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Regina Rena – To the Unforgiven

Chapter 3

You Are Also Pretty

Translated by Wook
Edited by Wook


Chapter 3 : You Are Also Pretty


When the lady tore up the dead, the people in the room felt as if the world had stopped.


It was a moment where everyone was too shocked at the unbelievable sight, even when they had watched it themselves.




The man who had called out the dead screamed. Because he was connected to the dead by blood, its death affected him as well.


“Why, why is it like this!”


The man had gone mad and started biting at his companions at random.


“Oh my.”


Rena clicked her tongue and approached the newly-erupted chaos.


Those who were still in their right minds struggled to escape, while the one whose eyes had turned upside down changed his target and rushed to Rena.


The momentum of the rushing man was appalling, but Rena did not avoid him. Instead, she calmly hit the top of his head with the dagger.




The men felt weak in their knees as they thought that their comrade was split from the centre, however, when they looked closely, it was not the blade that struck the man’s head, but the hilt instead.




The man collapsed with foam coming out of his mouth, while the rest of the men turned pale from fright.


Rena whispered at them.


“So, why are you messing with people by putting them in such danger?”



A man turned away in fright. At the same time, a dagger flew in and skimmed his cheek before it got stuck into the door.


“You can’t leave just yet, everyone.”


Rena, who had thrown the weapon, said amiably. As if that alone was not appalling enough, white fog began to develop around her. The fog was formed from the blood of the dead that had evaporated.


Rena walked through the fog and approached the unconscious man.


The stunned man was holding a palm-sized strange stone decorated with intricate patterns.


“Since when did he start possessing the altar?”


Rena called it the “altar”, and inquired.


The men merely mumbled among themselves and didn’t answer. Therefore, Rena tilted her head and asked again.


“Is this such a difficult question to answer? Or is it that I’m asking too nicely?”


The men were startled when Rena muttered these words, and finally responded.


“Th-Three months. About three months ago.”

“Do you happen to know where did he get it from?”

“That, he picked it up by chance…”

“By chance?”


Rena laughed as if she just heard something outrageous. However, she did not inquire further because it seemed like everyone truly knew nothing about it.


“I’m confiscating this.”


Rena wiped the blood off the altar and kept it, then, she looked back at the group of men who were still crouching on the ground.


“I want you to take responsibility for your actions.”


Rena’s statement shook the eyes of the men. At that moment, Uni crawled out from under the bed. The little child brushed off her pajamas and walked forward.


“It’s okay, you can make up for your mistakes.”


Then she opened her hands towards them. It was obvious what the gesture meant.


“Give me everything you have.”








Uni even turned the men’s socks upside down and extorted a considerable amount of money.


The men who had been robbed without mercy finally left on the verge of tears. Uni even virtuously sent them off after urging them to live a better life.


Up to that moment, Lynn had been standing in the corner of the room, strangely being excluded during the whole time. After all of the men disappeared, he muttered with a stricken look.


“Was it all an act?”

“What do you mean…”


Rena widened her eyes at the word “act” and returned the question.


Rena’s firm expression had turned back to its innocent look, and Lynn asked again in surprise at the sudden change.


“You kept acting like you were weak.”

“I have never acted to be weak. It was just common courtesy.”

“Obediently being taken away by a bunch of scoundrels is an act of common courtesy…?”


When Lynn implored, Rena and Uni mutually looked at each other with troubled faces.


Then they made up excuses with determined faces like that of a merchant. It was started by Rena and continued by Uni.


“That was necessary for everyone.”

“For them, for us, for the other good young girls.”

“This should have taught them a lesson.”

“Not to touch someone just because they look easy.”

“If they can learn at least that much, more people will be safe.”

“It could also be considered as some sort of implementation of social justice?”

“Of course, I did make a little bit of money in the process.”

“Since the necessity for travel expenses is inevitable.”

“But still, in the end, good things are still good things.”


The lady laughed as she said so. She might seem harmless and even cute, however, Lynn wasn’t fooled.


“That’s robbery…”

“It’s robbery, among many other things.”


Rena was dejected when Lynn got to the point.


As Lynn looked at the pitiful face, he realized that there were some things that had been overlooked.


Rena had never asked for help. Not even once.


It was purely Lynn who had misunderstood Rena’s appearance, the look in her eyes, and her situation as he liked.


Moreover, he had thought that it would be a good thing if there was a misunderstanding.


A safety device.

Use it when you need it.

If I get too close, stab me.


Her last remark flashed in Lynn’s mind.


Simultaneously, he could feel the chilling cold winding around his body.


Here is a safety device, stab if I get too close. In front of whom the hell did he try to act like a deadly male?


As soon as he realized his atrocities, only shame poured out.




Lynn bit his lips and held back a scream. It was a good thing that the scream could be silenced, however, there was no way to stop his burning neck.


Rena blinked her eyes upon seeing him in distress and laughed.


At the sound of laughter, Lynn mumbled with a burning face.


“I’ve, meddled unnecessarily…”



Rena asked with widened eyes, however, as Lynn was still buried in his own shame, he could not hear her.


Rena watched him without a word, then turned around and acted like she was not aware of his inner turmoil.


“Anyway, is this the business that Mr. Lynn talked about?”


Rena shook the altar that she had obtained earlier.


Lynn asked feebly and without a surprised feeling anymore.


“How did you know?”

“I thought so because you said you’re going to the capital, and I’ve heard that Her Majesty has been looking for this and it is something that a vassal should do.”


Lynn sighed deeply at the simple answer.


Why did he think that Rena was naïve before? Rather than naïve, she was a bit frightening and observant.


Lynn then looked at the altar as well.


Altar, the key to opening the door to hell, a dreadful stone that appeared in the world just over a century ago and changed human history.


Lynn had been on his way to the capital when he heard about the existence of an altar in this city.


When Lynn verified her speculation in silence, Rena asked him with a joyful expression.


“Since this thing is mine now, what are you going to do?”

“What do you expect me to do?”

“Are you going to take it away?”


Rena asked as if it was natural, but Lynn shook his head without a word.


“Isn’t it very important?”

“It’s not like that.”


“It is important, but I don’t intend to take it away. Why do you have the premise that I’m going to snatch it from you in the first place?”


As Lynn denied her firmly, Rena smiled.


“As expected, Mr. Lynn is pretty.”


Lynn narrowed his eyes at the unexpected words.


Rena faced him courteously and raised her hand that was holding the altar.


“It was not unnecessary meddling. It’s true that I didn’t need saving, but I needed kindness.”


After these words, Rena wrapped her hands around Lynn’s.


“Thank you very much. This is my little reward.”


Rena’s hands lingered for a short while before leaving the altar in Lynn’s hand.


Lynn stared at Rena in surprise.


What do you mean by little? Which part of it is little?


His kindness was merely in the form of cheap accommodation at the inn. On the other hand, the altar was the thing the emperor had been looking for.


The difference of worth between the two was so large, but Lynn couldn’t refuse.


“I’m grateful for this. However, since it is too much, I’ll return the favor somehow.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”


Rena replied with a bright smile.


But Lynn could not return the smile with one of his own. He merely moved his gaze somewhere else as if trying to avoid hers.




The turbulent night passed and a new day was dawning. In the early morning, Rena and Lynn said their farewells in front of the inn.


“I thought you’d ask me to come with you.”


Rena muttered dejectedly.


Lynn knew that it was merely a joke, but he still asked for her understanding.


“My party is already waiting.”


Lynn didn’t intend to go together with Rena, just as he had said the night before. Even when his business in the city was over, and he knew that Rena wasn’t running away from home, his decision remained the same.


“I won’t be of any help for you either if you plan to meet the marquess.”


Rena’s eyes, which had been pretending to be sad, widened at the weighty words.


From yesterday until now, Lynn spoke as if he knew Rena’s father. Because of this, Rena became curious about Lynn’s identity.


‘Should I ask again about what he does?’


Rena contemplated for a while before swallowed the question again. Then, taking off her feigned innocence, she asked.


“Will we meet again in the capital?”


“You’re going to be in the Imperial Palace?”


It was not a question, but an affirmation.


Lynn replied absent-mindedly.



“Then see you at the Imperial Palace.”


Lynn paused for a moment when he was about to turn around as a result of Rena’s friendly address. And then, as the young man walked to the end of the road, Uni, who was standing next to Rena, teared up.


“That’s a rarely seen kind and honest young man.”

“I know, right.”

“I first thought that the attack was merely a bait for him to lure us in.”


Rena laughed at Uni’s distrustful speculation, and Uni glanced up at Rena because of that carefree laughter.


“You look happy, my Lady.”



In reply to Uni’s words, Rena smiled as she had never done before. It was obvious that Rena was acting unlike her usual self, but she was still pretty no matter what she did, so Uni let it pass.


“In any case, my Lady, do you notice that he seems to know your father?”


Uni recalled Lynn’s remarks.


“He is heading to the Imperial Palace and is collecting the altars. What does he do, honestly? Not to mention that his clothes look kind of cheap.”

“We will know if we meet again.”


Although she was still curious, Rena decided to save her curiosity for later.


For now, she needed to go to the Imperial Palace to see his father whom she had not seen in 6 years, and maybe meet again with Mr. Lynn.


Her father’s reaction was still unknown, however, Lynn’s kindness was something that was already known.


There would always be uncertainty in everything, and thanks to this, it seemed that the journey to the Imperial Palace would likely be more enjoyable.




After leaving the city, Lynn stopped at the outskirt of the forest and looked down at the altar in his hand.


‘I can’t use this.’


Lynn let out a short sigh and stretched his shoulders before walking further with a cold and stern face.


After several steps, a man in a black uniform greeted him.


“How do you do, Your Grace.”

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes, everyone is standing by. How did your search go?”


Instead of answering, Lynn threw him the altar he was holding.


The man was momentarily dazed and struck in admiration.


“You found it. How did you find it?”

“Some scoundrels were using it for robbery.”


Lynn replied briefly and went deeper into the forest. There, the knights who had been waiting in line, appeared before him.


The knights saluted him with identical motions. As Lynn nodded to acknowledge the salute, three attendants approached him with clothes.


They took off his rough cloak and helped him change into a black uniform and coat.



Black was the symbol of the east.


The emperor divided the vast territory of the empire into four sides and assigned four dukes to rule over them. Among them, the master of the eastern region, Lignan Aetherner, was the youngest, most ambitious, and most arrogant man that had ever existed.


After changing his clothes into the Eastern Duke attire once again, Lynn silently gritted his teeth.


“Your Grace managed to find the altar in just two days. Now that you have achieved your objective, it is time to move to Grandis Gracia.”

[T/N: Grandis Gracia is the name of the capital.]


At the man who had greeted Lynn’s order, the knights mounted their horses.


Lynn got on a giant black horse as well. As he turned his horse’s head, countless clops followed and echoed on the ground, which was enough to make one feel overwhelmed.


—Mr. Lynn is also pretty.


Rena’s voice suddenly came up in Lynn’s tense mind. Lynn, who almost laughed in secret due to the tension, tried to endure it with effort.


Whom the hell were you saying pretty to?


What a strange lady. Pretending to be naïve and even robbing from others, yet she was oddly honest.


Lynn wondered how would Rena react when she found out who he was. Would she be thrilled to find out that she had been fooled the same way as he had?


“Did something good happen?”

“What do you mean something good?”

“You look happy.”


Asked the man who was driving the horse by his side.


Lynn glanced at him and looked to the front again. He was about to say to stop talking nonsense.


However, after a while, Lynn said to the man.



“Yes, Your Grace.”

“Does Ruber have a daughter?”

“Do you mean Marquis Ruber of the North?”


Asked Lynn’s assistant, Deca Monili.


It was an unexpected question since the North had a bad relationship with the East, and Marquis Ruber, who belonged to the North, was naturally against Lynn.


Deca thought it was weird, but replied steadily.


“There was a daughter, but I was told she died a few years ago.”

“Her name?”

“Her name was…”


Deca fumbled through his blurred memories and inspect the genealogy in his head thoroughly before answering in a vague voice.


“It was something like Rena or Regina. I will check more later.”


Lynn shut his mouth tight at Deca’s answer to conceal his laughter.


Truly a lady beyond imagination. He had thought that she was born out of wedlock, but she was apparently dead. Hence, was it Rena Ruber’s ghost that he had met yesterday?


‘We will know if we meet again.’


A certain amount of curiosity rose in the midst of tension that was crushing him.


Thanks to this, it seemed that the journey to the Imperial Palace would likely be more enjoyable.



The author’s words:
Lynn, age 20. It is said that he is from the East, so he couldn’t be the archduke of the North…



Translator’s rambles:
I truly enjoy their interactions lmao fuckin robbers


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Wook's notes:

Name Trivia Uni: to enjoy. I read somewhere that it means a happy child as well although I forgot the source. Will include it once I find it. It will be revealed later on as to why she is named Uni. Lignan Aetherner: Aether is related to αἴθω “to incinerate”, and intransitive “to burn, to shine” (related is the name Aithiopes, meaning “people with a burnt (black) visage”). Which explains Lynn’s main color.


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