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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    After playing at the food stall, Natalie’s mood had improved a lot.


    Her steps became lighter as proof of this.


    “‘Do you want to go watch your brother’s match?”


    It’s almost time for Julian’s second round to start.


    If I go now, I can go and watch the match.


    In the end, it is Natalie who decides whether she wants to go or not.




    “If you’re not sure, don’t go.”


    “Why ……?”


    “Because I want to play with Natalie, of course.”


    I have a feeling that if I go to watch Julian’s match, Natalie will be less excited.


    If I see Natalie like that, I’ll be less excited too.


    If that’s the case, why don’t I just enjoy the festival?


    Besides, refreshing your mind is probably more important than resting your body.


    Especially for wizards, the accuracy and power of their magic are greatly affected by how they feel.


    “You’re as selfish as ever, ……. But I want to play with Owen, too.”


    “That’s settled.”


    I said with a grin.


    “It’s a little early in the day, but let’s get some dinner.”


    I’ve recently discovered a restaurant that I recommend.


    I was surprised and impressed by the fact that there was such a thing in this world.


    We left the school town.


    Incidentally, the school town is open to the public today, and students are free to move around within the capital.


    Straight after leaving the school district, we came to the west gate.


    The street is a market.


    “I’ll take you to the best place.”


    As I said this, I entered a street that was slightly off the main street.


    We continued on our way, walking slowly and without hesitation.


    “Where are we going?”


    Natalie asked in concern, as we were heading towards an unpopulated area.


    Just then, they saw their destination.


    “We’re here.”


    I pointed to a store that looked a little strange to people from this world.


    Natalie looked at me as if to say, “What, this place?”


    “Okay, let’s go in.”


    There was a curtain, and I ducked under it and went inside.


    Natalie followed fearfully behind me.


    There were a good number of people inside.


    It seemed like 80% of the seats were occupied.


    “Welcome!” (Raashai, mase!)


    Natalie was startled by the loud voice of the waitress.


    That’s what I thought.


    You’d be surprised if someone suddenly said something you didn’t understand in a loud voice.


    The customers and waiters were all ugly men.


    The floor and tables are slippery with oil.


    The food served was a thick, unhealthy-looking soup with thick noodles in it.


    And then there was the sound of the noodles being slurped.


    To the uninitiated, this would seem like a suspicious restaurant.


    Especially for a young lady like Natalie, this was definitely not a place to come alone.


    After all, this is a Ramen shop!


    The excitement I felt when I found out that there was ramen in this world was immeasurable.


    I was moved to tears because I thought I would never be able to eat it again.


    Natalie and I sat down at an empty counter.


    “What do you want Natalie?”


    “I’ll go with the, uh, …… What Owen orders.”


    Natalie said, slumping.


    “Two pork ramen, please!”


    I order from an old man who wipes the sweat from his forehead in front of me.


    “Sure.” (Aiyo)


    The old man replies shortly and then shouts, “Two pork bones are in!” 


    Natalie was surprised to hear his voice.


    Natalie had been on edge for a while now.


    The presence of ramen and the atmosphere of this restaurant made her feel the shadow of a Japanese person.


    I secretly think that a person with Japanese memories was reincarnated in this world and created this store.


    It’s also possible that the owner of this store developed his own ramen and named it Ramen, but I think that’s too much of a coincidence.


    After all, it is reasonable to think that there are other reincarnated people.


    “Hey, Owen. Are you sure it is safe here?”


    Natalie asked, whispering in my ear.


    “I’m fine. The taste is …… not to everyone’s taste.”


    Most Japanese people like ramen, but if you are not familiar with the taste, you may not find it as tasty.


    Natalie was looking around anxiously.


    “Hey, sorry for the wait.”


    A bowl of ramen was placed in front of each of us.


    I took my fork and pulled the noodles out of the cloudy soup.


    Then I put them in my mouth.


    It’s good ……!


    It’s refreshing and creamy.


    I like rich and thick soup, but this kind of light soup is also good.


    Natalie, who had been watching me put the ramen in my mouth, took the noodle with her fork and put it in her mouth.




    She ate the ramen again in silence.




    “Delicious. ……”


    She whispered.


    “I know!”


    I shouted a little too loudly in my excitement.


    Natalie gave me a dubious look.


    “It’s not something you see very often, but it tastes …… addictive.”


    “Yes, it is. I think I’ll ask the chef to make it for me next time.”


    I have a feeling that the chef would be able to make even better ramen with further improvements.


    We left the restaurant after eating our ramen.


    We couldn’t stay long at the ramen shop!


    “Ah. I’ve eaten, I’ve eaten.”


    As I said this, I looked at Natalie.


    “What are we doing now?”


    “Owen, that thing you used to do for me… will you do it for me?”


    “What’s that?”


    I’ve been doing this and that with Natalie, so I don’t know what that is now.


    No, I haven’t done anything immodest.


    We’ve just been doing this and that.


    “I want to fly.”


    Natalie said.



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