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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 38.2

Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 38 Pt. 2

Translated by Delph
Edited by Delph


It wasn’t the first time that Yaoniang took initiative, yet whenever she did, she would always feel embarrassed. Yaoniang softened her body and gently leaned against Jin Wang’s chest. Softly, she said, “If you don’t believe me, feel it yourself.”

Jin Wang did go and touch that part.

Sure enough, it wasn’t the same as before.

In a low voice, she continued, “This servant was sore all day today. Yuyan saw that I was uncomfortable so she asked me to come back and rest. I’m not, really not…” Yaoniang couldn’t finish her words.

Jin Wang narrowed his eyes at her.

He was so tall that even when sitting there, he was already a head taller than her. She could only reach his shoulders. Snuggled by his side, the pair created a contrast where he appeared strong and powerful while she looked delicate and pitiable.

She did look pitiful. Her eyes were slightly bloodshot, her face was pale, and her pearly teeth were biting down on her lips. Jin Wang had an inexplicable urge to stretch out his hand and move her teeth. The little red mouth only belonged to him. Only he could chew on it. She was not qualified.

Jin Wang did act on his impulse. He stretched out his fingers to open her mouth, rubbed against the soft lips, then withdrew his hand.

He thought to himself that Yaoniang did indeed want to please him.

What’s so good about her dead man? Perhaps all his bones were already rotten. How could he compare with him? In terms of social status, he was noble, no need to mention it. As for appearance, very few can defeat him. As for that…

Yesterday, he had already tossed her to tears, and today that part was completely swollen.

There’s simply nothing worthy of comparison.

Thinking up to this point, Jin Wang finally relaxed and let out a deep breath.

No longer angry, he turned towards the petite wet nurse. With more affection than before, he said, “Let this prince take a look.”

He thought that he had already spoken very pleasantly, yet he still managed to scare her.

Her crimson lips couldn’t stop trembling and her facial expression stiffened. Her face became so red that it gave people an illusion that it would drip blood with a light poke.

“What? Pardon me?”

Jin Wang narrowed his eyes slightly.

This time, squinting his eyes were no longer effective. There was no way that Yaoniang would show him.

Yet, this man, the more you don’t want to show him, the more he wants to see it.

In the end, he forcefully took a look.

When he saw that original tender flesh was now swollen, he sighed with pity, yet his heart also swelled at the sight.

“Where is the ointment that Fucheng gave you last time?”

Yaoniang looked at him suspiciously with a bad premonition in her heart. But when Jin Wang continued to pester her for it, she could only take it out from a small drawer beside her bed. She handed the jar to him.

Jin Wang applied the ointment for her while Yaoniang buried her face under the blankets, unwilling to come out.

Since her body was already like this, there was no need for Jin Wang to remain, so she waited for him to leave.

Yet, the thought of leaving didn’t even dawn on him. He laid down on the bed behind her. Seeing that she remained buried under the blankets, fearing that she would suffocate, he forcibly dragged her out. The two of them hugged each other to sleep and Jin Wang didn’t leave until early the next morning.


Ever since he met Yaoniang, Zhou Sheng always thought of her.

He yearned for her so much that he would dream frequently and she would always appear in his dreams.

Zhou Sheng was almost 20 years old. Many of those around his age were already married and even had children, yet he hasn’t settled down yet.

It wasn’t that his parents didn’t worry over this issue, but as a slave, girls from commoner families disdained him. In the mansion, there were servant girls interested in him, but he would look down on them. Up until now, this matter was always delayed.

The Zhou family wasn’t rich but was an ordinary farming family from the countryside.

That year when his hometown was hit by a natural disaster, his father broke his waist. Eventually, his family could barely feed themselves. Zhou Sheng could only sell himself to be a servant. He was lucky that at that time, the imperial court had mandated Jin Wang to establish his household in Jinzhou. Zhou Sheng entered Jin Wang’s manor and remained there all these years.

The servants at Jin Wang’s manor were all treated generously. Zhou Sheng worked as a groom in Jin Wang’s stables and his monthly salary was not low. His fourth sister, Shun’er, later joined the manor too as a servant girl. The two siblings worked together in the manor to earn money and subsidize their family. Eventually, the tough days of the Zhou family were over. Now, they could even be regarded as a wealthy family in the countryside.

Naturally, he thought about redeeming himself. The rules for those serving the imperial family members were different from those serving in normal households. Servants working in normal households could redeem themselves when they have the money. Those working for the imperial family members could be released without self-redemption once they reach the right age. Women were released at 20 years old and men were released at 25 years old. Of course, if someone wanted to remain as a servant they could continue to stay. If they chose to stay, there would also be no problem with marrying someone and starting a family of their own. The manor would arrange for everything.

Since Zhou Sheng had worked for the manor for many years, he could already get a small house of his own. Yet, since he was still unmarried, he chose to live next to the stables with the other stablemen.

After he woke up this morning, he changed out of his clothes and planned to stuff them somewhere. Then, he would wash them when he had some free time. He thought he was being discreet, but he didn’t know that his actions already caught the eyes of his roommates.

Six people shared the room and the other five were all older than Zhou Sheng. The other men would often make dirty jokes amongst each other, but Zhou Sheng never participated. With such a great opportunity to tease him, how could the other men let it pass?

“You said you weren’t looking to marry anyone so how do you spend your days?” A groom with a mouthful of large yellow teeth, known as Zheng Huangya, walked up to Zhou Sheng and wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

Zhou Sheng was confused and didn’t understand the remark. Seeing him like this, the other men in the room all laughed.

“Come here and tell us. Which girl caught your eye? Or is it a servant girl in the manor hmmm?”

“Why didn’t I know there was a servant girl surnamed Yao in this manor?”

“Tsk-tsk. What kind of person are you? Even those servant girls in charge of disposing of waste are more valuable than you. How would you know their names?”

These words rang true. As servants who did rough labour, those girls serving within the manor looked down on them. Which girl serving within the mansion wasn’t arrogant? How could servants who do rough labour catch their interest? Servants were also split into classes and grooms were probably among the lowest class. Their job was to take care of animals so it’s rare for them to show their faces in front of the masters. So who would be interested in talking with them?

Yet, Zhou Sheng was different from the rest of them. He has a younger sister who works as a servant girl. Through his sister, Zhou Sheng also knows a lot of the servant girls within the manor. He often offered to help them and would do them favours, so the girls would all call him Brother Zhou Sheng.

The other men in the room were all envious of him. But, there was no point in being envious. Who asked Zhou Sheng to look so handsome? Both the old and the young servant girls were willing to talk with him. For rough men like them, the girls would always be afraid to get too close to them. The servant girls would always avoid them whenever they could.

They were indeed a group of rough men with crude words and a ruffian-like appearance. A young man like Zhou Sheng among these people was like an unstained lotus pulled from the mud.

The men stopped teasing Zhou Sheng and transitioned the topic to the servant girls. They argued over which girl had the juiciest ass and who had the perkiest boobs. Zhou Sheng stood to the side with a blushing face. He wondered how the other people in the room found out about his secret.

He thought it was only his actions this morning that caught their eye. What he didn’t know was that he had talked during his dreams these past few nights. The other men in the room all heard what he had said.

As the men discussed, the topic soon returned to Zhou Sheng.

“Sheng, my advice is to choose a wife with a large ass. Your servant girl surnamed Yao whatever, does she have a juicy ass?”

Zhou Sheng’s face blushed red like a tomato and he hurriedly excused himself. Then he ran out of the room leaving behind roars of laughter.

Even though Zhou Sheng left in a hurry, he couldn’t help but think. How big was Yaoniang’s butt? But, as soon as this thought came up, he buried it. Even if her butt wasn’t large, he would still like her.

He stopped, took out a wooden hairpin from his pocket and looked at it. Then, he blushed and stuffed it back into his pocket.

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