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    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

    Chapter 45.2

    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 45 Pt. 2

    Translated by Delph
    Edited by Delph


    It was a pity that Side Consort Hu couldn’t understand this simple truth.


    But no matter whether she could understand the truth, in this matter, Side Consort Hu had failed to steal the chicken and lost the rice.


    The incident of the little princess being harmed, seemed to have come to an end. Jin Wang’s attitude was also understood by everyone.


    Consort Jin’s status and position within the manor were still supreme. No one could undermine it, not even the favoured Side Consort Hu or the little princess. After both Nanny Wang and Nanny Qian were driven away, only Nanny Su remained. Those observant servants all understood this matter clearly. 


    Ever since Side Consort Hu entered the manor, Consort Jin’s position had become shaky. But now it was as solid as a rock once more.


    Some fence-sitters, who waited to watch the wind’s direction,  changed their attitudes. The smarter ones still treated Side Consort Hu with respect as usual, but their actions may not always match their words. Respect wasn’t about showing intimacy but keeping a sense of distance. As for those who weren’t smart, it was inevitable that they would step on those who were drowning. As a result, the treatment that servants from Liuchun Pavilion received, suffered. They would also quarrel often and get in conflict with other servants.


    Many thought that Side Consort Hu would try to regain favour and power, but surprisingly, she remained quiet and didn’t stir up any troubles.


    Not only that, but Consort Jin also began to settle accounts with Side Consort Hu.


    There were rules in the manor about the number of servants one could have, depending on their status and identity. For example, the consort could have four first-class maids, eight second-class maids, and some other older female servants. According to the regulations, side consorts were inferior and treated as such. But Side Consort Hu relied on Jin Wang’s favour and the fact that she was pregnant in the past. Not only does her servants exceed the usual standards, but she also received extra indulgence in other matters. This time, Consort Jin was determined to settle the score.


    Over half of the people in Liuchun Pavilion were gone after a single night. Many of them were confidants of Side Consort Hu. When Consort Jin sent someone to settle the account that day, the entire Liuchun Pavilion cried and wailed. Even the people in the small courtyard became alarmed.


    Side Consort Hu naturally couldn’t bear it this time. But it was a pity that she still couldn’t see Jin Wang despite going to Zhaohui Hall several times.


    Jin Wang’s attitude was very clear.


    As a result, the manor’s rear courtyard entered a rare period of peace, with Consort Jin resuming dominance.


    In this regard, Consort Jin was only too happy to see it happen. She could finally breathe out a sigh of relief and hold her head high.


    Whether one wanted to or not, accepted it or not, in this manor, only by following Jin Wang’s will could one live a smooth life. In the past, it wasn’t that Consort Jin didn’t understand this concept. But it was a pity that she was too proud and unruly. Even if she acted obedient on the surface, she still harboured disdain in her heart.


    But this pride was finally crushed into powder by the constant wear and tear of reality. When Jin Wang took the initiative to pass the knife, Consort Jin took it without hesitation.


    She could only surrender. She had no choice but to give in, especially since there were plenty of reasons that compelled her to yield.


    Yaoniang had suffered a lot of grievances, and now she has to recuperate and take care of her body.


    When she saw that the two new wet nurses were doing a good job, Mammy Mu had Yaoniang relax. Her only duties currently were to guide the new nannies on how to properly serve the little princess.


    Once the two new nannies could finally work on their own, Yaoniang went to Mammy Mu to ask for leave.


    She wanted to go home.


    Mammy Mu approved it and sent instructions for a carriage to take Yaoniang home.


    While the sky was still dark outside Yaoniang got up and prepared.


    She had a lot of things that she wanted to bring back. Some were rewarded by Mammy Mu, while others were conferred by Consort Jin. Side Consort Hu knew that this was the first time for her to return home ever since she entered the manor, so she also joined in the fun and sent some stuff over.


    But there was no movement at all from Jin Wang’s side.


    Of course, this was only on the surface. Although it appeared that Jin Wang no longer came to the small courtyard, the reality was that he would always come at night. Who knew what was bothering him recently. He used to arrive much earlier in the evening, but now, he wouldn’t be here until midnight. As a result, Yaoniang would usually sleep until midnight. Then, she would be rudely awakened by the pressure of someone lying on top of her.


    This man also wouldn’t say anything. He would simply do it and toss her throughout the night. When Yaoniang woke up the next morning, not even a sliver of his shadow could be found.


    Yaoniang felt like she had returned to her previous life. This was how Jin Wang was in her past life.


    But she refused to continue to delve into the topic. She had never been successful at guessing Jin Wang’s incomprehensible heart.


    Yaoniang carried her luggage, informed Mammy Mu, then departed from the small courtyard.


    She reached the manor’s side entrance. There, a black carriage with blue curtains waited for her. In the carriage sat a familiar person. It was Zhou Sheng.


    When he saw Yaoniang arriving with a heavy bag in her hand, Zhou Sheng jumped out of the carriage. He quickly reached her.


    Yaoniang was a little surprised. “I didn’t expect it to be Brother Zhou.”


    Zhou Sheng smiled and scratched the back of his head. “I also happened to be going home, so I took this job on purpose.”


    He didn’t mention that to take on this job, he had to treat his roommates to a drink. Despite his attempts to cover up, everyone soon learned who Zhou Sheng wanted to woo. It was Nanny Su who served alongside the little princess.


    Everyone said that Zhou Sheng was going to make it big. Although Nanny Su was a widow and had a child, she was someone who frequently showed her face in front of the masters of the manor. With the current situation, it was almost certain that she would be the personal nanny of the little princess in the future. If Zhou Sheng could really marry Nanny Su, his future would be set.


    Zhou Sheng was too lazy to bother with all this. His thought process was very simple. He had finally found this opportunity to be alone with Yaoniang.


    He rushed to help Yaoniang with her baggage then he took it to the back of the carriage and set it down. He came back and placed a wooden step in front of Yao Niang.


    “Nanny Su, hop on the carriage.”


    Yao Niang was a little abashed by the other person’s considerate actions.


    “Thank you, Brother Zhou.”


    “No need for thanks. Let’s get in the carriage. If we set off early and go faster on the road, we can probably get there by evening.”

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