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    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

    Chapter 58.1

    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 58 Pt. 1

    Translated by gingercat
    Edited by gingercat


    Translator note:

    I changed the names Dark Guard Ten, Dark Guard Eleven, Dark Guard One, etc to An Shi, An Shiyi, An Yi, etc. The literal meaning of An is dark and the second part of their name is the number. Since they are Jin Wang’s hidden guards I called them Dark Guard Ten, Dark Guard Eleven, Dark Guard One, etc. but due to recent progressions, I feel that the story would flow better if I used their romanized names. I will be making edits to all the previous chapters. Sorry for the confusion.


    Under the dim yellow light, Doctor Liu’s eyebrows were furrowed. He stroked his beard from time to time.


       The room was frighteningly quiet. Fucheng stood to the side with a solemn expression, as if there was a knot in his heart.


       After a long while, Doctor Liu released Jin Wang’s wrist.


       “Your Highness’s eyes have recently felt uncomfortable under the light? Once the light is too bright, will there be an urge to tear up? Lust clouds your mind all day, and there are always beautiful thoughts? Once you bed a woman, you can’t stop even if you wish to? And the thoughts can’t disappear no matter what? “


       Doctor Liu’s last three questions were the most important even though it may be difficult for Jin Wang to answer. But doctors must look, listen, question and feel the pulse to diagnose their patients and they have to speak the truth. This was also not the first time for Doctor Liu to treat Jin Wang so there was nothing that couldn’t be said.


       Jin Wang nodded.


       Seeing this, Doctor Liu frowned even more. He sighed, “From what it looks like today, the poison is about to penetrate the bone marrow. If the antidote is not available, then within three to six months, Your Highness will fall into blindness. Your vitality would be drained then death would occur!”


       What a vicious poison!


       In the beginning, when Jin Wang was first poisoned, he only showed symptoms of ingesting aphrodisiac. At worst it was more potent than ordinary aphrodisiacs.


       But the various signs of his body afterwards showed that the poison was unusual. It was also because of Doctor Liu’s superb medical skills and wide range of exposure, that he recognized the poison to be Bliss Sanctuary. This drug had long disappeared from the market.


       This Bliss Sanctuary was developed many years ago by a gangster monk to satisfy his own lust. It has a miraculous effect on both men and women. When a man takes it, it will make the woman he sleeps with feel excited too.


       The same goes for if women took it.


       In the beginning, relying on this drug, countless women were imprisoned by this person. This monk was bold enough and even made moves on the female relatives of the imperial court officials. With the cooperation of the imperial court officials, the monk was finally captured. This person was beaten up, and the name of this poison has also passed on from the world.


       Even Doctor Liu did not expect that Jin Wang would be poisoned by this drug. But the symptoms were all there. Normally, he would behave like usual, but his lust would increase greatly. When it was the night of the full moon, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. In the later stage, this poison attacked more frequently, until it led to the deficiency of yang then death.


       But this poison was not without an antidote. Since this drug was originally developed by an adulterous monk to satisfy his own lust, he naturally wouldn’t entrap himself. There was also a kind of medicine that could counteract all the negative effects of this poison after taking it. Together, they have an indescribably wonderful effect on men. He could do ten rounds in a single night without a problem.


       After Jin Wang was poisoned, he ordered people to search for information about this drug. It took a lot of effort to find the notes left by the imperial officer who had captured the monk. According to the records, this monk was 80 years old but was still strong and vigorous. At the age of 70 years, his 18th concubine had given birth to a son.


       It’s a pity that only this record was found. The descendants of this man have also been lost.


       After listening to what Doctor Liu said, Jin Wang was still as motionless as a mountain, but Fucheng lost his usual calmness.


       “This servant will go send a letter to An Yi to ask if he has found the antidote.”


       Jin Wang nodded, and Fucheng hurried away.


       After Fucheng left, Jin Wang asked, “Is there any way to buy more time?”


       Doctor Liu thought for a moment. He hesitated and said, “Sexual intercourse would work, but it is only a temporary solution.”


       The reason why he hesitated was that he was also clear about Jin Wang’s afflictions. Those who knew the inside story would all call this drug vicious. It was pure evil to give a man repulsed by women this kind of medicine.


       “Understood. You may leave.”


       Doctor Liu nodded then left.


       Jin Wang closed his eyes and sat there, his slender fingers tapping on the arm of the chair.


       After a while, he said, “Send a message to the capital. Fight by all means necessary! This prince doesn’t believe that he doesn’t have anything he cares about. As long as there is something, destroy it! Use his most cherished thing to exchange for the antidote!”




       Overnight, the rear court of the manor changed again.


       His Highness had gone to Liuchun Pavilion and stayed there overnight.


       Everyone was talking about it.


       For some discerning servants, this did not seem to be a surprise. After all, the little princess was still there. Side Consort Hu had used her to increase her sense of existence. As long as His Highness cared about his only daughter, he wouldn’t completely abandon Side Consort Hu.


       The servants of the Liuchun Pavilion finally straightened their backs. Their attitudes have also changed from their earlier submissive state. Whether a servant had face or not depended on whether the master had power. 


       Earlier, to help the Consort step on Liuchun Pavilion, the main kitchen had not prepared meals for Liuchun Pavilion on time for a long while. Whenever Meng’er went to remind them, the main kitchen would always come up with excuses.


       It has only been a day, but the people have already changed their attitudes. When the people of the main kitchen faced Meng’er, they didn’t show an ugly face but wore bright smiles. They spouted pretty words and even stuffed her with fruits and desserts.


       Meng’er picked up the food tray and went out of the main kitchen. After a long way away, she cursed, “Damn those snobs!” 


       When she returned to Liuchun Pavilion, Meng’er was full of pride. Facing Side Consort Hu, she described how the people from the main kitchen fawned on her.


       “Those dirty people deserve a lesson. Only after Your Highness had slapped them in the face did they realize that Ma Wang has three eyes¹. No matter what, because of the little princess, His Highness can’t ignore you!”


       Side Consort Hu curled her lips and smiled, her gorgeous face full of pride.


       But inadvertently, another sense of sorrow emerged. It was unknown what thought had appeared on her mind.


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    gingercat's notes:

    ¹Basically means not easy to mess with


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