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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 39.1

Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 39 Pt. 1

Translated by Delph
Edited by Delph




After Jin Wang left, Yaoniang planned to sleep a little longer then get up.


Since Yuyan had given her today off, there was no need to go to work. Finally, she could sleep in for a bit and not get up so early.


Unexpectedly, as she returned to bed from closing the door, someone knocked on it.


At first, Yaoniang thought that Jin Wang had forgotten something and returned to fetch it. Then she realized that he never knocked when visiting her. Even though she would always keep the door tightly fastened every night, he could always come in easily.


Who knew how he always found his way in?


When Yaoniang opened the door, she saw Ah Xia standing outside.


“It’s so early. Did something happen?”


Yaoniang looked up at the sky outside. The sun was beginning to rise. Then she remembered that Ah Xia had come knocking on the door soon after Jin Wang had left. Did she see something she wasn’t supposed to see?


“Nanny Su…” Ah Xia showed a hesitant expression.


“What’s the matter? What are you doing?” Yaoniang showed a reluctant expression. But since there was no light in the room and the sky was dark, it wasn’t obvious. 


“I slept early yesterday so I woke up early this morning. Since Qin’er is on her period these days, I thought I’d help her sweep the yard. Then…you…” Ah Xia seemed like she had more to say, but was afraid to say more.


“What’s the matter with you?” Yaoniang strained to suppress the panic that rose in her heart. But, after everything she’s been through, her two lifetimes were not in vain. She managed to show a surprised and puzzled expression as if she truly didn’t understand what Ah Xia meant.


Ah Xia glanced at her again, then shook her head. “It’s nothing. My eyes must have been blurred. I seemed to have seen a mouse scurrying towards your room. Since your door is closed, it must have not been able to get in. You should still pay attention. If you do find a rat, call someone to help you. Otherwise, it may ruin your clothes and furniture.”


Yaoniang scrutinized Ah Xia’s expression. Seeing that she didn’t appear to be lying, Yaoniang let out a sigh of relief.


“I’ll be careful. Later, when it’s brighter outside, I’ll go take a look. If I do find a rat, I’ll scare it away.


Ah Xia quickly nodded her head. “Since you were sleeping, go back and sleep. I won’t disturb you anymore.” When she finished saying her piece, she hurried away.


Yaoniang shut her door and returned to her room to continue to rest.


The sky was fairly bright. Mist lingered, causing the air to be damp and refreshing. During summer, this time of the day was the most comfortable.


Ah Xia clenched the broom in her hand tightly. As she swept the floor, she felt unsettled inside.


She had lied to Nanny Su. There was no problem with her vision. She was sweeping the floor with a broom when she directly ran into that person.


He was dressed in teal and wore a cold expression on his face. He walked out of the mist like an immortal who had descended into the mundane world.


Ah Xia immediately recognized him, so she intuitively avoided him. Yet, the other party shot her a glance with his cold narrow eyes.


What kind of glance was it?


It was a proud and contemptuous glance, brimming with indifference. Like a towering peak of ice snow that had remained frozen for millennia. There also seemed to be many sharp swords hidden within the gaze.


That was a look of warning.


Ah Xia was stunned and before she could even react, that person had left already.


After a while, Ah Xia finally returned to earth.


His highness, Jin Wang, had walked out of the West Wing. Nanny Su’s room was also from that direction. Nanny Su’s status was unique in the courtyard. There was the protection of Yuyan and the others, the resentment of Nanny Qian and Nanny Wang, and the ice kettle from that day. All the events flashed through Ah Xia’s mind one by one. 


Everything became clear. It turned out that Nanny Su and his highness…


She had impulsively gone to knock on Nanny Su’s door as she wondered if her conjectures were true. Yet, as she stood there face to face with her, she hesitated.


What could she ask? Ask if there was anything going on between Nanny Su and his highness?


She had remembered that look in Jin Wang’s eyes. If she does say something inappropriate… Ah Xia shuddered. The consequences were not something she could afford.


She was just a minor servant girl. Even if there was something going on between Nanny Su and his highness, what does it have to do with her?


As Ah Xia swept the ground, she recalled Nanny Su’s appearance in her mind. Her slightly slanted hair bun, her enchanting posture, her lazy demeanour… 




The sun hung in the sky like a big fireball. The flowers and grass in the gardens were all listless from basking in the sun. Cicadas screamed feebly and the air was hot and stuffy.


Side Consort Hu, who couldn’t tolerate heat, found it especially difficult every summer. She could only arrange for ice to be put out in Liuchun Pavilion.


Despite the ice, Side Consort Hu still felt that the heat was intolerable.


Not only did her body feel hot, but she also felt hot inside.


Summer was always like this. Whenever there was something on her mind, she would feel especially restless and impatient.


Recently, Consort Jin arranged for some girls to be brought into the mansion. It was unknown where she had found them from. Consort Jin said that the original servant girls around her were all sent to the other courtyards. Since she needed more manpower, she arranged for more servants. However, Side Consort Hu believed that Consort Jin had ulterior motives. 


Originally, after Jin Wang was angered by Consort Jin, he didn’t set foot in Siyi Courtyard for many days. Although Jin Wang wasn’t very intimate with Consort Jin, he never dishonoured her. As long as he was in the mansion, he would go to Siyi Courtyard for a meal every now and then. However, ever since that incident, Jin Wang never went again and Consort Jin also became ill.


Side Consort Hu believed that she wasn’t actually sick. She was feigning illness as part of her schemes. 


Fortunately, his highness couldn’t be bothered with her.


Side Consort Jin was really happy with the outcome. Yet, she was only happy for a few days before she received the news that Consort Jin had recovered from her illness. 


Why couldn’t this bitch just die?! She cursed within her heart many times.

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