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    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

    Chapter 57.2

    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 57 Pt. 2

    Translated by gingercat
    Edited by gingercat


    In fact, Xiaobao woke up a long time ago. The soundproofing of this house was not good, and the sounds from next door could more or less be heard. In his previous life, Xiaobao lived for 20 years. Although he had not been able to get married due to physical reasons, his father had tried to make him give birth to a son or daughter. Even if he wasn’t successful, Xiaobao was not an innocent child, 


       He knew what the movements meant. As soon as he heard it, he covered his ears with a quilt. As a son, how could he listen to his parents do that?


       His father came here tonight. Like those who have illicit relationships with women, he climbed into his mother’s bed.


       This was not the first time. Xiaobao was already used to it. Yuchan would leave every midnight and come back soon.


       Xiaobao felt movement from beside him. Relying on the dimness of the room, he looked over and saw it was Ah Xia who sat up.


       Since Ah Xia moved in, a canopy bed has been added to the room. Xiaobao slept with Ah Xia on the same bed, so when Ah Xia moved, Xiaobao could feel it.


       But Ah Xia sat up for a while and then laid back down again. Not long after, Xiaobao heard the sound of Yuchan pushing the door and entering.


       Xiaobao thought this Ah Xia person was very interesting. Normally, she was innocent and always chattering, but sometimes her behaviour doesn’t seem to match her personality.


       The room was quiet again.


       After thinking for a while, Xiaobao stopped thinking about it. He felt that his problems in his previous life had not changed. Since he was weak and couldn’t go anywhere, he spent his time speculating on people’s hearts. To be honest, after thinking about it, what kind of thoughts could a little girl have? Even if she did have certain thoughts, a finger was enough to press her to death.


       Next door, Yaoniang’s long hair was scattered, half lying in the arms of Jin Wang.


       Jin Wang’s jade-like face still showed hints of crimson. This was the aftermath of bliss. Yaoniang was out of breath. Until now, her breathing still wasn’t even and her whole body continued to tremble uncontrollably.


       Jin Wang’s desires were overwhelming. Yaoniang was still able to cope before, but now she felt like she lost half her life after every round. 


       By the end, Yaoniang’s entire body was trembling, unable to stop.


       Yaoniang hadn’t encountered such a situation before. She was ashamed and embarrassed. It was too much for her both mentally and physically. She started to cry on the spot.


       Seeing her like this, a touch of remorse appeared in Jin Wang’s eyes.


       He also knew that he had gone too far. But it seemed that once he met her, the beastly desire hidden in his heart could not be controlled and it surged up all at once. He had no scruples performing lewd acts and saying obscene language. Afterwards, when Jin Wang recalled it, he couldn’t help but suspect whether that was even himself?


       But he also knew that men were very different in bed when compared to normal times. He didn’t take it seriously, but today…


       “Don’t cry, this prince won’t be like this in the future.”


       Yaoniang ignored him and she continued to cry with her head buried in the blankets.


       Jin Wang looked at her and saw her black hair scattered around. Her snowy skin was red, and even slightly bruised. His heart was suddenly in pain. He held her up and saw that her head was still lowered. He stretched out his big palm and raised her palm-sized face.


       There were tears on her face. Her eyes were swollen from crying, and her entire face was covered in a rosy glow. Even her facial muscles were shaking uncontrollably, obviously because of how he had just tossed her.


       Jin Wang felt a flame rising in his body again and wanted to make love to her again.


       Push her down under his body and bed her!


       He closed his eyes to cover their bloody glint. When he opened them again, the room was dark. He stretched out his hand and stroked her face. As he held her in his arms, he stroked her back with his big palm to help ease the uncontrollable trembling.


       Yaoniang finally felt her teeth stop shaking and the tension disappear. She cried but was worried about Xiaobao next door, so she didn’t dare to cry too loudly. She could only cry quietly.


       “Why are you like this?!”


       As soon as Yaoniang thought of Yuchan cleaning up the mess and seeing the traces left on the bedding, she felt suffocated. This man was too much. He had carried her behind the screen to clean up, and Yuchan came inside. But for whatever reason, his interest was sparked. When they did it again, she couldn’t control herself and made a noise.


       Once she thought of all this, Yaoniang couldn’t wait to bury herself in a hole and die.


       “It’s all this prince’s fault. This won’t happen again!” It was the first time in his life that Jin Wang had been so soft-spoken and humble. Even when facing the emperor, Jin Wang had never been like this before.


       But looking at her, she was so pitiful. He couldn’t bear to be indifferent.


       In fact, during this period of time, Jin Wang could be considered to have understood Yaoniang’s personality. She was a dough-like person. But dough-like people also had a temper. Being willing in her heart and expressing her willingness on her face were two very different things.


       She was so sweet when she wanted to bring that little bastard into the mansion. Sometimes Jin Wang even thought about putting her in his pocket and carrying her with him wherever he went. When he had nothing to do, he would take her out and play around. Even if they didn’t do it, he would feel happy when he sees her caring for him.


       So why should he let her feel resentful?


       Right, that was it.


       Jin Wang said this to himself in his heart.


       As a result, his complexion softened and his tone was very soft, “This prince promises you.” This was the best that Jin Wang could do.


       Yaoniang was very surprised but she believed it.


       “Really?” asked Yaoniang with her red and swollen eyes open.




       Yaoniang finally settled down and fell back. Under the caress of Jin Wang, her sleepiness surged up and she fell asleep.


       After he confirmed that she was asleep, Jin Wang laid her down on the bed.


       When he saw that she was not awake but was in a deep sleep, Jin Wang stayed beside her in silence. Then he got up, put on his clothes and left.


       When he came outside the small courtyard, he solemnly said, “Go find Doctor Liu.”


       There was a faint sound of branches being moved by the wind, and Jin Wang walked towards Zhaohui Hall.


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