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    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

    Chapter 52.2

    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 52 Pt. 2

    Translated by gingercat
    Edited by gingercat


     Yaoniang’s thoughts were too obvious. Jin Wang could see through her expression with a single glance. He frowned and patiently explained, “You are this prince’s woman. You are not allowed to get involved with those carriage drivers and bailiffs. If this happens again, this prince will not spare you!” 


       When he mentioned carriage drivers, what he actually meant was Zhou Sheng.


       Bailiff? Yaoniang suddenly remembered Chen An whom she had run into yesterday. Could he be the one that Jin Wang meant?


       She looked at Jin Wang suspiciously, but Jin Wang didn’t explain further. Instead, he said with disgust, “Who was that woman? If it weren’t for seeing that she is a member of this family, this prince would have long ordered her to be dragged out. “


       The way Jin Wang acted today really surprised Yaoniang. Before, Jin Wang would never say so much to her. The way Jin Wang was today seemed like he was enlightened.


       There was a sweetness in Yaoniang’s heart even though he was acting domineering and unreasonable.


       “She is my brother-in-law’s little sister!” she whispered.


       Jin Wang snorted, “Pretentious, fake and uncultured.”


       Yaoniang had a strong urge to laugh and she did. This caused Jin Wang to snort again.


       When she looked at his face again, he had a weird expression and he seemed almost embarrassed. Yaoniang played with the corners of her clothes and whispered, “Could this servant ask you something?”




       “Well, my sister knows what happened between us.” Yaoniang couldn’t help but cough twice. Then she whispered again, “My sister cares about me a lot and is very strict. She was furious while we were out and she said that you… If she does something offensive later, can you not hold it against her…”


       Yaoniang’s words caused one to have wild and fanciful thoughts. Jin Wang couldn’t help but wonder about what her sister knew, how she had told her sister about it, and what her sister thought about him.


       But how could Jin Wang ask these sorts of questions out loud? He could only make a hmm sound.


       After receiving Jin Wang’s reply, Yaoniang was very happy and said, “Thank you, my lord!”


       She was a girl who would not hide her happiness, anger, sorrow, or joy. When she was happy, one could easily hear the joy in her voice and see it on her face. There was also a very obvious grin on her face.


       But Jin Wang had never seen her show such a bright smile before.


       He had only seen her begging for mercy, being meek with no temper, and acting cautious, afraid of making mistakes.


       There had never been such a smile.


       Jin Wang suddenly had an inkling about why she didn’t want to be given a status but was only willing to be a wet nurse. The way she is right now, not to mention Consort Jin, even Side Consort Hu could easily defeat her.


       At the same time, unpleasant feelings rose in his heart. Could it be that serving him made her so unhappy?


       Huiniang violently dragged Yan’er into the East Chamber, and she saw Yao Cheng in the room.


       Yao Cheng looked at her with a bit of panic in his eyes.


       Inexplicably, he felt a little guilty.


       Huiniang glared at him fiercely, but for fear of scaring the three children, she dragged Yan’er to the inner room. Yao Cheng chased after them. At that moment, Mrs. Li followed in from the outside and noticed a lot of people standing in the yard. She hurriedly shut the main gate and continued after Yan’er.


       This was the first time that Huiniang, who had always been highly cultured and steeped in propriety, showed such a sneer on her face.


       Actually, this was not the first time. When Yaoniang had that accident, Huiniang also looked like this. To beg her to come back, Yao Cheng tried everything he could think of. Later, Yaoniang persuaded Huiniang, and only then did Huiniang finally come back.


       He looked at Huiniang worriedly, “Huiniang…”


       Huiniang ignored him but took a deep breath. Yan’er was still pestering Huiniang to let her go. Huiniang listened to her and let go of her, but Yan’er wasn’t ready and she fell to the ground.


       When Mrs. Li walked in, this was what she saw, “Su Huiniang…”


       Huiniang looked at her, “Don’t point your finger at me. There are still so many people standing outside. If you are not afraid of embarrassing yourself, go ahead and make a commotion!”


       Mrs. Li immediately shut her mouth.


       Hui Niang glanced at the three of them and suppressed the discomfort in her heart. “I know what you are thinking. If you don’t mind causing trouble to the Yao Family, keep doing what you are doing. When something bad does happen, don’t blame me for not reminding you!”


       Mrs. Li couldn’t help but interrupt, “What do you mean by causing trouble, this is a good opportunity. If the prince likes Yan’er, our family will soar into the skies… “


       Huiniang ignored her and turned to look at Yao Cheng, “You also think this way?”


       Yao Cheng was speechless.


       Actually, Yao Cheng did have these thoughts before. The appearance of Jin Wang was too unexpected. Once the incredulity fades away, his heart filled with excitement.


       Especially when Mrs. Li brought Yan’er out, Yao Cheng wanted to stop her, in fear that Yan’er would cause trouble in front of Jin Wang. But Mrs. Li pulled him aside and expressed her thoughts, and Yao Cheng couldn’t help but be moved by her thoughts.


       Regardless of whether it was possible or not, it wouldn’t hurt to try. If it really happens…


       People would always indulge themselves in the world of possibility. Allow that sliver of delusion to expand into a major disaster. Yao Cheng was tempted, but he wasn’t a complete fool. He found an excuse and left the scene, so even if Yan’er messed up, he would have a way to retreat. Once he found out, he would come in to scold her and say that his sister was simply ignorant.


       The idea wasn’t half-bad, but it was a pity that they miscalculated Huiniang’s reaction.


       If it wasn’t for Yaoniang, Huiniang would not say anything even if she felt disgusted in her heart. But the reality wasn’t so, Jin Wang had come to the Yao Family for the sake of Yaoniang. How could this pair of mother and daughter get in the way?


       Hui Niang was a little disgusted with Jin Wang and felt that he had taken advantage of her younger sister. But she could do nothing about the relationship between them. It was already like this between Jin Wang and Huiniang. Since Yaoniang seemed to have an unusual affection for Jin Wang, how could she allow Yan’er to intervene?!


       Yan’er’s behaviour reminded her of Chen An, Zhou Sheng, and her sister’s current predicament. Who caused it? To put it bluntly, it was Yan’er.


       “An unmarried woman, who’s no longer a virgin and has a child, dares to fancy a prince. Not to mention whether the prince would even be interested in her, but even if he is, you’d better keep it hidden lest a catastrophe falls on us.”


       But could it be hidden? Impossible! Almost everyone knew about what Yan’er did.


       Mrs. Li was unreconciled. “What ability does Su Yaoniang have to let a prince come to the door?” 


       To put it bluntly, no one was a fool. Even if Fucheng’s excuse was passable, it did not mean that they couldn’t understand the hidden meaning.


       Men love sex, whether she was a widow or had a child, it didn’t matter.


       These words were undoubtedly like a knife cutting into Huiniang’s heart, but she refused to show weakness. She looked at Yao Cheng with a sneer, “I have already said what should be said. I’ll leave it up to you!”


       Yao Cheng did not hesitate for too long, and said calmly, “Yan’er, stay here until the prince leaves. Stay in this room, you are not allowed to go out.”


       “Big Brother…”




       Yao Cheng looked at Mrs. Li with some irritation: “What your daughter is like, you know in your heart that it’s unlikely she will succeed. It’s more likely she will fail and once the matter is lost, our whole family will have to pay for it!”


       He smiled bitterly and said to Huiniang, “Huiniang, I was too greedy and I lost my head there for a bit.”


       Huiniang snorted, turned her head and walked out. Yao Cheng followed in a hurry, trying to get forgiveness from his wife.


       The meal was ready soon and it was set on the square table in the hall.


       The dishes were very simple. There were seven ordinary dishes and one soup, all home-cooked dishes.


       Yao Cheng invited Jin Wang to sit down. According to reason, as the host, he should be seated along with the guest. But if Jin Wang didn’t speak, Yao Cheng didn’t dare to sit.


       Yaoniang was about to say that her brother-in-law could leave and eat elsewhere to avoid embarrassment. But Jin Wang invited Yao Cheng to sit and eat together.


       Not only Yao Cheng but also Huiniang.


       So a very weird meal began. Yao Cheng lowered his head and only looked at his bowl. Huiniang looked at Jin Wang from the corners of her eyes from time to time. Jin Wang was calm, but Yaoniang was in a cold sweat, frightened that her sister would speak up and cause Jin Wang to be angry.


       At this moment, the cry of a baby suddenly broke the silence. The sound was very sharp, which was different from the normal cry.


       Yaoniang’s body quivered. She dropped her chopsticks and ran out of the door.


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