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    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

    Chapter 59.2

    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 59 Pt. 2

    Translated by gingercat
    Edited by gingercat


    Jin Wang climbed down the bed and lit the lamp. Indeed, that little bastard was lying next to Yaoniang.
    Looking at the little boy with an innocent face and even rubbing his eyes because of the sudden brightness, Jin Wang stared at Yaoniang. “Why is he here?!”
    Yaoniang was inexplicably guilty. “I, I, I took Xiaobao to sleep with me tonight.”
    “Isn’t he usually next door?” Jin Wang frowned, his face full of displeasure.
    Yaoniang originally felt uneasy, but when she saw him like this, a burst of resentment came up. “What’s wrong with taking Xiaobao with me to sleep?” This sentence was supposed to sound imposing but when she said it, there was no sense of intimidation whatsoever.
    Jin Wang snorted, grabbed Xiaobao by the collar, and walked outside with him.
    “What are you doing!”
    Yaoniang was shocked. She jumped from the bed without even bothering to put on her shoes and almost fell. After going out, she realized that the door was already open with Yuchan standing outside.
    Jin Wang threw Xiaobao to Yuchan and closed the door.
    When he turned and looked back at Yaoniang, Yaoniang felt inexplicably guilty. She had never spoken to Jin Wang in such a fierce tone before. She was about to turn her head and put on her shoes. She also wanted to avoid Jin Wang’s stare. Just as she turned around, he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her.
    Holding back a scream, Jin Wang pressed her onto the table and thrust inside.
    Yaoniang was unprepared, she almost couldn’t hold back her scream. She covered her mouth with her palm as he rammed into her again and again.
    “He will not be allowed to sleep on this bed in the future!”
    If it was any other thing, Yaoniang would be willing to concede but not this. She gasped and said, “I thought that you wouldn’t come tonight, so that’s why I let Xiaobao sleep with me.” Her words were spoken in rebellion. Yet once her words left her mouth, they sounded soft with a hint of grievance.
    Looking at her little face, Jin Wang became interested. “Then where did you think this prince would go?”
    How could Yaoniang concentrate at this time? She automatically said, “Shouldn’t you be at the two side consorts’ place…?”
    She only realized what she said after the words had already left her mouth.
    “This servant dares not.” She didn’t look directly at Jin Wang.
    Jin Wang hummed twice and raised his eyebrows, but his actions were harsh and heavy. “Since you don’t want this prince to find someone else, then you should serve this prince well. If you serve well, this prince will give you everything! “
    Yaoniang had already lost her soul to his pounding. Except for the last sentence of giving her everything, nothing else registered in her mind.
    In the main hall of the Siyi Courtyard, Consort Jin sat in the main seat with Side Consort Hu sitting below her. As for Lady Li and Lady Tao, they weren’t allowed to sit in a chair so they could only stand to the side.
    Two other people also stood below. They were Side Consort Xu and Side Consort Liu who had just entered the residence.
    Yesterday, His Highness stayed in Zhaohui Hall all night and didn’t go out at all. Everyone learned the news early this morning. Needless to say, these two guarded an empty chamber all night.
    With a dignified smile, the Consort Jin looked down at the two people below. Or to be more accurate, her gaze was on Side Consort Xu.
    Side Consort Xu resembled her mother, who was charming and lovely. From the aspect of appearance, those who looked like that were typically simple and candid. But Consort Jin knew that this was all fake. In terms of shrewdness and pretentiousness, few people can outperform this mother and daughter.
    Consort Jin hates this kind of people the most. They disgust her to the point of nausea.
    But now, she doesn’t think so anymore. The previous her must have not been thinking straight. Isn’t the current situation pleasing to the eye? Peering down at her with a smile and seeing her in an awkward and embarrassing position. So long as she remains as Consort Jin, she would have to submit to her.
    And in this mansion, there are more than enough women to fight with her.
    “Since you have entered the door, you are all people who will serve His Highness. Treat each other as sisters and help each other. This consort won’t say anymore. The two side consorts who have just entered the residence probably still have things to do. You may all leave.”
    Once Consort Jin disappeared behind the beaded curtains, the group of beautiful women dispersed.
    Lady Li and Lady Tao left very quickly, obviously not wanting to get involved. Side Consort Hu smirked, looked up and down at Side Consort Xu and Side Consort Liu and said, “Sisters, careful on the way back. I will take my leave first.” She laughed and left.
    Whether it was her words or her actions, they all showed ridicule. Side Consort Xu and Side Consort Liu’s complexion instantly turned ugly.
    But with another woman there, how could they show weakness to the other side. The two of them soon returned to normal. Side Consort Liu, who had an aloof and arrogant temperament, disdained all this. She raised her chin and nodded reservedly to Side Consort Xu, then left. Side Consort Xu was left standing there alone. Her face turned green then white. It was unknown what she was thinking.
    Actually, Xu Yueru already knew that this was a difficult path before coming over to Jinzhou.
    Consort Jin was the legitimate sister, born of the legal wife and has hated herself and her concubine mother all these years. There was no doubt as to how she would treat her. But Xu Yueru was used to being above others and was even raised as a legitimate daughter ever since she was a child. She had forgotten that even if Duke Xuguo loved her, even if her concubine mother was favoured by the duke, her status as an illegitimate daughter would never change.
    The things that Duke Xuguo had done for the sake of her concubine mother that year have already made the people of the capital laugh secretly in their hearts. Who would put Xu Yueru in their eyes after that?
    She’s reached the age of marriage, but her legal mother couldn’t be bothered less. Although Duke Xuguo found some prospects for her, none of them were good enough. People with high status disdain her for being of concubine birth, and her concubine mother is infamous in the capital. As for those men of low birth, she can’t swallow the insult to herself.
    It doesn’t make sense for her sister to be a consort while she marries a scholar of poor background.
    All the way until sixteen, her marriage has not been settled. Not only was Xu Yueru anxious, but her concubine mother was also anxious. She begged Duke Xuguo to intervene. After pondering over this matter for a while, Duke Xuguo finally revealed his plan to send another daughter to serve Jin Wang.
    Although Jin Wang doesn’t reside in the capital, who doesn’t know that among the vassals, Jin Wang and Yong Wang were the most powerful. Holding hundreds of thousands of troops in their hands, even the imperial court has to give them some face.
    Regardless of why Duke Xuguo was eager to win over Jin Wang, long story short, the side consort of a vassal prince was a very good position for someone of Xu Yueru’s status.
    Especially since Consort Jin was Xu Yanru.
    But the more Xu Yueru and her concubine mother thought about it, the more they believed it to be feasible. Consort Jin hasn’t given birth to an heir, it must be because she couldn’t give birth. If Xu Yueru married over and gave birth to a son in one fell swoop, even Consort Jin would have to stand aside.
    From then on, the entire Jin Wang Mansion would belong to Xu Yueru alone. Back then, since Duchess Xuguo couldn’t give birth to a son, her concubine mother was able to elevate her standing and that woman was forced to bow her head all her life.
    Of course, hard work was indispensable to success but compared to glory and wealth, this was nothing. They weren’t born into a life of riches so they could only throw away their dignity to fight and steal for it.
    Xu Yueru was brought up by her concubine mother ever since young, and her concubine mother has a great influence on her. As a daughter of a ducal family, even if she was born of a concubine, she could still be the main wife. Yet, she had to come and be a concubine.
    So Xu Yueru came over, with the belief that she was sure to win, but reality poured cold water over her.
    Jin Wang actually disregarded her. Not only her but also that woman Liu Yan’er. For a man to not appear in the bridal chamber on the wedding night, what else could it be but disdain?
    In a short period of time, Xu Yueru thought a lot, but she was still unresigned.
    There is no man she can’t conquer, it is simply a matter of means.

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