the Duke.


He didn’t react at all. No, he just looked at me with a firmer face than before. 


‘It was a very embarrassing ad-lib.’




I pouted my mouth. 



Yutra’s POV 


After a disturbance, Yutra, who had finished measuring, frowned.


‘The size is different from the previous order.’


She didn’t bother to ask.


It would be like pointing out that the measurements sent by the Duke were wrong.


‘By the way, the dress I made the other day must have been big because it was made to fit that size…’


I really wanted to see the young princess wearing it, but it was a shame.


‘All the dresses I chose today are tailored to the size that was sent before, so I’m in a bind.’


Yutra bowed to the Duke.


“The dresses you bought will be a little larger than the Miss’ size, but there will be no problem with trying on.”


All of the clothes I’m showing now were special and great works by Yutra.


‘That’s why even if you sell just one piece, the price is higher than a month’s sales!’


Yutra waited for the princess to try on the clothes with a deep smile.


But no matter how much time passed, the Duke of Paeraton never let go of his daughter.


In the end, she had no choice but to open her mouth first.


“Well, Duke, if you want her to try the dress, you have to put her down…”


“Why does she need to try it on?”


A low voice cut her off.


“What? To choose what you like…”


Of course a try on is needed.


You can’t choose the dress that exceeds the cost of living for a middle-class family for three months without even trying them on.


The Duke of Paeraton said to the bewildered Yutra.


“I’m going to buy everything.”


Pardon? What did you say?


Even Yutra, who was eager to deal with all sorts of nobles, couldn’t keep her composure this time.


She opened her mouth wide.


“We’ve got her correct size, so we can fix it accordingly. Let’s buy all the clothes we chose today.”


Yutra hastily closed her mouth at the smooth talk.




A golden brass bell ringed in front of her.


She bowed her head, trying to calm her rising smile.


“Understood, sir.”





‘It looks expensive, but you’re going to buy it all? Are you serious?’ 


I looked at the Duke of Paeraton in bewilderment. 


Even if I change my clothes twice a day, I don’t think I can wear them all and the season will change! 


“There are conditions instead.” 


The Duke looked at the hanging clothes and looked at me, specifically looking at my hands. 


“Tighten the sleeves to the wrist or make them short for all the dresses.” 




“Pull the sleeves of my daughter’s clothes so that it doesn’t reach the palm” 


“…yes, I see.” 


The designer’s sister answered, but she looked like she didn’t know why he was making such a request.


But I knew. 


“Is that all you’ve wiped? They have to shine!” 


“When I was brushing the shoes like this, my uncle, hic, told me that it was proof of my investment. I did the same to other grandfathers, sob, and red-haired man! Euungg… But it’s true…”


On the first day I met the Duke of Paeraton, I was cleaning Clatier’s shoes with polishing cream.


When Marquis Tarenka made me work I pulled my sleeves and wiped the shoes.


That’s why he put up that condition.


So that I can never pull my sleeves and use them like that from now on.


Don’t sit on your knees and wipe someone’s shoes.


“…… ”


Something hot has risen from the inside.




‘The Duke may not be my real father, but he’s not a bad man.’


I raised my head.


His face looking at me was still expressionless and hard.


But I didn’t feel as scared as before.




‘It looks like we have arrived at the duke’s residence.’


At the words of her close maid, Lien, Clatier closed the curtains and looked out the window.


Her face was full of heartache.


Marquis Tarenka said she would go to see her cousin, but she was annoyed when she went out.


The carriage had just passed through the main gate and was entering the site of the Paeraton Duchy.


Clatier opened her eyes.


“Is…is this the Duke of Paeraton’s residence?”


The endless garden was gorgeous with all kinds of flowers.


I expected it would be desolate because it was winter, but instead there were green leaves, and magical lights were hanging from the branches.


There are glass flowers shining like colorful jewels.


“Oh, my God…”


It was so beautiful. It was like something that came up from the dreams that she had imagined.


The carriage, which had been going for a long time, passed in front of the mansion.


Clatier frowned.


“Why don’t they stop in front of the mansion? Don’t tell me I had to walk from the wagon stop to the mansion.”


The question soon cleared up.


Soon another building appeared.


“The one I saw earlier must have been a separate house. It was the main building of a noble family, and this was a separate building.”


Clatier’s eyes shone like stars.


“There’s a rumor that the gold of the Duke of Paraton would be higher than the tower. I guess that wasn’t completely false!’


Her heart trembled at the sight of the splendid and antique mansion.


It was so amazing she lost her irritation.


It was as beautiful as a fantasy.


“How’s it going?”


Clatier, who got out of the carriage, looked around and asked Lien.


“Isn’t this beautiful place a good match for me?”


“I’d like to call a painter right now and draw the image of the young miss.”


“Oh gosh, Lien.”


Clatier giggled.


Then, the door of the mansion opened and the butler came out.


Looking at his young age, he seemed to be a regular but not a chief butler.


‘Isn’t the chief butler supposed to greet me?’


“I haven’t heard that you would visit, Marquis Tarenka’s Young Miss.” 


“Oh, do I need permission to come see my cousin?” 


Clatier spoke decisively and passed the butler into the mansion. 


The butler looked at her perplexedly. 


The Duke’s niece and princess’s cousin, Clatier, could not be expelled at will.


“Please make sure to make a formal request next time. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enter the mansion.” 


But Clatier wasn’t listening to him. 


‘Wow… so cool!’ 


The interior of the mansion was more splendid than the garden. 


‘Is the chandelier made out of diamonds?’ 


It wasn’t just that. 


The floor is covered with an artisanal carpet, and all the reliefs on the walls were embedded with gold and jewels. 


However, there was something more eye-catching than the glamorous and luxurious mansion.




In the middle of the stairs in front of the lobby was a large portrait of the Duke of Paeraton. 


Clatier could not take her eyes off the portrait.


‘How could someone look like that?’


Any words were insufficient. All the praise of the world seemed to have been made for him.


‘I didn’t know when I met you last time…’


She didn’t dare to look at Duke Paeraton’s face because of the fear that took over her entire body.


The overwhelming beauty before her eyes dilutes that memory.


Blankly, she climbed the stairs and approached the portrait.


‘If my dad were like this…’


A sweet imagination passed before Clatier’s eyes.


‘No, isn’t he my uncle?’


Even non-family members were at their wits’ end because they were pretty.


‘The Duke and I are family, so it’s amazing. Of course I, the niece, is also pretty.’


Clatier pictured herself in the arms of Duke Paeraton.


It didn’t match at all.


The rumors about the Duke of Paeraton were well known to her.


Cold-blooded and black blooded.


The worst killer.


The Duke of Paeraton does not know sorrow, so when he cries, the blood of others flows instead of tears.


‘People say that the scarier they are, the lonlier that person is.’


She remembered reading those words in a book.


‘My uncle is also hoping for a lovely angel like me to come.’


Her dad said that.


He said that she was the joy, happiness, and delight of this world.


A presence that makes people smile.


‘Only I can comfort my uncle’s loneliness.’


Duke Paeraton, whose deep, dark solitude disappears and smiles only at her.




Just thinking about it excites her.


Suddenly, she remembered her cousin who had the title of Paeraton Princess, but ignored it.


‘It’s something she can’t do anyway.’


She was a kid who couldn’t do anything properly. Because she was always scolded, Clatier was the one who had to take care of her.


‘How can such a child soothe someone else’s loneliness?’


She didn’t go well with this beautiful mansion at all.


‘It can’t be helped.’


Here, she remembered the appearance of the lone shabby cousin of hers.


However, the appearance of her cousin who she met again was completely different from her expectations.




Clatier burst open the door before the butler could speak. It’s been a long habit.


She stood tall when she saw her cousin.


‘Wh, what…’


There was no rustling country bumpkin in a room that didn’t fit the place.


There is only the owner who fits this fancy room.


‘Was her hair originally that color?’


It was a dull color that I didn’t want to touch because of sweat, oil, and dust.


‘She looked like that?’


The dark and rough face has changed completely.


Rosy cheeks and milky skin.


The body, which had been skinny and unattractive, gained weight as if she had been raised as a precious child.


‘It’s a completely different person…….’


The dress she was wearing was also unique.


Is she wearing a dress that Clatier would have only received as a gift on her birthday casually?


‘Wh-what, how? Why is she…….’


Clatier looked down at her dress.


If she had to pick the shabby and tacky one here, she was the one.


Clatier clenched her teeth.


“You…you… you’re more shameless than I thought?”


A child with this ignorance, must be taught by herself.




I wasn’t surprised by the appearance of Clatier who was criticizing everything without even saying hello.


“Isn’t it you, not me, that’s shameless?”


“What! What did you say?”


Clatier’s face turned red as if she didn’t expect I’d rebut her.


But this isn’t the Tarenka marquis estate.


“As you can see. Someone who, without a word of intent to visit, come in at will, and did not even say a word of greetings, is an uninvited guest.”


“You’re an uninvited guest! I’m here for you. Because you want to see me.”


“Me? See you?”


When I asked in bewilderment, Clatier bit her lips tightly and stared at me.


“…you didn’t learn, so I should teach you, but you’re so rude and shameless.”


Clatier sat on the sofa and continued, even though she didn’t ask for permission.


“If I had a sense of shame, I wouldn’t be so extravagant.”


“From a while ago, you keep talking about yourself-.”


“You are not the duke’s daughter.”


I stopped breathing at her words.


Clatier smiled as if she had hit the nail on the head.


“That’s what my dad said. Your mother betrayed my uncle and cheated on him.”




“How dare you put Paeraton’s surname when you’re like that?”


I tried to stay calm, but my hands trembled.


I’ve heard this all the time. It was not something to be shocked about.


However, the words pierced my heart more than when I was in Marquis Trenka’s house.


The Duke of Paeraton, now that I know him as my father.


The fact that I might not be his own daughter hurt me before I knew it.


It was then.


[Sudden quest!]


A notification came up before my eyes.


<I need a Cider! (1)>


Kkkkkk, isn’t your throat stuffy?


Don’t you feel frustrated?


Dear reader, what you need now is a cool Cider that will clear the stuffiness!


Rofan readers do not accept sweet potatoes*!


(*t/n: Koreans use sweet potato to describe when you feel stuffy or frustrated. They also use Cider (Sprite, yes, the carbonated drink, is called Cider in Korea) to describe the refreshing feeling)




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