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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 36.2

Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Chapter 36 Pt. 2

Translated by Delph
Edited by Delph


The next day, in his pursuit, to better understand the love between men and women, Jin Wang specially asked for a pornographic book.

Although this type of book was most commonly found in the palace, Jin Wang hadn’t even read a single one before. Once, he had accidentally taken a brief look at a page, and he became so disgusted that he wanted to vomit.

However, now holding a mentality of cutting off all retreats, he asked for his servants to look for a copy so he could learn.

This time as he looked inside, his previous disgust was forgotten. Instead, it was as if he had discovered a whole new world.

Although he still hadn’t figured out what the phrase, “To enter and be willing to die inside,” meant, he did get a grasp of some fancy new positions. Later that evening, when he tried them with Yaoniang, he felt like his soul was about to fly out.

Although Jin Wang still didn’t know how to enter Yaoniang, he kept poking and jabbing at a certain place that he almost succeeded.

Yaoniang’s body was sensitive and soon she felt as if she’d died several times already from one round. Jin Wang also finally understood the soldiers’ feelings. It was like seeing the world through new lenses.

After that evening, Jin Wang became even more interested in pornographic books. He commanded his servants to go gather some more. With a fawning attitude, the servants all brought Jin Wang some of the most popular pornographic books available on the market.

Adopting a serious and studious attitude, Jin Wang carefully poured over all the material. Then, he finally realized the problem.


The light in the room was dim. A copper ice kettle stood in the corner of the room and it was filled to the brim with ice. A refreshing coolness spread through the room.

After Jin Wang had come in and laid down on the bed, Yaoniang began to serve him some refreshments.

Jin Wang reclined on the bed with his long legs slightly bent. He was wearing only a pair of purple pants and a shirt half opened as he fixed his gaze on Yaoniang, who was reluctant to join him on the bed.

Yaoniang had already drunk a stomach full of water, but she still held her cup and continued to take small sips. Recently, she had become more and more fearful of Jin Wang, and she was too scared to face him

Jin Wang coughed lightly, but the sound seemed especially loud in the originally quiet room.

Yaoniang’s hands shook and her heart raced like a deer. She knew that if she continued to dawdle, he would only become annoyed. She reluctantly placed her cup down and ambled towards him. As soon as she had walked over, she was dragged onto the bed.

Yaoniang let out a brief shriek and hurriedly covered her mouth. She wasn’t the only one living in the west wing. There was an empty room where Cuizhu used to live between the other nannies’ room and her room. Despite the buffer, Yaoniang was still scared of being discovered.

Jin Wang lowered his head and tried to rip Yaoniang’s top off. She started to struggle and pushed against his chest. “No! Wait! Wait!”

Yaoniang continued to struggle so Jin Wang stopped and looked at her, confused.

Her face turned red as a tomato. When she couldn’t bear to look at him any longer, she covered her face with her hands. Then she whispered, “Lately, there hasn’t been enough milk for the little princess…”

These words were simple and Jin Wang wasn’t dumb.

Was she accusing him of stealing his daughter’s food?

Even though Jin Wang was shameless, this time he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. To conceal his awkwardness, he coughed lightly and moved away.

Jin Wang sat up and placed one of his hands behind Yaoniang’s neck as support, while his other hand groped underneath. As he continued to grope, his hand began to creep under her skirts. Yaoniang furrowed her brows slightly but she didn’t stop him. Yet, when his hand prodded at that unspeakable place, Yaoniang couldn’t hold back anymore. She hurriedly pressed down on his hand.

Jin Wang raised his eyebrows and his eyes were gloomy. However, because of his guilty conscience from earlier, he still took his hand away.

He had fumbled around clumsily and pressed on a sensitive spot, but Yaoniang still regretted what she’d done.

“Your highness…”

Jin Wang lowered his head and tried to peek underneath.

Noticing something in the way, he tried to pull down Yaoniang’s underwear. Unwilling to let it be pulled away, she grabbed onto it.

Under the dim yellow light, Yaoniang’s skin appeared especially fair and glossy. Her indigo-coloured underwear hung pitifully on her hips but was soon ripped out of the way.

The beautiful scenery was revealed; her lower abdomen was smooth with no blemishes. There was some dark, slightly curled, soft, but sparse grass that laid on her pubic region, concealing the beginning of a quiet pathway.

There also seemed to be a few drops of clear dew laying on the fragrant grass. They appeared to have landed there when Jin Wang withdrew his fingers.

Around Yaoniang’s jade neck hung a thin string that connected down to a dudou. The dudou barely managed to cover her firm and plump towers.

Jin Wang had tasted the two jade white rabbits countless times, yet he still hadn’t gotten tired of it.

Now he wanted to taste what was hiding underneath, so he grabbed tightly onto Yaoniang’s slender legs. She tried to keep her legs together and refused to let him spread them, but how could she be Jin Wang’s opponent?

Jin Wang applied some pressure and the next thing she knew, her legs were numb and spread apart.

Yaoniang was embarrassed to death. She could only pull up the blankets and cover her face, in an attempt to bury her head in the sand.

Now that she couldn’t see, her sense of touch intensified. When she felt something poking her from underneath, Yaoniang shifted a little, and her heart felt stifled.

Hiding was no longer an option.

With a sense of melancholy, Yaoniang’s suspended heart finally settled down. She accepted that hiding from her fate was impossible.

Truth be told, after a brief analysis, Yaoniang realized that she wasn’t feeling opposed to any of this. She had already expected this day to come.

It was also because she missed him. She missed him so much.


Waves rose and fell, seemingly endless.

Yaoniang grabbed tightly onto the mattress and bit down on her lips to prevent her moans from escaping. She felt her lips were already bitten blue, but Jin Wan still hadn’t moved onto the main course.

Jin Wang stared at the stunning scenery in front of him with bloodshot eyes. White and flawless skin wherever he looked. Then he peered down and saw a tender, juicy, red slit that gushed out a clear liquid.

He held himself and tried several times, but still couldn’t get in.

With difficulty, he finally found the right angle and gradually pushed himself in.

Jin Wang let out a gasp as she groaned in pain.

Yaoniang tensed her body and wanted to push him away, but was instead pressed down firmly by him.

With her earlobe in his mouth, Jin Wang quickly gasped, “Loosen up a little.”

“It hurts…” Yaoniang whimpered softly like a wounded animal.

Veins bulged on Jin Wang’s forehead and his whole body was tense. He wanted to push himself in, but he was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to bear it. Only then did he realize that their sizes weren’t compatible.

Or did he get the wrong opening?

As he thought of this, Yaoniang loosened up. She also understood that there was no way to back down. Compared with Jin Wang, she was the one who was obviously more experienced.

She tried to calm herself down. She slowly relaxed her body, and whispered in his ear, “Move around a little, but you must move gently. Don’t come in all at once. Push in little by little…”

Once Jin Wang heard this, he allowed himself to move a bit. At first, he didn’t quite understand what she meant, but gradually he got the rhythm right. He learned that the more he moved, the better he felt, and the more he hammered, the more comfortable it was.

Not only was Jin Wang comfortable, Yaoniang felt amazing too. A tingling sensation gradually began to build up inside.

Yaoniang’s temperature rose and she could feel more moisture seeping out underneath. With the extra lubricant, the giant iron rod sank in deeper.

Jin Wang gradually got the hang of it and his movements became bigger and bigger.

Yaoniang felt like her body had turned into a pool of water. All she wanted to do was grab onto him even more tightly. She wanted more. Jin Wang’s current movements could no longer satisfy her. It only served to make her feel unbearable inside.

Her cheeks were flushed, her watery eyes blinked, and she could feel her breasts begin to swell. She couldn’t hold back anymore so she arched her chest up towards him.

Taking advantage of the situation, Jin Wang took a hold of one of her breasts and kneaded it. With his thick and calloused fingers, he rubbed her tender nipples.

Some fluid was squeezed out and Jin Wang scooped it up. At the same time, he lowered his waist and rammed up to the hilt.

Yao Niang shuddered. She wanted to clamp her slender milky white legs around him, but she was too embarrassed to do it.

She trembled even harder, then her body collapsed like a broken string.

That place of Yaoniang was very tight and very small. Her tender insides clamped down tightly on Jin Wang’s iron rod. There seemed to be countless tiny mouths, all sucking on his tool at the same time.

Jin Wang finally understood the words from the men in the army. Every woman had a small opening that could take a man to the seventh heaven.

Now, he was even willing to give Yaoniang his entire soul.

He continued to slam into her just as he did before. Pulling out, pushing in, pulling out, pushing in.

As he heard Yaoniang’s soft whimpers, Jin Wang desperately wished to fuck her even harder.

Yes, fuck.

He recalled his memory from the military camp. The soldiers had drunk hard liquor and then they spoke with their rough accents. “…Hearing her coquettish cries, I want to fuck her to tears…”

Jin Wang also wanted to fuck the petite wet nurse to tears.

And he did fuck her to tears. She cried pitifully. Not daring to make any noise, she could only bite onto the corner of the blanket. Her face was red and streams of tears flowed from her eyes.

Even though Jin Wang felt some distress as he watched her, he still pulled the bothersome blankets aside. Then he held up her tender opening and hammered his waist even harder.

Time unknowingly flew by.

Yaoniang didn’t know anything anymore. Her entire body was heavy and she felt like a fish out of water. She had already climaxed several times but Jin Wang still kept going.

She couldn’t help but beg, “Your highness, have mercy on me…”

Jin Wang really did fuck her to tears. He had fucked her to the point of weeping and begging.



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