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    I’m Not Doing This With A Friend

    Chapter 19

    I'm Not Doing This With A Friend Chapter 19

    Translated by Niks
    Edited by Schwarzel





    I looked up at the sky reflexively.


    As soon as I looked up at the sky, I saw raindrops fall on my body.


    I feel like it’s going to rain harder, so I wrap my collected herbs in cloth. There were many herbs to dry, but it would be difficult if it gets wet in the rain.


    “Caon, let’s go down before the rain gets stronger.”


    I decided to go down and looked around to find Carsion.


    However, Carsion wasn’t around when I turned my head, where did he go?


    Considering his personality, he couldn’t have gone down first leaving me behind.




    As soon as I called his name once again, for a moment, Carsion suddenly appeared in front of me.


    “Did you call me, Leen? I’m sorry, I’m a little late.”


    I blinked in surprise. Because I didn’t know he would suddenly show up in front of me just because I called his name.


    Come to think of it, I didn’t feel any rain on me since Carsion appeared.


    I glanced at him, and a transparent layer was formed around us, protecting us from getting wet from the rain.


    He also has good skills.


    “Where have you been, Caon?”


    Instead of answering, he handed me a pink rose. Seeing that it didn’t prick his hands, it seemed that he must have removed the thorns before giving it to me.


    “I tried to find a flower that resembles you, but I couldn’t find anything even if I searched throughout the mountain… So I picked a rose that resembles me instead.”


    Carsion smiles softly with blushing cheeks.


    “How do you like it, this flower that looks like me…?”


    I was caught in a subtle mood when I suddenly received a rose from him.


    Does Carsion know that the flower language of a pink rose means passionate love?


    I looked at the pink rose in the distance, and eventually had to admit it.


    “Yes, it resembles you a lot.”


    That he resembles this rose terribly.






    After completing all the group assignments alone, I was able to hear some unexpected news that Monday was the submission day.


    From Hans, who told me to grind my teeth alone and do the assignment.


    “So… Your grandfather’s ex-lover was your grandmother?”




    Hans shook his head as if what he heard was correct.


    Then why would you say that?


    Wasn’t that a crime?


    I kept my mouth shut, but Hans scratched his cheek awkwardly when he saw my rotten expression towards him. He must have thought the words were strange to hear.


    “I was in a hurry, so I couldn’t say anything. Well, my grandfather divorced my grandmother, so it’s not wrong in some way.”


    “How could you get out of here like that…”


    “Haha! I fell into it, so I guess the two of you did a group assignment? One of them said that he was feeling sick.”


    “Oh, that’s what…”


    “I’m sorry, and as I said before, please submit it without my name.”


    “No, it’s not that. I did the group assignment alone.”




    Hans looked at the empty seats of the group members who weren’t there yet with a confused expression.


    “Apart from the other one, where’s Amila?”


    So that girl’s name was Amila.


    “Blabber didn’t even come to the promised place. I’ve been waiting for more than 40 minutes, so I’m sure I’ve waited long enough.”


    “Oh, she’s like that. You must have had a hard time.”


    I raised one eyebrow.


    You know what I’ve been through.


    Hans missed the group assignment due to unavoidable circumstances, and he apologized for it.


    Besides, he seems fine with removing his name from the assignment.


    He seems to be a decent kid than I thought.


    As I was revising my assessment of Hans to the positive side in my mind, I heard his voice mixed with questions.


    “More than that… blabber? I know the word potato, but what’s ‘blab’?


    “Speaking of potatoes.”


    “Does Amila look like a potato?”


    “No, not because she looks like a potato, it’s because blabber’s brain resembles a potato.”


    “Huh? What do you mean?”


    “It resembles a round shape without wrinkles.”


    “Pfft! It’s hard to refute that part. It’s a fact that everyone admits that Amila speaks out without thinking first.”


    I shrugged lightly and looked at him. Then Hans laughed out loud and banged my back.


    “You’re more interesting than I thought, aren’t you? I was wondering if you had any emotions because you always had no facial expression.”


    You could just say it. Why the hell are you hitting someone who didn’t do anything to you?


    Thanks to you, I crouched without realizing it. I sighed and pushed his hand off.


    “I tend to laugh when I’m with someone I’m close to. You don’t have to laugh during the herbal class. There’s nothing to laugh about.”


    Hans said awkwardly whether his retracted hand was not even awkward.


    “Oh! come to think of it, the one who’s always next to you…”




    “A girl with short, milky hair.”


    “…I think it’s Jane’s right. Why? Are you interested?”


    “How did you know? It’s Jane. Wow, even her name was pretty. She’s my ideal type.”


    I quickly gave him a serious look seeing him blushing shyly.


    “Get out of my sight right now.”


    Cancel the thought that he was a decent kid.


    How dare you target my angelic Jane.


    Jane has to meet someone who’s ‘Young and Rich, Tall and Handsome’. On the subject, you only meet the ‘young’ part and everything else was zero. Something as cheeky.


    “What, all of a sudden? No, did I do something wrong?”


    Hans asked with an unfair look, but I ignored him as if I couldn’t hear anything he said.





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