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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 37.2

Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 37 Pt. 2

Translated by Delph
Edited by Delph


If changed to someone else, Jin Wang wouldn’t have answered so frankly, but Mammy Mu wasn’t an outsider. She could be regarded as an elder that he respects.

Mammy Mu contemplated.

Mammy Mu was a veteran from the palace. Even if Jin Wang didn’t explain anything further in detail, she could still more or less understand what he meant.

There were thousands of women on this earth. Some women were willing to do anything to climb up for power. Some women were willing to fight over trivial matters as if in a dogfight. There were countless desperate women in this world. But there were also those who honestly did their duty with a kind heart and without any evil intentions.

According to Mammy Mu’s observation during the past few weeks, Su Yaoniang was the latter.

Although she had a gorgeous appearance, she abided by her duties and did not take any shortcuts. Her actions only made people want to laugh at her or scold her for her foolish stubbornness.

Yet, is this type of person really stupid?

Of course not.

At least Mammy Mu believed Yaoniang was wise. There was a saying that went like this: a wife wasn’t as good as a concubine, a concubine wasn’t as good as a mistress, and a mistress wasn’t as good as someone unobtainable. Many men were like this. They weren’t interested in what they already have, but in those out of their reach.

Of course, it may not be Yaoniang deliberately leaving Jin Wang hanging. But her behaviour was enough to whet Jin Wang’s appetite.

One had to know that Jin Wang was a highly suspicious person, yet Su Yaoniang was someone that Consort Jin had successfully stuffed in.

“I doubt she understands Siyi Courtyard’s intentions. There’s this girl from that courtyard who’s always looking for her to talk. Yet whenever possible, Yaoniang would avoid her. If she could hide, she would hide.” Mammy Mu smiled and asked, “Has your highness checked on her background?”

Jin Wang nodded. “She doesn’t dare to stuff in any random person. After all these years, doesn’t Mammy already know her way of doing things? Fucheng also dispatched someone to go check on Yaoniang’s background. She is a native of Jinzhou, born and raised here. Her brother-in-law is a bailiff of the county and her father is a poor scholar, her family background is clean.”

The ‘she’ that Jin Wang had mentioned was naturally referring to Consort Jin. Speaking of Consort Jin, Mammy Mu couldn’t help but sigh. “No matter how dissatisfied you are with her, she is still your main consort. You have to leave her some face. According to Yuyan, she had angered you a while ago and you haven’t set foot in Siyi Courtyard ever since. Those in the other courtyard have been very arrogant recently. Your highness, don’t think of this old slave as too long-winded, but a wife is a wife and a concubine is a concubine. If the hierarchy is messed up, it would bring about all sorts of unnecessary things.

Jin Wang remained silent for a while. He fidgeted with the sapphire ring on his index finger before he said, “This prince knows.”

“Even though she’s a little arrogant, there’s nothing else wrong with her.”

Jin Wang made no comments. He didn’t want to reveal too much to Mammy Mu because there were many things that she didn’t know. Jin Wang preferred for it to remain that way.

Seeing him like this, Mammy Mu also didn’t say anything else. Today was the first time that she had said so much. It was only because she feared Jin Wang didn’t understand how to keep the rear courtyard balanced. If the rear courtyard was unbalanced, troubles would arise.

Jin Wang stood up and said, “Mammy, this prince has other duties to attend to.”

Mammy Mu wanted to send him off but was stopped by him.

“She is a simple-minded woman. If anything happens, trouble Mammy to look after her.” Jin Wang paused before he said, “I’ll have Fucheng send over a servant girl. Arrange for her to stay in the room beside her so they can take care of each other.

Mammy Mu nodded her head and Jin Wang left.

Fearing that there wasn’t enough time, Yaoniang didn’t bring her breakfast back to her room to eat. Instead, she found a place to stand like the others.

A girl dressed in pink walked over to her with a smile and said, “Nanny Su! You’re here!”

When she saw this girl, Yaoniang couldn’t help but frown.

She had recognized her immediately. She was her so-called close servant from her previous life, Die’er.

Yaoniang disliked people like Die’er. She was a vain person who loved to nitpick but also had loose lips and a lazy attitude. In her previous life, Yaoniang always had to clean up her messes after her. Worst of all, there was nothing that she could do about it. She could only tolerate her because she was someone that Consort Jin had sent to serve her.

Despite everything, Die’er wasn’t without any merits. She knew a lot about the mansion, at least more than Yaoniang, and could come up with some decent advice. This was another reason why Yaoniang tolerated her.

However, Yaoniang had no plans to get close to her in this lifetime. After her rebirth, she understood a lot more. Yaoniang’s perception of Die’er had changed a lot. She understood that both Die’er’s merits and faults had purposeful intentions. Consort Jin had deliberately planted Die’er to incite conflict between herself and Side Consort Hu.

In her previous life, if it hadn’t been for Die’er’s instigation, she wouldn’t even have the courage to target Side Consort Hu. Die’er always had disputes with the people in the Spring Pavilion over trivial matters. Eventually, the conflicts between the two courtyards escalated. True, Side Consort Hu and herself were already foes. Yet, if it hadn’t been for Die’er, they wouldn’t have reached the point of not letting the other live.

People always reflected on their past wrongdoings. Yaoniang had learned to be more careful after experiencing death, which was most likely caused by Side Consort Hu. Ever since she started working at her current courtyard, Die’er frequently approached her. However, Yaoniang would always choose to avoid her if she could.

Holding her breakfast, Die’er walked up to Yaoniang’s side.

“Nanny Su, do you want any more steamed buns? I probably won’t be able to finish both.” She lifted the bowl in her hand to show that it contained two fat and white steamed buns.

Yaoniang finished up her porridge quickly and cleared away her utensils. “Enjoy your breakfast. I need to go report for duty.”

After she finished her sentence, Yaoniang hurried away. As Die’er watched her leave, she couldn’t help but frown.

She could feel Yaoniang’s aversion towards herself but she couldn’t understand why. Die’er believed that she wasn’t an annoying person.


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