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Reincarnated as the Son of a Vicious Lord! ~When I Was Having Fun Learning Magic, I Had to Get Rid of My Stigma~!

Chapter 9

Invitation to a birthday party

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Chapter 9 : Invitation to a birthday party

Translated by: NotBlueYet

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Two years have passed since Katherina-sensei became my magic teacher.


In the meantime, I spent my time practicing magic.


Magic is so much fun.


What I imagine will take shape.


Nothing could be more fun!


Besides, Katherina-sensei was quite kind to me.


I am getting so spoiled.


It felt good to be held by those big, generous breasts.


Nishishi, so good, so good.


It is nice being a kid.


Oops, no, no.


I cannot look at Katherina-sensei that way.


Sensei is a great person.


Furthermore, thanks to the magical practice, I was able to lose a lot of weight.


Now I am a chubby boy.


I can grab a little bit of meat from my stomach.


The feeling in this belly is about the same as when I had a beer belly in a previous life.


I am feeling much, much better.


There are only six months left until I enroll in school.


If that is the time I have left, I should aim for a slimmer figure.


“By the way, Katherina-sensei. What is the school like?” I asked. 


The teacher was apparently a student at the Sanzar (サンザール) Academy, where I was going.


“It’s a fun place. The students are of a high level and it is a great environment. I don’t know of a better place to study magic, especially for a beginner.”


Hohoho, I see.


It is better to be in a place with a good environment anyway.


“Were there any conflicts between nobles and commoners?”


“Of course, it doesn’t mean that there are none at all. But it is a meritocracy, for better or worse. It doesn’t matter if your status is low, as long as you have the ability.”


“I see.”


I thought it would be a place where people were pickier about their status.


Perhaps it was because I was influenced by my father, but I felt that there was a great disparity in this world based on status.


I guess this isn’t very surprising.


“I learned a lot at school and made good friends. I am sure you will meet good friends too, Owen-sama,” she assured. 


“Yes! I’m really looking forward to it!”


Right now, I do not have anyone I can call a friend.


This is because I wasn’t invited to tea parties where I could interact with people my age.


I have been called a few times before I regained my memory.


However, I gave a bad impression there.


“Fools! You should feel honored just to be able to talk to me!” That is what I had said.


‘Hey! What are you doing embarrassing yourself like that?’ I scolded the old Owen in my head, ‘Put yourself in my shoes, I am taking all your problems. I mean, you are the idiot, aren’t you?’


That is why the chances of being invited to tea parties gradually decreased, and since I regained my memory, I have not been invited at all.


I guess no one wants to call Owen.


And so, the blunder was created.


After parting from Sensei, Sebas, who was waiting by my side, approached me, “Owen-sama. A letter has arrived.”


I got a letter from Sebas.


I also got a paper-knife from Sebas, used it to open the letter, and started reading.


Fumu Fumu


I see…


It is an invitation to a birthday party!


It seems that the daughter of the Duke of Alderath (アルデラート) is turning ten.


“Should I go to the party…?”


“Yes, sir. I think you’d better participate.”


That is true.


If I refuse the Duke’s invitation, I will be in trouble.


“I understand. I will be attending the party.”


Oh, but I am going to the birthday party by myself.


“I understand. Then, I will send the reply.”


“Sebas-san. Will Father and Mother be coming with us to the party?”


“No, they’re both going to be absent this time.”


Oh, come on, you are letting the kid go alone.


Considering those two, they’re most likely not going because they don’t want to.


Besides, being fat in an aristocratic society is said to give a more negative impression than expected.


The aristocracy is magic supreme.


Those who can use magic have a greater standing.


On the other hand, those who cannot use magic tend to be looked down upon regardless of their status.


And my parents can barely use magic.


If they used magic on a daily basis, they wouldn’t have gained that much weight in the first place.


Being fat is like saying you cannot use magic; it’s a disgrace.


I think my parents know this, and that’s why they don’t want me to go to gatherings of the nobility.


They are shut-in’s (hikikomoris)


To be honest, though, I would be grateful if my parents weren’t here.


Let’s try to be discreet at best.


“Is there anything I need to do before the party?”


“Bochama (Son, boy) is a legitimate son of a Count. In addition to good manners, you should also be able to dance.”


“Dance? I’ve never danced at all.”


“Then, you have one week from today to learn at least the basics.”


“Oh, please go easy on me.”


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