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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 38.1

Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 38 Pt. 1

Translated by Delph
Edited by Delph


Yaoniang nervously walked back to her room.


She was scared to see Jin Wang still remaining in her room. Yet, when she opened the door, there was no one inside. Her gaze landed on her tidied bed, free of the messy wrinkles from last night, and on the clean bedding that had replaced the soiled bedsheets.


Yaoniang finally let out a sigh of relief, yet she couldn’t help but wonder who did it. It definitely wasn’t Jin Wang so it must have been one of his subordinates. But who could it be? It was done so quickly that it was the same amount of time she’d finished her breakfast in.    


With doubts running through her mind, Yaoniang began her first errands of the day.


Yaoniang’s body wasn’t without any pain. In fact, it was sore and uncomfortable everywhere. However, she didn’t find the pain to be completely unbearable, so she just gritted her teeth and endured it.


The little princess was already five months old. That was an age where babies would become extremely lively. The princess would want to play with everything in sight and she napped much less than before too. She used to spend more time asleep instead of awake. Now, she needs someone to accompany her to play and she would take short naps only in the morning and afternoon.


After she had finally put the little princess to sleep, Yaoniang also felt very tired. Her waist was also so sore that she almost couldn’t straighten it.


Yuyan noticed it and said, “Nanny Su, you don’t look so well. Why don’t you go back to your room and rest for a bit?”


Yaoniang dazedly said, “For some reason, my pillow fell last night while I was sleeping. Now my neck hurts.” Actually, it was the entire body that was aching, not just the neck. There was also pain in the back and the legs.


Yuyan nodded sympathetically. “Stiff necks could be really painful. Why don’t you go back to your room and rest for today? I’ll have Nanny Qian and the others substitute for you.”


Yaoniang thought about it for a while. Then she said, “No need. It’s not a big deal.”


She was already harsh on the eyes for Nanny Wang and Nanny Qian. If she returned to her room to rest and let them work instead, wouldn’t it be asking for more hate?


“If you don’t feel well, just go and rest. Ever since you started taking care of the little princess, you haven’t taken a break. Return to your room and relax. There’s also no need to come report for tomorrow. Take these two days off.” Yuyan paused. Then she said, “It’s your turn to rest. There’s no need to feel guilty for it.”


Since Yuyan insisted, Yaoniang could only obey.


In fact, she also wanted to take a breather. She had been feeling really worn out recently. 


Now that the decision was made, Yaoniang returned to her room. As for Nanny Qian and the others, they were notified and there was no need for Yaoniang to worry about it.


After Yaoniang returned to her room, she immediately went to sleep. She slept until the afternoon and was awakened by some movement outside her door.


She put on her clothes and went out to take a look.


She saw that the door of the room next door, which used to belong to Cuizhu, was open. She walked closer, wanting to take a closer look when someone walked out of the room. The girl looked to be around 20 years old and she had a very plain-looking face.


“You must be Nanny Su! I’m Yuchan.”


Upon hearing the first word, Yu, Yaoniang immediately thought of Yuyan. Sure enough, Yuchan said that she was here to serve the little princess. Yaoniang dispelled the doubts in her heart.


When the sky turned dark outside, Yaoniang couldn’t help but become nervous.


Recently, waiting for Jin Wang’s arrival at night had developed into an inner demon.


Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Jin Wang indeed came again that evening.


As Yaoniang slept in a daze, she felt someone join in beside her. Immediately, she was startled awake.


A large and hot body was tightly wrapped around her. Even though she wore a full set of pyjamas and was completely covered up, she felt like she wasn’t wearing anything.


Actually, it wasn’t Yaoniang who didn’t wear clothes. It was Jin Wang who wasn’t wearing anything.


“Your highness! Why are you here?” When it became haishi and Yaoniang saw that Jin Wang hadn’t arrived, she assumed that he was sleeping elsewhere. She went to bed, but who knew that Jin Wang would actually come?


(TL: Haishi is the time between 9 pm and 11 pm)


“What’s wrong? You don’t want this prince to come?”


“This servant doesn’t dare.” Yaoniang smiled awkwardly. When Jin Wang’s hand began to roam around, she grabbed onto his hand in a panic.


Jin Wang raised his eyebrows and looked at her gloomily. His expression conveyed that if she didn’t give a good excuse, she’d be punished severely.


Yaoniang blushed. After a brief pause, she stuttered, “Ummm n-not t-t-tonight. It’s s-s-swollen.”


“What’s swollen?”


Yaoniang almost believed that he asked that on purpose. She lowered her blushing face and said, “That place…”    


Jin Wang still didn’t understand what she meant. Then he realized.    


He gazed up and down Yaoniang’s face. “Are you deliberately using that as an excuse to reject this prince?” For some reason, he thought back to before. Even though he was inexperienced, she was someone who had married and even had a child. Yet, they had wasted so many days where they could have slept with each other.


When he had returned to his own rooms earlier that day he suddenly thought about this matter. He sulked the entire day over this. Believing that she had deliberately avoided sleeping with him, he felt his dignity as a man had been challenged and insulted.


Originally, he didn’t plan on coming tonight. But the more he stewed over it, the more frustrated he became. He couldn’t hold himself back so he arrived later tonight than usual. Yet when he arrived, he saw that she didn’t even wait for him. Instead, she’d come up with excuses to not serve him.


Jin Wang remembered what Fucheng had told him about the investigation. Her husband was a simple street vendor who had already passed away. He was a dignified qinwang. How could a mere street vendor compare with him?


(TL: qinwang is a prince of first rank, usually referring to the emperor’s sons or brothers)


What’s so good about her dead husband that she still can’t forget him? To guard against himself and keep her body pure as jade, she used all sorts of methods. If it weren’t for…


Thinking up to this point, Jin Wang’s face chilled. The surrounding temperature dropped several degrees.


There was an ice kettle in the room to regulate the temperature so it wasn’t too cold or too hot. Yet, Yaoniang couldn’t help but resist the urge to rub her hands together and warm herself up. Seeing the look on his face, what else is there that she couldn’t understand? In her previous life, whenever she looked even a little reluctant, he would show that expression.


She was afraid of Jin Wang being angry and she definitely didn’t want to anger him.


After she thought for a while, she bit her lower lips and shuffled closer until she reached him.


She lowered her head and untied the thin belt around her waist. Then she grabbed onto his hand. Intuitively, he yanked his hand back, but Yaoniang was stubborn and didn’t let go.


Then his hand went under her clothes and began to explore.



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