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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    I’m walking through a dense forest.


    The place I’m in is the Great Forest of Yokuzora.


    It’s a place where demons often appear, and ordinary people are not allowed to enter.


    Chris-sensei permitted us to enter.


    Most of the visitors are hunters, but the number of hunters themselves is small.


    So we rarely encountered people in this forest.


    We proceeded through the grass and trees.


    It was spring, not a cold season, but I could feel the chill in the forest as there was no sunlight.


    After walking for a while.




    We encountered a single Orc.


    If there were more than one, it would take some time, but if it was just one, it would be easy to kill it.


    “Big fireball ……!”




    The Orc screamed out due to the excessive heat.


    The orc collapses on the spot and vanishes into ashes.


    After confirming that the orc had turned into a demon stone, I started walking again.


    I’m going to be a first-year student in middle school this year.


    But since I’m going up the escalator from the elementary school to the middle school, my environment won’t change much.


    Incidentally, I graduated from elementary school with the second-highest grade.


    Natalie was the top student.


    Why did I lose when I know my previous life?


    What I learned in my previous life was of little use to me.


    “I won.”


    To be honest, Natalie’s smug expression was really cute.


    I was not disappointed.


    It didn’t matter if I was number one or number two, it didn’t matter that much.


    My magic power has improved a lot since I entered school.


    With just a single big fireball, I can kill an orc with a single blow.


    After several encounters with demons, we reached our destination.


    There was a particularly large tree there.


    It was a large tree called the Spirit Tree.


    Demons tend to dislike spirit trees.


    That’s why this place is also a resting place for hunters.


    Of course, not all demons can stay away from it, but it’s safer than other places.


    “Whew, I need a break.”


    It was standard practice to turn back after coming this far.


    And I sat down with a ” Good job,” as if I were an old man.


    There is a magic stone in the Great Forest of Yokuzora, but you have to go deeper to get it.


    I don’t want to risk going deeper into the forest, because my goal this time is not the magic stone.


    There’s another reason why I’ve come all the way here.


    “There it is, there it is.”


    A flower near the spirit tree.


    From where I was sitting, there is a flower with transparent petals and yellow stamens.


    I came here to get it.


    I dug up the soil near the white transparent flower and took the flower from its roots.


    Then, I put the flower in the storage bag I had brought.


    “I’m glad we have this. I’m glad I got it …….”


    I breathed a sigh of relief.


    Tomorrow, there will be a dance party that only the top students can attend.


    It’s held every year on the day before the entrance ceremony, and this year will be my third time attending.


    I’ve heard that it’s customary to send flowers to your partner, so I had to prepare them.


    I could buy them at the flower shop on campus.


    “I want white transparent flowers.”


    Natalie, my partner, told me.


    The white transparent flowers would wither in two days unless they were in a place with magical power.


    That’s why I had to go out of my way to get them.


    It was hard to get permission from Chris-sensei, you know.


    I told her honestly that I wanted to give Natalie a white water flower, and she finally permitted me.


    Come to think of it, Chris-sensei was grinning at me at that time.


    I wonder what it was?


    Well, whatever.


    “Okay, let’s go home.”


    I put the bag of cases in my pocket and stood up.



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    This is the begining of chapter 2~


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