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    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

    Chapter 43.1

    Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 43 Pt. 1

    Translated by Delph
    Edited by Delph



    Side Consort Hu’s words were like a stone that stirred up thousands of waves.

    No one expected that she would direct her aim at Consort Jin.

    But if someone actually thought about it, it wasn’t completely unexpected. Side Consort Hu had directed each scene one after another. Yet, if she didn’t target Consort Jin at the end, no one would’ve realized her ploy.

    After all, the little princess that she carried in her womb for ten months was her greatest pillar of support. Who would’ve thought that she was ruthless enough to risk an infant’s life to deal with Consort Jin?

    Even Consort Jin didn’t think of it.

    But to complete her last step, she completely exposed her intentions. Now it was clear that everything she did before was a result of deliberate scheming.

    The origin of the little princess’s rash was already ambiguous. Nanny Su also wasn’t foolish. Wet nurses knew that crabs were a big taboo and that they were forbidden. If Nanny Su was ordered by Consort Jin it would make more sense. But was Consort Jin a foolish person?

    Was she someone who would order a servant she’d strategically placed to do such a shameful thing under broad daylight? It would make a lot more sense if it was Side Consort Hu’s people who acted this farce out.

    This play had started from the very beginning, and it was a ruthless one. After all, it involved the little princess. At first, the situation of the little princess was terrible. Almost everyone was thrown into a state of panic. Now, the princess was still in a serious condition, but with the presence of Doctor Liu, it was no longer life-threatening. When everyone calmed down, their reasoning also returned. It wasn’t difficult to understand that not all was as it appeared.

    Mammy Mu’s gaze grew meaningful, and Jin Wang’s eyes flickered. His face remained expressionless as usual, but he relaxed a bit into his seat.

    Side Consort Hu was still weeping and it seemed like she didn’t realize her motive was already exposed. Perhaps she wouldn’t have been afraid even if she did realize it. After all, this scheme of hers was not easy to resolve. Since she dared to arrange all this, she would definitely not leave any loopholes.

    On the other side of the room, after some thinking, Consort Jin stepped forward. “Asking your highness to be fair. Even if this consort was stupid, ordering a person arranged to serve the princess to do this kind of thing would still be too much.” Compared to what Side Consort Hu had done, it was clear that Consort Jin’s attitude was more open and upright.

    Side Consort sneered and retorted, “Perhaps it’s Consort who is taking advantage of this matter. Thinking that no one would suspect you, you carefully arranged everything. Who doesn’t understand the concept that even the darkest shadows are caused by light?”

    Consort Jin did not retreat. “Who knows whether Side Consort Hu is willing to use the little princess as leverage to deal with this Consort? This consort isn’t blaming you, Side Consort Hu, but the princess is so small. Are you not afraid of an accident occurring? Are you not afraid of stealing the chicken only to lose the rice?”

    Consort Jin was too calm, and her words had hit the nail right on the head. Side Consort Hu’s face instantly changed.

    She hid her face behind her hands and started to cry again. “How could Consort slander this concubine like that? The little princess was born after this concubine had carried her in the womb for ten months. This concubine had a foot in the grave during the delivery process. Who would use their own children as a way to harm others? Those who have such thoughts, either they are vicious, or they can’t give birth to children themselves. They don’t understand the feeling of being a mother. Parents with children would rather themselves suffer in place of their child. Your highness, you must get justice for the little princess…”

    Although Side Consort Hu had cried and complained, the meaning behind her words was that Consort Jin could not give birth to a child. This was pointing at the mulberry tree while cursing the locust tree! Consort Jin’s expression blackened immediately. Her back was straight and her lips pursed together. “There is no need for this consort to do this type of thing. Beseeching your highness to be fair.”

    Jin Wang was silent and it seemed like he was thinking over something.

    Side Consort Hu continued to pursue the matter. She pulled out her trump card. “Since Consort insists that it was this concubine who had wronged the princess, let’s have the Nanny confess. Under whose instigation did she do such a horrific thing?”

    The spearhead finally pointed at Yaoniang again. No one was surprised by this result.

    Side Consort Hu wanted to pin the crime on Consort Jin. Consort Jin couldn’t sit still under the verbal onslaught. Yaoniang happened to be caught in the middle. This was a classic example of mortals suffering when the gods fought.

    With a pale face, Yaoniang smiled deprecatingly. She knew that the situation would turn out like this. Although it appeared at last that the matter had nothing to do with her, she still couldn’t relax her nerves.

    Sure enough, this moment arrived!

    “Think carefully. Don’t be fooled by other people. You must know that harming the little princess is an act with terrible consequences.” Side Consort Hu looked at Yaoniang with threats obvious in her eyes. “But if you tell the truth, that you were forced by someone, his highness may spare your life.”

    Helping Consort Jin not only wouldn’t gain her any favour but could also cause her to lose her life. Yet, if she told ‘the truth’, not only would she be seen in a new light by others, Jin Wang would also protect her life.

    In the entire Jin Wang Manor, Jin Wang himself was the most powerful person.

    This choice did not seem too difficult to make. Even if Yaoniang was instructed by Consort Jin to harm the princess, Side Consort Hu had already cleared away the barriers for her. As long as she wasn’t stupid, she would know what to choose.

    Yaoniang looked at Jin Wang. This was the first time that she glanced at him ever since he came into the room.

    She wasn’t sure why she wanted to see him, but she knew that she wanted to look at him.

    Most likely, he would be partial towards Side Consort Hu. But she wasn’t willing to do anything that was against her conscience. Yaoniang felt resistant to the very idea. She was innocent anyways. Why must she pour the dirty water on someone else? Simply to fulfill Side Consort Hu’s selfishness?

    Many choices seem to be easy to make. But there would always be something that people overlook and ignore. It could be their conscience, reputation, persistence, or simply a bottom line.

    Some people, perhaps, wouldn’t care about these things. They would think that if they were lost, then they were lost. For other people, these concepts were no less important than their own life. They were basic principles of living as a human being.

    Jin Wang narrowed his eyes.

    Yaoniang hung her head and said, “This servant doesn’t understand the meaning of Side Consort Hu. This incident has greatly wronged this servant. This servant never ate any crab buns and doesn’t know how they even came to be in this servant’s room!”

    “Well, you are one bold servant! You still dare to argue!” Side Consort Hu was enraged. “Servants! Drag her out and beat her until she confesses!”

    Several servants approached Yaoniang to drag her out.

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