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Only I Know that My Sister has a Brother Complex

Chapter 1.2

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Interlude ♥️ My daily routines

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“I’m back.”

“Oh, Akari, Welcome home. It seems that your brother would be late today, so let’s finish this meal first.”

When I got home, my mom, who was preparing dinner, told me so.

The lights in the bathroom were on. I thought that Onii-chan had come back and he’s in the bath. But… It was my father.

“Fuh, I don’t care.”

I responded with no interest. Actually, I’m somewhat interested in these affairs, but I have to act indifferent in front of mom.

I have to put up with it for the success of that said plan.

“As usual. I thought you used to be so close.”

I remembered those old days when I was in elementary school. Certainly, at that time, I was always following Onii-chan without hiding my all-time love for him.

……. But.

“Mom! It was used to be and this is now. It will be weird if we always stay close.”

– it’s not normal.

I added the latter part of the sentence I had said with a disgusted look.

Yes, it’s not normal.

It’s not normal for siblings to stay close with each other and love their brother.

I’m sure my mom is most probably worried because we’re not really that friendly with each other. She must be wondering why can’t we just get along.

But that’s exactly my plan, and it’s going well.

I have to act “normally” to carry out the plan. That’s it.

After finishing the meal, I returned to my room and opened the drawer to write today’s “Onii-chan Note”. An important notebook that has been indispensable for the past two years.

…… That’s right, mom said that Onii-chan would be late today, so let’s reread the plan.

An important plan that will determine our future. Failure is not an option.

I took out the ‘PLAN’ notebook, which I usually hide at a different place, and decided to reread it several times this time now.

“Wait a little more….. Onii-chan …”

I imagine the future of the successful plan, and I feel relieved.

So far, everything is going well. After this, I would just have to wait for graduation…

When I was fantasizing about the future, I heard someone climbing upstairs and the next room opening a door. It would seem that my brother is back.

Then, I put the notebook on the desk and hurriedly turned on the laptop.

I clicked on the video application software.

Of course, the video is streaming from Onii-chan’s room.

Also, I clicked on the audio application. I had to buy a new microphone because the sound quality was poor with a hidden camera.

“Hmm … I’m tired today.”

I can hear his voice through the headphones.

Yeah, to be honest, it was financially difficult for me. But I’m glad that I bought it. His voice makes my heart flutter.

……. I’m so innocent.

“Onii-chan, today also you’re wonderful….”

Usually, at school, I have no chance to see my brother. At least we can eat together at home. And now, I can look at him as much I want. But only through the laptop screen.

That’s why this moment is a blessing. After this, I decided to do “another daily routine” while observing Onii-chan.


I move my body to the bed and put my right hand further down the lower abdomen – a secret place that no one has seen yet.

This sensitive area is so wet that I could see through the cloth. The aching of my lower body doesn’t stop. It’s feeling so hot that It won’t cool down.

And with the other hand, I gently fondle with my chest. Because I know doing so will make me feel good.


I have to keep it down so that he won’t hear it.

My face is hot. And even without looking in the mirror, I can sense that my ears are flushed red.

I can’t show this to Onii-chan.

“Onii~… chan~ …”

Without any knowledge, Onii-chan is using his cell phone as usual.

For some reason, such a figure feels sexually adorable. I want more pleasure with my fingertips.

Kuchi~yu….. and with a small sound, the fluid splurts.

It is flowing and making my fingers wet, and then I can feel it’s stickiness.


It’s like an electric current running all over my body.

I keep rubbing and rolling my fingers around it.

I wish these were my Onii-chan’s hands. While imagining about that,

I dream of being attacked by him. This feeling gradually pushed something out of my body.


My body trembles in response to the pleasure that reached its maximum. I can’t keep my voice suppressed, and it leaked out.

“Hah~~ Hah~~.”

On the screen, Onii-chan didn’t seem to care about this room. I made a small sound, but he didn’t notice.

After this, I lay on my bed and looked at Onii-chan so that I could rest.

“Akari, are you awake?”

I heard my mother’s voice from the other side of the door.

……… is that mom?

“I wonder if you’ve already fallen asleep …”

This is bad. If mom comes in right now, I am screwed!

It will worsen if she sees my current state, and much worse if she saw what was on my laptop.

“Oh, I’m awake!”

I replied in a hurry.

I have to prevent her from entering the room.

“Oh, you’re awake. I am done with the bath. Akari, you should hurry up as well.”

And, after this, my mother went downstairs.

…… Haa! It was a bath!

My excitement cools down completely, and my body regains its posture.

Well, let’s take a bath and go to bed …

I turned off the laptop and left the room.

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