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Only I Know that My Sister has a Brother Complex

Chapter 3.6

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Chapter 3.6

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“Did I make some mistake and skipped a day…”


I checked the date on the calendar. Ah, it’s Sunday.




As I thought of today’s schedule I felt the urge to scratch my head. Today the two of us planned to go to the swimming pool.


She proclaimed that it was just a “practice date.” But I knew that was a lie.


In the first place, even if my story was supposed to be true, Akari would never go out with a stranger. She may have said so, but I know from years of experience that it’s impossible.


Sadly, the note was never updated, and I still didn’t know the reason for her sudden change in attitude. And also, I didn’t even know why she invited me on a date all of a sudden, and to be honest, I’m freaking out.


It could be on a whim… or simply an insult to Nanami, but since she’s my sister, it was also possible that she genuinely wanted to go out with me.


Yesterday’s interference, and then today’s date.


Guess I would be able to achieve my original goal of stopping Akari’s plan, but I wondered if it was okay to let her do whatever she wants.


The reason why I originally approached her was to stop that horrible plan. If I relate it then the current situation was seemingly turning in my favor.


However, the difference was that now I had two girls to watch out for.


I should stop doing things half-heartedly with Nanami, who confessed her love to me with sincerity.


And in the future, I’ve to face Akari.


All these thoughts were swirling in my mind that I couldn’t even remember when I got ready.


“Let’s go then. Onii-chan.”


Guess I’ve to leave now.


Akari came to pick me up and together we left the house.


I noticed that she was carrying quite a large bag.


“Akari, it looks heavy…”


We were going to the pool, and guess the only things we needed were the swimwear and some personal belongings… but for some reason, she was carrying a big handbag.


“Oh, this is… Well, I made lunch.”




“I hope you’ll like it. Um… Did it bother you?”


“No-no, I like it. The meal you cook is so good that I want to have it every day.”


Yesterday the curry she prepared was delicious. She’s truly an exceptional cook.


My thoughts were honest, but I guess I made a slight mistake…


“W-w-what did you just say… e-every day. It’s… I’m glad…”


The last word I added was unnecessary. What I wanted to say was that her dishes were truly delicious, but it seems that she misunderstood.


“L-let’s leave then. Here, Akari, give me your bag.”


“E-every day… Cooking for you everyday… Does this mean m-marriage…?”


I can’t hear you. And for your information, siblings can’t get married…


Even though she said it’s a practice… We’re dating in a formal sense.


So for that reason, I was in an appropriate outfit.




When we were walking side by side, I realized once again how high her status was. It wouldn’t be a surprise if people around us were thinking that we were an odd couple.


That Yamamoto once told me that I wasn’t fit for her.


I guess he wasn’t wrong.


“… Onii-chan?”


“Oh, nothing. It’s nothing.”


Oops, I didn’t know I was unintentionally looking at her this whole time. My bad.


“Um… you know, Onii-chan…”


“What is it?”


“How am I… I mean… what do you think about this?” She asked while playing with her bangs.


Hm, she looked different, usually, her hair was straight down, but today it was tied with two knots by both sides. I wondered if it was pigtails or twintails. I did not know hairstyles, but it was a refreshing change from her usual looks.


“You’re looking great and it suits you. Your usual hairstyle is also good, but I think you look cute in this new look.”


Again I spilled out honestly.


“Ah, I s-see… fufu~”


She hid her face and muttered something.


Hmm, From Akari’s POV, it must be, she’s happy “being praised by the person she likes.”


I was surprised to see her cheerful expressions…


Over the past few days, I realized that Akari was becoming more expressive, with a relaxed tone and playfulness. Sadly, she’s only doing it in front of me.


When it comes to people other than me, Nanami for example, Akari keeps a respectful tone and never smiles. I guess it’s because she’s younger than her, but it’s the same for her classmates. She never deviates from the image of the “cool beauty” that all her self-proclaimed fans have.


The only exception is with me.


She doesn’t use honorifics, she shows her happiness, anger, sadness, and sorrow, and she actively talks to me even if I don’t pay attention to her. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I believe it’s her true self.


I remembered that once she wrote in her note that, “I’m not interested in anyone other than my Onii-chan.”


Then it means it was the truth.


It took us an hour by train.


Today, we came to a place called “Underwater Park”, which was like a multi-complex facility. It was a great place for couples to go on a date, where they could enjoy not only the swimming pool, but also interact with aquatic animals, a vast flower garden, and even some attractions.


Hmm, It was the perfect place for a couple’s date.


Hmm, I never even imagined that one day I’d come here with Akari.


“There’s still some time left, so let’s hang out till the afternoon then we’ll have lunch, and then after that the pool, okay?”


“Ok, that’s fine.”


The main purpose of the trip was to swim, but it would be a shame to spend the whole day in the pool.


“Well then, let’s start from there…, hmm, Akari!?”


As I was talking about the date plan, looking at the map, Akari was fidgeting as if she wanted something from me.


“…Ah, Okay, today is just a rehearsal for the date. So let’s have some fun.”


I remembered immediately what she was trying to appeal to. Yesterday, Nanami had shown a similar attitude, so I guess it was that.


I reached out my hand and she held it with a beautiful smile on her face, far better than her usual cool expression.


I want her to enjoy this date. 


After that, We walked slowly, trying to keep pace with her.


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