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Only I Know that My Sister has a Brother Complex

Chapter 3.8

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Chapter 3.8


“A lot of people are here…”


After the meal, we came to the pool, which was our original purpose.


So I dressed up and came out early. It wasn’t even summer vacation yet this place was full of people as far as the eye could see.


There was a large water pool that covers the entire site, slides, and even a small pool for children.


This place was more of a playground than to swim, that was expected.


It might be a little frustrating for those who wanted to swim, but it was just right for having fun.


… Guess, I shouldn’t wander around too far since it was crowded.


It would be best to meet up with Akari at the exit.


Then I put my luggage in a safe place and headed back to the changing room.


“Hey, where are you from?”


“You’re cute. Are you in high school?”


… Oh, I had a feeling this would happen. I knew it!


When I looked closely, Akari was approached by two men.


They were asking a lot of questions while waiting for her to react, but Akari was ignoring them as usual.


In contrast to the men who were smiling so frivolously, Akari remained cool without a single smile on her face.


This is not the time to be looking at them like this. I have to help her.




“I’m sorry. I’m here with my boyfriend.”


Just as I was about to call her, she noticed me and told them.


“Boyfriend? Where?”


When one of the boys asked, she came closer, and…


“I’m sorry, that’s just how it is.”


She clung tightly to my arm.


… I felt her soft skin through my arm because she was in a swimsuit. Wait, stop thinking about her body. She’s my sister. But why’s she behaving like this?


“Let’s go? Onii… Yusuke.”


That was the final blow.


Guess she couldn’t say “Onii-chan” after introducing me as her boyfriend.


But… It was too fresh an experience for me to be called by my first name… Combined with the feeling of her touch and warmth, my mind was blown away.


When we were leaving, I heard the guys saying something like, “That is your boyfriend…?” but I didn’t even have time to worry about it.


“Sorry I was late… hm? What’s wrong?”


While hugging my arm, Akari glanced at me passionately.


I’m sorry, but right now my mind is a complete mess. 


There was a surge of emotions overflowing in my heart that I was embarrassed just by looking at her.


“Nothing. I’m happy.”


For now, I just needed some time to cool down.


So I went back to the place where I had left my luggage earlier and sat down for a moment. I wondered why I had to expend so much energy before swimming, but I decided not to think about it anymore.




I took a deep breath and peeked at Akari who was organizing her stuff next to me.


Though it wasn’t a surprise, she was wearing the same swimsuit that we bought the other day.


The black color made her white skin stand out even more. I could understand why people were glancing at her, and why those guys came to her.


“O-okay. Now let’s get ready to swim.”


It would be bad of me to keep staring at her like this.


I supposed it was bad manners. 


I stood up in a hurry for a few exercises to get ready for the swim.




But then, I heard a girl’s voice and felt something hit my back.


When I turned around in surprise, I found myself looking in the eyes of a beautiful lady. It seemed that we bumped into each other.


“I’m s-sorry!”


The girl apologized in panic.


There was a ball nearby. Perhaps, she was chasing after this ball…


“Sorry, are you hurt?”


I couldn’t help it with this crowd.


I was more worried about whether she was fine or not.


“Oh, I’m good.”


Glad she’s okay.


“That’s a relief. Well then have fun—”


“W-wait—, that’s so sweet of you.”


Just as I was about to hand over the ball and she called me again.


“What? Sweet, me?”


“Because you’re the first one to worry about me… and I think that’s a good attitude.”


Wasn’t that the most obvious thing to do?


“If you’d like, we can play together with my friends.”


…Eh? Could it be…?


“Do you mean volleyball?”


“Yes! And if you like would you tell me your name?”


This girl, despite her naive appearance, was a conversationalist.


I used to believe that only boys try these tricks.




As I was lost in thoughts, I heard a cold voice behind me.


I turned around and found that Akari was staring daggers at me.


“Ah! Okay, It’s fine… see you later.”


She might’ve sensed everything in that instant. There was no sign of the aggressiveness she had shown earlier, and she quickly fled from the scene.


All that remained was an awkward atmosphere with Akari.




Unable to endure such an atmosphere, I couldn’t help but apologize.


“I’m not mad at you, you’re here on a date with me and you’re chatting with another girl like you’re having fun. If I didn’t show up, you would have accepted her offer. I don’t care about that at all because we’re siblings. There’s no reason for me to be angry, you know.”


… No-no, I don’t believe you. I can see that you’re angry.


It was just a rehearsal, but her words pierced me like thorns as if she was my real girlfriend.


“I’m really sorry. It has nothing to do with being siblings or anything like that. Today I’m on a date with you so I should be here for you first.”


I was a little shaken knowing how she felt. That’s why I apologized sincerely.


“… Then I’ll forgive you if you do something for me…”




“I’ll forgive you if you apply sunscreen on me…”


She mumbled something but I was unable to comprehend it.


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