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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 37.1

Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 37 Pt. 1

Translated by Delph
Edited by Delph



Faint morning light shone through the window. On the bed laid a pair of people, sleeping peacefully.

Jin Wang woke up, but he remained still and didn’t move.

In his arms laid a petite woman, fast asleep. Her back leaned against his chest and her body curled inwards. One of his arms laid under her thin neck as a pillow, while his other arm wrapped around her slim waist, under the blankets.

Jin Wang had never experienced such an intimate position before so naturally, he was unwilling to let go.

Her hair emitted a sweet fragrance and her slender hands were so soft it was as if they were boneless. As if addicted, his palm couldn’t help but wander around continuously.

Jin Wang’s hand crept up her body until it could reach no further so he could only stop.

The person lying in his embrace shifted a little and Jin Wang greedily kissed her delicate neck.

As Yaoniang laid there half awake, she felt the clothes that she’d changed into that morning be yanked away. Before she could even react, she felt him enter her from behind.

She inhaled sharply, but Jin Wang ignored her.

The bed began to shake again in a melodious rhythm.

It was only under Yaoniang’s continuous urging did Jin Wang finally stop.

The sky was already bright outside, but the bed was still a mess. Yaoniang couldn’t help but want to cry again.

Yaoniang asked anxiously, “Now what should we do?”

Jin Wang slowly put his clothes back on and said, “It’s no big deal.”

Yaoniang looked at the culprit and she thought about how he had tossed her around nonstop last night. She couldn’t help but lose her temper. “It’s all your fault! Look at what time it is already! Everyone in the courtyard has already woken up and…” She paused before she added, “I also don’t have any more clean bedding.”

Thinking up to this point, Yaoniang felt sorry for herself. During the day, she had to wait on the daughter and during the night, she must serve the father.

Recently, everyone looked surprised to see her wash her bedding in the morning. When they asked her for the reason, she could only blush and remain silent.

She knew that it wasn’t possible to always be on her period. Plus, she wasn’t even on her period right now. Her excuse could only be that she sweats too much and that she couldn’t stand the sweat stains on her bedding.

It was fine if she said that once or twice. But, she needed to repeatedly wash her bedding, so Yaoniang was at a loss for what to do. Because of this, Yaoniang turned timider and it was rare for her to reveal her claws to Jin Wang.

She worried about the current situation too. Yaoniang thought hard about how Jin Wang could leave her room without alerting anyone.

Jin Wang watched her face flush with urgency, but inexplicably, he wasn’t angry nor could he bear to rebuke her. Instead, she only made others feel distressed for her.

He recalled her being bullied by him last night and her pitiful cries, then he looked towards the messy bed. Jin Wang felt slightly embarrassed.

He coughed lightly and held out his hand.

At that moment, Yaoniang also realized her brashness. As she fretted inside, she saw him reach out his hand so she hurriedly walked over and sat down in his lap.

“Since this prince said that it’s nothing, then it’s nothing.”


Jin Wang changed the subject. “Isn’t it almost time for you to go to work?”

At that moment, someone knocked on the door. “Nanny Su, are you up yet?”

It was Ah Xia who hadn’t seen Yaoniang so she came to her room to call her.

Yaoniang subconsciously jumped up from Jin Wang’s lap and replied, “I’ll be there right away!” After that, she turned to Jin Wang and anxiously asked, “What are you going to do? How are you going to leave? There are people outside.”

“Worry about yourself. This prince knows what to do.”

Yaoniang looked at him suspiciously. “Really? Make sure to not let anyone see you.”

Jin Wang stared at her gloomily. Yaoniang didn’t dare to say anything else so she left in a hurry.

In the eastern chamber, Yuyan said, “Mammy Mu, Nanny Su is up.”

Mammy Mu nodded and said, “Go clear away the outsiders then invite his highness to come over.”

Yuyan accepted the commands and left. Some people were sent away while other people were given orders to preoccupy themselves. Soon the entire front yard was unoccupied. Then she came to Yaoniang’s door, knocked, and said, “Your highness, Mammy Mu invites you over.”

After speaking, she walked off in a hurry and didn’t dare to remain any longer to avoid embarrassing Jin Wang.

As soon as she left, Jin Wang came out of Yaoniang’s room and headed towards the eastern chambers.

In the eastern chambers, Mammy Mu was sitting on her bed while Jin Wang sat opposite her.

Yuyan brought over some tea, then she quickly left.

“What does your highness plan to do?”

Jin Wang was slightly embarrassed. That person just had to be his daughter’s nanny. As he sneaked into her room every night, he thought no one was aware, but it was still the old ginger that was the spiciest.

“How did Mammy know?”

Mammy Mu smiled and said, “That person is simpleminded and everything is written on her face. She gets up every day and washes her bedding before dawn. It’s not hard for anyone observant to notice.”

Jin Wang covered his mouth with a fist and coughed lightly. He finally understood why the usually timid wet nurse had reacted so harshly and even dared to expose her claws to him. It turned out that her resentment came from here.

He couldn’t help but imagine a petite wet nurse secretly carrying a basin of dirty sheets out to wash, and felt that he was too cruel.

“What does your highness intend to do?” Mammy Mu asked her last question again since Jin Wang still hadn’t answered her.

Jin Wang frowned and said, “This prince wanted to give her a title, but she didn’t want it.”

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