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    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

    Chapter 64.1

    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 64 Pt. 1

    Translated by gingercat
    Edited by gingercat


    After eating, there was nothing to do.


       The two of them returned to the East Chamber again. Jin Wang went to take a shower and changed his clothes. After he came out, he leaned against the Luohan bed and began to read a book. Yaoniang was embarrassed in her heart and went to find a piece of clothing that had been half made for Xiaobao and continued to sew it.


       The lighting was soft and the room was quiet. The sound of Jin Wang turning the pages of his book could be heard from time to time.


       Jin Wang lifted his gaze to look at her sitting under the lamp, serious and meticulous. He would draw a blank if asked about what women did in their leisure time. Unbidden, a thought arose in his mind that what she was doing was pretty good. If only the clothes in her hand were not for that street vendor’s little bastard.


       He cleared his throat, “What are you sewing?”


       Yaoniang didn’t expect him to ask, and subconsciously replied, “This concubine is making clothes for Xiaobao.” She seemed to realize that he wasn’t fond of Xiaobao and her voice grew quieter.


       Jin Wang was displeased. He almost blurted out the words in his throat but changed his words upon seeing her drooping brows. “Concubine should put the husband first. Give this prince two sets…” After a pause, he added, “Then make it for that little brat.”


       Hearing Jin Wang call Xiaobao a little brat, Yaoniang felt a little unwilling. “He is not called a little brat. He has a name, Xiaobao.”


       Jin Wang snorted. He thought to himself that as the bigger person, he shouldn’t hassle over this because of a child. He was a dignified prince. It wouldn’t be magnanimous to be narrow-minded with a little brat. Unable to help himself, his gaze landed on Yaoniang’s belly then returned to her face. “Let’s rest.”


       Yaoniang hurriedly put away the needle and thread in her hand then stood up.


       After she stood up, she realized that she had been too enthusiastic, as if she couldn’t wait for him to say that. Sure enough, when she looked up at him, the corner of his mouth was lifted. Yaoniang had wanted to explain, but now she couldn’t be bothered to. If he misunderstood her, oh well.


       The night was destined to be very long.


       When she woke up the next day, it was already bright outside, and Jin Wang was no longer there.


       She vaguely remembered that when he had gotten up, she seemed to be awake, but then she fell asleep again for some reason. Yaoniang felt a little uncomfortable, so she asked Yuchan to prepare water for her to bathe.


       She was still a little unfamiliar with Hong Chou and the others so she was not used to letting them serve her for these personal matters. Actually, they had already served her last night to her utmost embarrassment but she was not completely lucid at the time. Burying her head in the sand, she pretended that it didn’t happen.


       To put it bluntly, she had been embarrassed to death last night.


       Once she came out, she had Hong Chou and the others dress her up and apply makeup for her. Seeing that they pretended nothing had happened, Yaoniang felt relieved.


       After asking for the time, Hong Die replied that chen shi¹ had just arrived.


       Yaoniang couldn’t help being a little bit embarrassed. According to the rules of the mansion, Jin Wang’s concubines had to go to Siyi Courtyard to pay respects to the consort at this time.


       Should she go?


       According to reason, once she became Jin Wang’s concubine, she should go to greet the consort the next day and receive instructions.


       But she could also choose to not go. She had many excuses, such as not settling in well or being too tired from serving Jin Wang last night. The consort had a decent temperament, and it was impossible that she would scold her for this.


       But Yaoniang was also very clear that this day would come sooner or later. She couldn’t avoid seeing her forever. Jin Wang could also only protect her for a while, but not for a lifetime.


       “Get ready. We are going to Siyi Courtyard.”


       As if they didn’t expect her to say that, a few of the maids were a bit shocked.


       Hong Chou was also aware of this matter and understood how difficult it was for Yaoniang to make such a decision. She couldn’t help but say, “To be honest, Madam doesn’t need to go today. It isn’t impossible to go a few days later.”


       Yaoniang could also see that this girl was kind. Just as she was about to say something, Yuchan said, “This trip, Madam should go. It’s better to go sooner than later.”


       Yaoniang nodded and asked several girls to help her dress up.


       During this period, Yuchan said to her, “Madam, don’t be afraid of others saying bad things.” With that, she recounted what happened in the manor yesterday.


       After listening to it, Yaoniang was full of mixed feelings. She had thought that Jin Wang wouldn’t care about this matter. After all, he had always given her the impression of being domineering and bossy, never caring about her opinion. She never expected that…


       But then she changed her mind. Maybe he did it for himself. After all, it wouldn’t be nice for a prince to be caught in bed.


       Seeing that the time wasn’t early anymore, Yaoniang had no time to think in further details. She hurriedly led her people to Siyi Courtyard.


       Yesterday there was such turmoil. When she came to Siyi Courtyard to pay respects, most of the faces of Side Consort Hu’s people were not very good.


       The consort was usually late. She would only come out once everyone arrived.


       According to Side Consort Hu, this was the consort putting on airs. Maybe she had already gotten up early but chose to sit inside and watch the people outside make a fool of themselves. But even if this was the case, there was nothing that others could say. Coming to pay respects, if the consort chose to see them, that would be giving them face. If the consort chose to not see them and left them to hang, there was nothing they could say.


       As the main wife, of course she was superior.


       Side Consort Hu was sitting on the first chair to the left. Side Consort Xu was sitting under her, and Lady Li and Lady Tao were on the bottom. On the opposite side, sat Side Consort Liu by herself.


       Ever since Side Consort Liu had entered Jin Wang Mansion, she hadn’t been close to the others. At that time, Side Consort Hu was ‘favoured’ and Side Consort Xu was close to her. Lady Li and Lady Tao also didn’t want to offend Side Consort Hu. Naturally, no one chose to sit next to her, which made her seem very isolated.


       But this person also had an aloof temper. Even if others chose to sit next to her and talk to her, she would reply with indifference. Once it happened more often, people would become reluctant to talk to her.


       As for the other concubines, who had recently entered the manor, their status was too low. They were also not like Lady Li and Lady Tao who had been next to Jin Wang for a long time. As a result, they could only stand to the side, without even a stool to sit on.


     “The consort is here.”

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    gingercat's notes:

    ¹Time between 7 am and 9 am


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