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    Riggs had seen Isabelle use magic before. The flames and winds that Isabelle created were not powerful. Rather, it was small and tender enough to be considered trivial.


    ‘Now that I think about it, I don’t understand.’


    Isabelle’s magic unintentionally dealt a fatal blow to the enemy.


    The foundation of magic he knew was similar to throwing a ball. It was important to make a strong fire or ice, but it was also important to throw well. 


    No matter how you look at it, Isabelle’s magic was used in the best way possible.


    As if an invisible someone was sticking by her side helping her.


    When she saved me, Isabelle said she was scolded by Saint Maria for using magic. Since then, Isabelle has never used magic, so I never got a chance to analyze it.


    ‘If anyone’s after Isabelle, it’s because of her strange magic.’


    At first, he also wanted to study the bizarre scene, so he visited her again. Once and twice, I thought I wanted to study Isabelle’s magic.


    ‘…study what?’


    Riggs laughed as he went down the checklist. It would be better to pay more attention to Isabelle’s safety.


    Of course I meant to make sure she didn’t feel uncomfortable. Isabelle hates to get in the way.


    ‘Anyway, it takes a lot of work.’


    Isabelle was easy-going like an alley cat, but also had a subtle picky side like an aristocratic Young Lady. Riggs was convinced that there was no man in the world who was her match.


    ‘Except for me.’


    Riggs was convinced that only he could comfort Isabelle.




    “Isabelle, Isabelle!”


    Isabelle opened her eyes to someone shaking her. Somehow the saints, who were supposed to return tomorrow, were surrounding her.


    “Isabelle, are you okay? Have you gotten a hold of yourself?”


    “Saint Cecilia…”


    Isabelle, who went through a lot last night, felt relaxed in their presence. Now I’m relieved that I’m alive. Isabelle nodded and smiled faintly.


    The saints brought Isabelle potato soup that was so thick that she felt like she was going overboard with a slice of bread.


    Isabelle stirred the steaming soup with a spoon to cool it down, then had a bite.


    The warmth in her stomach made her forget for a moment the horrors of the past. The saints waited until Isabelle had finished her meal and asked.


    “I was surprised to hear that you lost your mind. Are you alright?”


    “It’s a long story, but I’m fine for now.”


    “You don’t have to pretend to be okay, Isabelle, ’cause we heard what happened.”




    “The reapers came to pick us up.”


    Cecilia and other saints still could not forget the sight.


    Originally, when faced with saints or priests on earth, it was the reaper who cursed first. Last night, however, the reapers rushed in and explained with hand gestures that Isabelle was in trouble.


    It felt so urgent. While renting a carriage to bring the saints to the temple, the reapers explained in detail what happened.


    ‘I did it with the compliments of my master, Duke Cardiago.’


    The saints had never known reapers to be so talkative, but being friendly didn’t mean they would let down their guard.


    “Isabelle, don’t worry. Now that we’ve made a decision around the temple, not only the reaper but also those from Cardiago will not be able to come in.”




    “We used everyone’s divine power, so those who use shadow magic will not have access to the temple for the next two days. It’s gonna be okay.”


    Isabelle somehow felt uncomfortable. Reapers didn’t really take their souls away. When I heard the situation, I felt like they were on the side of the temple and protecting me.


    ‘Come to think of it, yesterday with Father Matteo, it was the reapers who saved me from that.’


    Since childhood she was told how heartless the subterranean beings were, but for some reason, I didn’t feel hostility in yesterday’s reapers.


    “We will protect you till the end. Let’s think about where to take refuge now that we’ve recovered our energy after eating.”


    The saints put their hands together with a friendly smile. It was always a prayer before something started. Isabelle tried to close her eyes.


    It was then.




    The sound of broken windows exploding everywhere. The saints panicked, feeling the signs of an invasion coming from all sides. The same question lingered in everyone’s mind.


    ‘How did you do that when we were so determined?’


    It wasn’t just one or two intruders.  Movements that were obviously trained.  Outside the window, the reapers could be seen smoking as they tried to step through the barrier.


    ‘Judging from the fact that the reapers can’t come in, the barrier is fine.’


    Isabelle picked up a decorative dagger off the wall, calming the bewildered saints. The group that touches the priests who serve God can be a band of bandits or thugs.


    ‘If not…’


    Isabelle grasped the dagger, assuming the worst. An intruder appeared at the same time.


    The men wearing black masks were similar to yesterdays. There seemed to be a system as everyone followed behind one man. Isabelle’s nerves were on edge when she spoke.


    “Who are you to harm those who serve God?”


    The corners of the man’s mouth crept up. It was worth coming to catch her myself. You don’t seem to be discouraged at all, right?


    “Isabelle, I’m here to pick you up.”




    “Matteo must have told you. I’ve already paid the ransom.”


    “Are you Cardiago’s people? Why would you want to buy me?”


    “Cardiago…If I was that perfect man, I would not have been able to break through the shield made of divine power.”




    “I thought a lot about how to get rid of the reapers the Duke sent, but the saints saved me a lot of trouble.”


    The saints stood in front of Isabelle, feeling bitterness and crisis. But the man didn’t care and strode up to her anyways.


    ‘We have to protect Isabelle.’


    Cecilia has a little bit of divine power left. Everyone put their hands together and touched Isabelle.


    Isabelle felt dizzy for a moment. The voice of Saint Cecilia was dimly heard.


    ‘Isabelle, you can’t use magic.’


    Isabelle looked around as soon as she felt dizzy. Ironically, it was in the secret basement of the temple that St. Cecilia evacuated her to.


    Realizing this was where Matteo tried to lock her up last night, Isabelle clenched her fist.


    ‘Why does it have to be here…’


    Moving to a nearby basement meant that there was not much divine power left for them to use. The divine power of the saints, who were together, would be gone by now.


    ‘What the hell am I?’


    Isabelle chewed her lips and held the dagger tightly enough to make her hands shake.


    If I go out now, I’ll die or be dragged to an unknown place. As Matteo said, it’s unlikely I’ll just be let go.


    The invaders aren’t Cardiago’s people. An offering to the Duke was a lie to ease Matteo’s conscience.


    ‘The saints are…’


    Through the ceiling, I heard intruders jumping. They seemed to have already subdued the saints. The women didn’t even scream.


    The only thing that could be heard was a voice of one of the intruders.


    “Come on, find her! She’ll be somewhere in this building!”


    Isabelle has her act together and is sitting down. The structure of the basement was so complicated that even the priests would get lost. If I hold my breath, I’ll be able to stall for a long time.


    ‘…Let’s last as long as possible.’


    Maybe Riggs will come here to sign the marriage contract, and will tell the town that intruders have entered the temple. Even though she knew it was possible only with luck, Isabelle did not let go of her hope.


    ‘If they try to take me, then I can’t help it.’


    Hiding her magical powers will make life easier, however Isabelle knew that it couldn’t be more precious than staying alive.


    I’m not convinced that even if I use magic at the last minute, I can subdue the intruder.




    Please, don’t find me. Just give up and go back.


    In a crumpled closet, Isabelle held her hands together and prayed, but the footsteps kept getting closer and closer.


    The intruders searched the area with a ferocious spirit. Breaking drawers and breaking glass. At the front of the party was a man who appeared to be the head of the group, whom she faced earlier.


    “Captain, what shall we do?”


    The intruders’ captain, Baron Iron, squinted his eyes and examined footsteps in the dust. She quite cleverly tried to cover them, but the trace didn’t disappear completely.


    “Find her. She should be around here.”




    “Captain, here’s a hidden room!”


    The Baron has a dirty smile. Now that most of the rooms have been searched, Isabelle was trapped like a rat. As expected, one of the servants shouted that he had found a closet.


    It was a closet just the size of a person.


    The Baron pulled out his knife and approached the closet where Isabelle was hiding. He was going to cut off at least one leg because he only needed her alive.


    “Isabelle, give up and come out. I promise you I won’t use a knife if you come out now.”


    Baron Iron instinctively shrinked and lifted his face up to the ceiling. Something huge could be seen for a moment.


    A huge, colossal entity.


    “…damn it! What’s going on!”


    The surroundings shook like crazy, making it hard to even stand. Isabelle, who was caught by Baron Iron’s rugged touch, was unable to maintain her balance.


    There was a crack in the wall surrounding her for a moment as if space were about to be created. The cracks spread throughout the basement in the blink of an eye.


    With a roar, what used to make up the basement soared into the air. Iron cried out to his men with petrifying fear.


    “Let’s get this girl to the carriage first!”


    The Baron reached for Isabelle’s face.


    But his actions were stopped.


    “If you move again, I’ll kill you.”


    At a familiar voice, Isabelle opened her eyes, which had been closed. It was bright and dazzling, perhaps the whole temple had flown to heaven.


    Baron Iron, who was just threatening her, was completely overpowered by another man who suddenly appeared.


    “Ca, Duke of Cardiego…!”


    “Baron Iron. Was it you?”


    “Uh, how can you…!”


    “You look so funny to the heir of Cardiago.”




    Isabelle stared blankly at the broken Baron’s wrist.


    The Duke of Cardiego, who can only be seen from the back, is enormous with a sword in one hand. He broke the Baron’s wrist thoroughly, with barely any force.


    “Isabelle, can you close your eyes for a second?”


    Why is the Duke of Cardiego’s voice familiar to me?


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